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61 Years Old. Filler in Hands to Create a More Youthful Appearance. Boulder, CO

I was highly motivated to recapture a youthful appearance to my hands. When I was younger my veins in my hands were pronounced, but my skin was tight. Now that I am 61 my veins are much more pronounced with thinning skin. I am so thrilled that the filler placed in my hands plumped up, and evenly... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with Restylane - The Woodlands, TX

I’ve always felt that my lips were a little lacking in the plump department, especially my upper lip. I’ve wanted to get filler in my lips for the past several years but was also concerned with looking “over done” as well as finding someone I felt like I could trust to do the injections. I didn’... READ MORE

Consult and Lips from Cervantes/ Aragon - Tijuana, Mexico

Oh gosh!!! So this was somewhat of an impromptu trip last August. Cervantes/ aragon is a husband/ wife plastic surgery team. I went in on a Thursday and dr. Cervantes did a consult with me for a breast lift, tummy tuck and lip enhancement. Their office was beautiful. In fact, I had been in the... READ MORE

Wanted Nicer, Fuller Lips. Got Just That! Newburgh, NY

After a lot of trepidation, self assessment, caution and many other things I decided to bite the bullet and try to get nicer lips. I have never had any shape to my lips so this was something I had always yearned for but never had. You hear a lot of horror stories about things that can go wrong,... READ MORE

Lip Injections with Restylane. Winchester, MA

I have had many lip injections. Restylane was the worst. It looked good the first couple of days but then it started to become uneven on the right side of my lip. My Doctor put more in to correct it. It has nothing to do with the doctor; it could be my body quickly metabolizing this filler. It... READ MORE

33 Year Old - Miami, FL

Dr Franco was amazing! An outstanding surgeon and a true professional ! He listened and delivered the results I have been looking for! The staff is very friendly and make you feel very comfortable. My lips look great and the right amount of plump! I can't wait for my next procedure!!!! I love... READ MORE

Now I Want to KISS Everyone

For about a year and a half, I've been pondering having my top lip plumped up. It's always been significantly thinner than my bottom lip and recently the fine lines (Yes, I was a former smoker) have been creeping in - yuck, yuck - well, I am 36. About four months ago, I had lunch with a... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Looking to Freshen Things Up - Harrison, NY

Went in to see Dr. Gordon to discuss a filler that will help brighten up my under eye area. Dr. Gordon took a look and suggested using restyle in my cheeks to plump them up. I hadn't even noticed how flat they were until he filled the area...all I can say is wow! I could immediately see a... READ MORE

"54 Year-old Desiring to Improve the Signs of Aging Skin - Austin, TX

I was interested in something to improve the appearance of shallow contours in my face, plump thin lips and improve the under-eye shadowing. I wanted an alternative to plastic surgery and fillers seemed to be the perfect procedure for me at this time. Fillers are appropriate for anyone wanting... READ MORE

53 Year-old Male with Deep Creases in His Nasolabial Folds. - East Syracuse, NY

I had some deep creases in my nasolabial folds. Dr. Kim, who I have never been to before, used dermal filler called Restylane to plump up the creases. As far as con, there were none. The pros however are no more deep creases which took 7 to 10 years off my face. I would go back to Dr. Kim for... READ MORE

Friendly and Experienced -Hinsdale, IL

I stated that I dod not want to look like a plastic head when i left his office. When i left after my Restylane treatment I could already feel and see the difference when I smiled. My cheeks seemed plumper and younger, but my face still moved. The change was subtle to others but significant to... READ MORE

Restylane Filler and Botox Gave Me the Look I Wanted - Portland, OR

I went to a Bellevue, WA. plastic surgeon and was pushed toward fat injections and laser peel, none of which I wanted. The Dr. in Portland, OR. plumped my lips, filled in some hollow spots with restylane and some botox around the inside of my eyebrows. ( I've had lots of botox for years but... READ MORE

Lips - Glendale, CA

I had my upper and lower lips injected wit Restylane, and i loved my results. Everyones body is different so mine didnt last as long as my friends, but i loived it. i felt so much better about myself because i looked so good. He made it look as though they were my natural lips this plump. (some... READ MORE

Restylane SubQ in the Cheekbone Area - Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I had restylane injections yesterday to fill lines on my upper lip which I have also had done previously (about 10 years ago.) This time I spoke to the doctor about the loss of fullness in my cheeks. She recommended restylane SubQ injections on my cheekbone area to lift the area up. My... READ MORE

My Upper Lip is Still Swollen, but my Bottom Lip Isnt, is This Normal? Will the Upper Lip Still Go Down in Size?

Did it to plump up my lips a little more than they were before. my lips are a pretty full to begin with i just wanted to inhance the pout a little more..i think the procedure went ok it only been 27hrs since it was done so im hoping they will still continue to go down in size because they look... READ MORE

$500 for One Week of Results?!

I had injections in my lips last week and am already back to the way I looked before. All this for over $500! Because Restylane seems to work for some people, I will not say bad things about my injector, who works out of my plastic surgeon’s office (my injector is not a doctor herself).... READ MORE

Restylane: Sitcom-worthy DISASTER!

Ok, I didn't understand what I was getting into.  I had one TINY lip line that I hoped could be plumped it.  Instead, I got chimp lips. The restylane was injected into my upper lip from the INSIDE of my lip (big ouch!)  Massive bruising (maybe a reaction too, who knows?) ... READ MORE

Hurt a Bit, Felt Weird for a While, Now Very Good

I had a single vial injected into my NL lines which were just starting (I was 31 at the time). It did hurt and felt weird for the next couple of weeks. The pain was fine, I had no numbing injections so it was to be expected. At first, there were lumps under my skin and I really couldn't... READ MORE

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