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Bad Filler - Fairfax, VA

I can't speak to Dr. Bitar's surgical work. However, his Restylane injections have left me not only disappointed but facing an uncertain future of how to correct it. He first gave me an injection in tear trough area about a year ago; it went fine. A year later, I went back for a minor "touch... READ MORE

Restylane & Hyalase Problems - Eye Bags Swelling, Help??

Had restylane injected undereye to hopefully restore tired eyes, which in fact created huge problems after injector overfilled and badly bruised me, leaving Tyndall effect for 2 months insisting this was normal. Eventually got sick of the sight of the awful eye bags and peoples comments and... READ MORE

Poor Experience with Fillers

I was inspired to write this review after reading another review for this doctor. I had a poor experience with Dr. Chung. The treatment I had was getting fillers. In my opinion, this doctor does not have a good aesthetic sense, and she overfilled me and made me look very bizarre and unnatural... READ MORE

Horrible Practitioner

At first glance, Dr. Lickstein is appears to be nice. However, nice means that a doctor is at least competent in the field that the practice and that they do "no harm." I can't call Lickstein a doctor, as he does not warrant such an honor. He is extremely incompetent. He has caused me... READ MORE

less than ideal experience

I have gone to Anne Therese for several years, first for laser hair removal. The nurse did wonderful with that service! Recently I decided to try tear trough filler with Restylane. I do not like the results and feel like she overfilled them - they look bluish and swollen. I also had... READ MORE

Never even if it was free

This guy left me with a permanent scar between my eyes, when 'overfilling' a simple line. He said it would go down but I have a lump over a year and it started to dissolve, left in 10 Tatian between my eyes READ MORE

Filler in NL Folds - Rancho Mirage, CA

I had received filler in the NL folds from a NP at a clinic in Bellevue, Washington, and was extremely pleased. It was time for more filler a few years later, and happened to be visiting the Desert area of California with no plans to be in Washington any time soon. I checked reviews on another... READ MORE

Tear Trough Injections - Wellesley, MA

Let me start by saying... I did my research! Dr Kapadia's reviews are what made me to drive and hour and 20min to see him. To make a long story short.. After reading all these glowing 5 star reviews, I was more than excited and confident I had the right doctor to inject my tear troughs... READ MORE

Filler for Lips Lines - Austin, TX

He put the filler above my lip for those annoying lip lines. He over filled me and what was worse, he put more in one side, it looked terrible. It looked like I was swollen for months, but I wasn't, I was just over filled. When I went back to him he seemed not to care. I asked for it to be... READ MORE

Tear Trough Area: Overfilled and Misplaced

Please help! I am so depressed! I had Restylane injected to tear trough area. However, one side appears to be misplaced and one side overfilled. Is Hyaluronidase the only solution? I don't want to wait for them to disolve on their own as I heard it might stay there for a long time and I realy... READ MORE

I had an overfill of restylane under my eyes in 2008. - Don't Do It - Dallas, TX

I had an overfill of restylane under my eyes in 2008. I had severe brusing and swelling for months. I have permanent injection site marks and a whiter discoloration in the areas under my eyes for 4 years and going.Under my eyes can blow up further at different times to the size of a golf ball.... READ MORE

Need NJ Dr to Go to to Help -Scared of I Had Too Much Injected - Bridgewater, NJ

I had restylane done for the first time thinking it wouldnt be a big deal since ive had cosmoderm years ago, by a different dr, and it work wonderful. This is a nightmare. It hurts and is bumpy and extremely swollen. when i smile, i hardly can and it looks weird and clown like...looks like... READ MORE

Fill In Marionette Lines

I have marionette lines that seems to deepen with age. Recent photos did not look very good. It bothered me.I have a special occasion coming up. I decided to give it a shot. I think she overfilled the area. READ MORE

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