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Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Dr. Flashner is not just a great doctor, but has an an amazing, down to earth, "bedside manner". Approachable, So easy to talk to and does wonderful work! Comfortable and knowledgeable. My go to guy! READ MORE

First Time Lip Fillers (32 Y/o)

I've always felt my lips were a little thin and decided to get fillers. She used 1 syringe of restalyn. I made the mistake of watching videos of the procedure online so I was terrified, it looked so painful. She gave me some numbing cream to put around my lips, some tylenol, and prednisone at... READ MORE

Best Doctor with Amazing Results - Tampa, FL

As I get closer to 50, I can't help but notice the lines appearing around my mouth and the beginning of the sagging jaw line. I decided to try a new doctor and definitely found the BEST. Dr. Scheiner explained my entire procedure (restylane) beforehand and made sure I was completely... READ MORE

Compassionate, Understanding, and Precise

I've seen Dr. Shah over the past two years for a variety of services and I've never been disappointed. I first scheduled two sets of laser hair removal and I was impressed by both the level of compassion and expertise demonstrated by his staff. I later started restylane injections and have... READ MORE

Restylane directly under the eyes

Again, another procedure I would recommend if you are uncomfortable with the hollow area under the eyes. I am also highly recommending Dr. Holden because the area is so delicate. He has undeniable skill. READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler - Munster, IN

I have an appointment on October 21st to have my tear troughs filled with restylane. I have hollows directly under the eye and also diagonal lines extending to the cheeks. I am 24 years old and believe this is a hereditary issue. My only concern is that I drink quite a bit of water (2-3 litres... READ MORE

Middle Aged, Stressed, and Looking for a Pick Me Up! - Chicago, IL

I became increasingly self conscious about my eyes. They were really aging me; and I developed hollows & wrinkles. I listen to Doctor Radio on the Sirrius station, and heard a program promoting off label uses for the under eye area. Additionally, I read and researched my doctor and procedure... READ MORE

Restylane Before and After (Tear Trough and Botox in Forehead) - Virginia Beach, VA

I got Restalyne in my Tear troughs and Botox done in my forehead , It was absolutely amazing. Everything was worth it. Down time was two weeks, I slept elevated for five days to reduce swelling . Went back for two week visit for additional .5 cc per trough . The procedure was very comfortable... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler - Goshen, IN

I will say that the Doctor (Dr. Peers) I originally went to was not great at this procedure. He placed it too superficially. I followed up after I noticed some lumps were not going away. He looked for a second and said to wait it out. I was very unhappy and looked awful. I called Dr. Chadwell, a... READ MORE

Restylane Facial Filler for Rejuvenated Appearance

I have been going to Dr. Paul Leong for the past 3 years for facial fillers. Today I had both the tear trough filler and nasolabial folds done. I was very happy with the results of both procedures. He is a very skilled plastic surgeon and very precise with his work. He has an artistic approach.... READ MORE

Unsuccessful Under-eye Fillers

I turned 30 this year. Dissatisfied with my under eye area, I went to see Dr.Patel. I had the fillers injected under my eyes and the procedure was a complete fail. Dr.Patel, never informed me that the procedure may not be successful. I mean, no one can tell I ever had anything done, like even Dr... READ MORE

Undereye Hollows

Dr. Gordon is a godsend. I had a "light fill" done to treat the hollows under my eyes and saw immediate results. I woke up with ZERO bruising. While these may not be typical results, I can attest to his knowledge and training in this area. He was honest and far from pushy. I did quite a bit of... READ MORE

I had amazing experience

He did excellent job ,I had liquid rhinoplasty using fillers Restylane.Im very happy with the result ,I wish I did it before .Right after the procedure when I look at the mirror I notice right away my nose become taller .Dr,Madnani did a good job. READ MORE

Amazing! I no longer wear glasses to cover up my under eye bags!

I am 29 years old and as a first time fillers and Botox user, I was extremely anxious and scared about the procedure. I asked hundreds of questions before Dr. Rahal began. He was so patient and easy to talk to, patiently addressing every single concern I had, helping put my mind at ease with his... READ MORE

Horrible Practitioner

At first glance, Dr. Lickstein is appears to be nice. However, nice means that a doctor is at least competent in the field that the practice and that they do "no harm." I can't call Lickstein a doctor, as he does not warrant such an honor. He is extremely incompetent. He has caused me... READ MORE

Aging Woman Early 60's

I have been going. To Dr Casas for many years now. Her care and commitment to her patients is unsurpassed. The same is true for her office staff. One of the things I love about her is that she never overdoes anything. When she does a procedure you look like the "real you" I don't know many... READ MORE

I Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else - Chicago, IL

Dr. Casas is the BEST! She takes the time to discuss options with you and you leave feeling like a new, improved version of yourself. I routinely get Botox and Restalyne and look 10 years younger without looking like I have had anything done. The atmosphere at the office is friendly and... READ MORE

I love my lips! - Columbus, OH

I had my lips done. Dr. Kim used Restylane and they look great! Dr. Kim took the time to explain the procedure in great detail and answered all questions. My overall experience was great! I love my lips! READ MORE

Dr. Soni

Dr. Soni takes pride in his work and is committed to achieving the best results for his patients. He is professional and courteous, and his staff is warm and inviting. I would highly recommend him to anyone. READ MORE

Overall positive experience - New York, NY

I had restylane fillers done to my tear trough area. This was the first cosmetic procedure I've ever had, so I was very nervous but Dr Kotlus made me feel really comfortable. He was friendly and answered all my questions. The procedure was surprisingly painless and quick. I would highly recommend. READ MORE

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