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Restylane for Tear Trough

I honestly was sick and tired of looking at the bags under my eyes. I had previously gone through a miscarriage with twins before getting pregnant and delivering my healthy baby girl. All of the trauma took a toll on my body and face. After months of research I decided that this is something I... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old. Dark Eye Bags and Puffiness - Jacksonville, FL

Summer is coming around. And there's nothing I love more than going to the beach, pool, etc. Except there's the nightmare of my make-up washing off. Dark under-eye bags add years to my face. And even countless applications of creams and concealer can't hide them. looking to find a permanent... READ MORE

Goodbye Under Eye Bags

I have always had bags under my eyes since I was a kid. This tends to run in my family. I noticed as the years went on that they became more and more prominent. I became obsessed with getting rid of them.. I take very good care of my skin. I use sunscreen and all kinds of natural oils. I even... READ MORE


I have always had small lips and have had fillers places in the past. This time, I tried restylane. Right now I'm pretty puffy. I also had voluma added beneath my eyes for my deep circles. This doctor is great :) (lips are slightly painful) I tried belorero beneath the eyes in the past, it did... READ MORE

Scared and Swollen - Richmond, VA

I wanted to get a little touch up before I started a busy season of selling jewelry to high end customers. Having done my research I found a well reviewed local doctor who is known all over for his work and considered an expert in his fields. After a consultation with the Dr we decided to use... READ MORE

Mid 40's Eyes Looking Too Tired - Irvine, CA

People asking if I'm tired, I found myself saying yeah I am. But no I'm not!! It's like I'm making an excuse for my eyes. That's when I knew I had to do something. I met Dr Sepher for a consultation based on he's many good reviews. Dr. Ali Sepehr is a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. I... READ MORE

Restylane ( Perlane) for Under Eye Hollow. Brisbane, AU

I always had shadows under my eyes, but with age the hollowness joined the picture. I research a bit the treatment and there are mixed reviews/ results, I did not have bags or tear trophs as such, more like a hollowness between the eyes and the cheeks, so he used cannulea (after dental block) so... READ MORE

Got in Nasolabial Folds, Love It - Medellin, Colombia

I waited ages to do this (I'm 39 now and have seen deepening of NLFs for three years) and I'm glad I finally did. The agent used here in Colombia is Surgiderm -- it is hylauronic acid made by Allergan for sale outside the US, equivalent to Retsalyne. Medellin is cheaper than the U.S. for... READ MORE

No More Under Eye Dark Circles - Voorhees, NJ

I had dark circles under my eyes that were making me look tired. I'd had filler done twice in the past by another doctor. The first time it was one vial for each eye which left the area so puffy it felt like I was looking over my cheekbones to see anything. The second time, a year later, it was... READ MORE

Restylane for Eye Hollowing... but I Did Have Some Side Effects - Charlotte, NC

I wanted to post about Restylane for eye hollowing. I had this injection done about 2 years or so ago. I went to a medical spa. Everything went fine. I had no swelling or horror stories the day of. However, after a few days or so I noticed that I had a purple looking shadow under my right eye. I... READ MORE

Filler in NL Folds - Rancho Mirage, CA

I had received filler in the NL folds from a NP at a clinic in Bellevue, Washington, and was extremely pleased. It was time for more filler a few years later, and happened to be visiting the Desert area of California with no plans to be in Washington any time soon. I checked reviews on another... READ MORE

So Worth It! Wellesley, MA

After years of eye bags, I was determined to get rid of it. After reading reviews and seeing before/after photos, I was considering blepharoplasty but was extremely nervous about the procedure. I'm still fairly young (28 years old) and the thought of such an invasive surgery to the face was a... READ MORE

Under Eye Troughs, Under Eye Bags - Had Fillers - New York, NY

After reading rave reviews about Dr. Kotlus, I was eager to go to him for a consultation for under-eye troughs/ under eye bags. I whole heartedly agree with all the positive reviews. Dr. Kotlus was very considerate and you can tell really cares about the patient. He was very thorough in going... READ MORE

34 and Hallowing - New York, NY

I'm 34, and while I think I have great skin, I had started noticing the skin under my eyes beginning to hollow. After speaking with a patient of Dr. Lorenc, I decided to give under eye fillers with Restylane a try. It's been 5 days, and the puffiness is finally gone - and I couldn't be happier.... READ MORE

Puffy Under Eye Bags, That Make Me Look Old - Lone Tree, CO

First impression I had walking in to his office was the enviroment is neat and it does not smell like a hospital. It was't long till he called me into his office. When I met the doctor he listens to my concerns then suggested what I could do then I agreed so immediately we proceed to it.... READ MORE

Do Not Go to This Doctor

I went to this Doctor for Fraxel, and he and his assistant said I really needed fillers so I spent $1500 (more than the $450 I originally signed up for). Long story short, he put fillers under my eyes that made my eyes puff up and after a few weeks, I went back to get it fixed. He then took too... READ MORE

Restylane Nigtmare! - New York

I wish I didn't get restylane. It ruined my face! I was never warned about the side-effects and never knew that these lumps or bluish tint can take years to completely go away... or never! I'm so scared that this will be permanent! And obviously, these results occur because it wasn't... READ MORE

I Feel So Much Better. Dr. H is the Best!!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I noticed that the area under my eyes have become very hollow and I felt like I needed to do something about it. I saw Dr. H and he was extremely honest with me and told me that I had 2 problems. My problems were puffines (hills), and hollowness (valleys). He explained that the restylane might... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasio Folds Just Made Me Look Puffy and Drew More Attention to my Marionette Lines - Laguna Niguel, CA

I had restylane in nasial folds and it just makes me look fleshier not more youthful. Juvederm did nothing to make my lips look bigger and botox did not get rid of my between eye furrows, just made my eyelids droop. Very depressed. READ MORE

Lips Injected Yesterday - I Look Like a Fish

I've had my lips injected yesterday, yesterday they looked really good and I was happy with the results, but today the skin under my nose feels very puffy and I look weird from the sides, I look like I have braces on, but I don't.The main reason why I had it done was because of that, but now... READ MORE

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