puffy eyes + Restylane

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Tear Trough Filler to Remove Under Eye Bags with Restylane - Munster, IN

I am sooooo happy i did this treatment!!! I hated the puffy bags under my eyes always making me look old and tired. I had restylane injected into the tear trough to fill in the line that made my eyes look saggy. The procedure was quick and painless!!! The doctor (who was wonderful!) did a... READ MORE

26 Yr Old Female, Bad Experience with Tear Trough Correcter - Toronto, ON

I went to Dr.Plant last spring to correct my deep tear troughs. I have always had dark circles and the deep set lines were becoming more noticeable with age. I decided to start interviewing doctors and booked a consultation with Dr.Plant; I was able to book an appointment quickly. A few days... READ MORE

Excellent Results...extremely Happy! - Wellesley, MA

My experience with Dr. Kapadia was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a physician. Working in the medical field myself, I am often expecting a rushed experience. However, Dr. Kapadia’s bedside manner and patience was great. I felt as though he listened and delivered. Dr. Kapadia i... READ MORE

I Think I'm off to a Good Start. Restylane Under the Unders (55 Yr Male) - Los Gatos, CA

Oh Why didn't I do this sooner! I've always had dark circles under my eyes, but in the last 10 years or so, they've gotten a lot worse. Not only do I get the "You look so tired" remark on a daily basis, but It's so bad I don't even want to look in the mirror anymore I decided to do... READ MORE

Bumps After 3 Years of Restylane Under Eye Area

To anyone thinking about fillers under the eyes, I would really like you to think twice and do your research. I have felt awful for the last 3 years. I did considered dissolving it but another physician advised me to live with the results of Restylane as hyloronidase could dissolve my own fat... READ MORE

worst experience and results i have ever had!!!! never again! - New York, NY

I've been getting great fillers for years by a great doc, but unfortunately she got sick and I had to go to someone else. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. Dr. Jacono doesn't care about the way you look or what you say. He doesn't take his time nor is he a perfectionist, as he should be!... READ MORE

i feel so much better - Westchester, NY

The office is completely professional. I immediately felt comfortable. Im not the ordinary patient I had two floor fractures on my left eye that left my under eye very puffy. I thought me as a patient would be a difficult high risk case… This doctor is not only handsome, he is educated, p... READ MORE

40 Year Old Needed a Refresher - College Station, TX

As an allergy sufferer with puffy and tired looking eyes, I needed some overall freshening up. Dr. Schmidt took the time to lay out his recommindations for treatment in a way which made me feel comfortable, safe and respected. His bed side manor during the entire treatment process was... READ MORE

Restylane on Tear Troughs and Lips - Vienna, VA

I am in my mid thirties and as I have gotten older, my tear troughs have gotten darker and deeper. Never having had fillers before, I wanted a very natural look. I was really nervous after reading a number of negative reviews. However, I took the advice of the practitioner and avoided any blood... READ MORE

Restalyne Under the Eyes, and Botox As Well - Beverly Hills, CA

A couple years ago, I had restalyne done by a top eye surgeon who had done waay too much and I hated it.(made my under eyes puffy) After finally having it removed with enzyme- I was miserable with the way my under eyes looked -(don't listen to any plastic surgeon when they tell you that the... READ MORE

Restylane Under-eye Filler - Vancouver, BC

I've had these reddish/purple puffy under-eye bags for as long as I can remember. They made me look tired, unhealthy, or like I've been crying alot. I have thought about saving up for transconjunctival blepharoplasty, which I have been quoted for prices ranging from $3500-5000, but I am... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Not Happy

I was shallow under eyes so I wanted to get a more youthful look. so I chose Restylane fillers, I did get Botox as well wich I LOVE . but the filler were not as nice as I expected. it changes the whole texture of my skin, added uneven puffyness created wrinklesI had Restylane under my eyes then... READ MORE

Restylane Fillers - Discoloration 2 Yrs Later

Bruising,discolorationtxt. for puffiness under eyesTwo yrs. ago I had injections under my eyes. I still have dark brown spots from the filler. I have tried laser,IPL, bleach and retin a with only about 50% improvement.any suggestions? Please. READ MORE

Restlyne Made Me Look More Tired

I recently had restylne treatment under my eyes to get rid of dark circle and puffiness. It made it worse. I wish i had not done it.3 Weeks after i had it i went back because i was not happy. Thats when i was told i retain to much fluid under my eyes. shouldn't the doctor have seen that to begin... READ MORE

Restylane Caused Too Much Swelling in Eye Hollows

Last summer I had Resty injected into the hollows under my eyes. I was pleased with this experience and I am considering doing it again, maybe with a different filler or maybe Resty again. I have read about some people having really bad bruising from injections at these sites but I... READ MORE

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