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Restylane directly under the eyes

Again, another procedure I would recommend if you are uncomfortable with the hollow area under the eyes. I am also highly recommending Dr. Holden because the area is so delicate. He has undeniable skill. READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler - Munster, IN

I have an appointment on October 21st to have my tear troughs filled with restylane. I have hollows directly under the eye and also diagonal lines extending to the cheeks. I am 24 years old and believe this is a hereditary issue. My only concern is that I drink quite a bit of water (2-3 litres... READ MORE

Middle Aged, Stressed, and Looking for a Pick Me Up! - Chicago, IL

I became increasingly self conscious about my eyes. They were really aging me; and I developed hollows & wrinkles. I listen to Doctor Radio on the Sirrius station, and heard a program promoting off label uses for the under eye area. Additionally, I read and researched my doctor and procedure... READ MORE

Restylane Before and After (Tear Trough and Botox in Forehead) - Virginia Beach, VA

I got Restalyne in my Tear troughs and Botox done in my forehead , It was absolutely amazing. Everything was worth it. Down time was two weeks, I slept elevated for five days to reduce swelling . Went back for two week visit for additional .5 cc per trough . The procedure was very comfortable... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler - Goshen, IN

I will say that the Doctor (Dr. Peers) I originally went to was not great at this procedure. He placed it too superficially. I followed up after I noticed some lumps were not going away. He looked for a second and said to wait it out. I was very unhappy and looked awful. I called Dr. Chadwell, a... READ MORE

I Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else - Chicago, IL

Dr. Casas is the BEST! She takes the time to discuss options with you and you leave feeling like a new, improved version of yourself. I routinely get Botox and Restalyne and look 10 years younger without looking like I have had anything done. The atmosphere at the office is friendly and... READ MORE

Great Results with Restylane

I'm only 24 years old (23 at the time of the procedure) but unfortunately have genetic dark under eye circles and hollowness. No cream could ever fix these issues so I turned to fillers. Although I had to wait close to an hour to see Lynn it was definitely worth it. She was so sweet and made... READ MORE

Looking well rested!

After doing everything under the sun to try to look rested I decided to get filler in my tear troughs. Before the procedure I looked chronically exhausted!! I'd done everything possible to improve the look of my under eyes. I'd go to bed early, drink tons of water and try every product under... READ MORE

Restylane Filler - Summit, NJ

Dr. Soni, was absolutely amazing. He was patient, addressed all of my concerns, and even educated me on the procedure based on what type of syringe he used to inject the filler. I must say after all of that information he made me fill very comfortable that it was the right procedure for me and... READ MORE

Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds - Philadelphia, PA

I love, love, love Robyn! She exceeded my expectations. She is extremely friendly and personable and I felt very comfortable with her. The office staff and office and very welcoming, relaxing and inviting. My first appointment was on 11/8/2016. I received Restylane Lyft in cheeks. No... READ MORE

Restylane Acne Scar Treatment

I had Restylane injected to help correct an acne scar on my face last week. Dr. Schaffner is absolutely amazing, he made me feel extremely comfortable during the pocedure and I am very pleased with the results. His consultations are free and his staff is warm and welcoming. After the procedure,... READ MORE

Filler Under my Eyes

I got Restylane under my eyes and the difference that it makes is amazing! The first few days, you are sore and swollen, but after the initial phase, people have been coming up to me asking if I've been on vacation. I look refreshed and energized. It's a small procedure, but the difference it... READ MORE

10 Years Younger

I couldn't be happier with the results of the under eye filler preformed by Dr. Rottman. With age my eyes had seemed to shrink and shrivel and the bags underneath had started to take center stage. I always looked tired and certainly looked old. Being 65, I wasn't looking to look 25, but wanted... READ MORE

Very Caring

Dr. Shaddix actually truly cares! He made sure my concerns were not only addressed but actually taken care of. I've never experienced anything like that at a dermatology or plastic surgery office. I'm still in shock by how great he was. Dr. Shaddix offers superior care. My procedure has... READ MORE

Restalyne - Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I have been very happy with all of my procedures with the Aesthetic Clinique and Dr Weiner. Everyone on his staff is very knowledgable and extremely professional. I highly recommend his office for facials, professional skin care and fillers. I had restalyne for the first time today in the... READ MORE

Best Under Eye Filler - New York, NY

If you are interested in under eye fillers, I highly suggest you see Dr. Ellen Marmur. She is extremely good at what she does. Dr. Marmur is someone you can trust. She is highly intelligent, honest, experienced and talented. She can accurately assess what you need and then execute the... READ MORE

63 Yr Old with Smile Line Depressions - Paramus, NJ

Dr Baxt is very thorough and explains all procedures being performed. She answered my numerous questions before, during and after the procedure. Dr Baxt made me feel comfortable and didn't rush me out of the office! The staff are professional and welcoming. I love that everyone is educated on... READ MORE

Finally Got the Little Pump I Wanted! - Dominican Republic, DO

Dr Muriel Alvarez is AMAZING!!!!! She delivered exactly what I wanted which was a little fullness without the "Bratz Dolls"lips. I got it I the last day of a discount and it was $350 so I was super excited. She is also located in Bella clinic where I got the rest of my procedures done. She only... READ MORE

Best Experience with Dr. C for Facial Rejuvination/ Fillers/botox - Washington, DC

I had researched the top plastic surgeons in the DMV extensively and had been to several of the "best" based on referrals from friends of mine who had great experiences. Dr. Chobaki was the third opinion and I am very fortunate to have consulted him. Not only did I save money in unnecessary... READ MORE

Wonderful Dr. - New York, NY

I am so happy I found Dr. Kotlus. He is really helping me after I was unhappy with the results of past cosmetic surgery procedures (done elsewhere). I had a blepharoplasty procedure that changed my appearance too much and a fat transfer that left my cheeks looking too big as compared to the... READ MORE

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