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22 Yrs Old, Under-eye Hollows Filled - Pinole, CA

Even as a child I had noticeable under-eye hollows and dark pigmentation. As I got older and lost weight recently, this only worsened. I finally decided to take the plunge and get tear trough fillers! I'm only a few hours post procedure, so I'm unaware of the final outcome, but so far I am very... READ MORE

The best ever

Dr. Greene is a delight! He's great at what he does and is very honest with you in regards to what you need, outcome etc. He takes a conservative approach, which is definitely important! I've had my tear troughs injected by him 3x now and have literally never been disappointed. I receive many... READ MORE

best in facial aesthetics

I went to Dr. Saluja due to her reputation, expertise and education. My first impression of Florida Plastic Surgery & Dermatology was the office itself, and it is beautiful! Then Dr, Saluja did a thorough consultation, asking to see past pictures of myself and what did I like and what did... READ MORE

Very Pleased!!

It is with great pleasure that I recommend James R. Gordon,MD. With his highly experienced skills he helped me achieve the natural look I wanted using filler/botox . Dr. Gordon took time to explain the procedure, did not oversell and reached a remarkable outcome. Very pleased!! Both Dr. Gordon... READ MORE

Best lip injections!!

I recently visited Dr. Green's office for lip injections after seeing the amazing results on one of my friends. I've always been insecure about my thin lips but I was afraid to get them done so I wanted to make sure I found the right doctor. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. She was really... READ MORE

WOW - I look and feel years younger!!

I am in my upper 40's and for years I have been fighting the aging process. I have tried almost every cream, serum, and gadget that is out there. Believe me when I say nothing really works like it says. But then I meet Dr. Godin. Dr. Godin was wonderful. We discussed my wants and needs for... READ MORE

Great experience! Most compassionate Doctor!

Dr.Gordon is absolutely the best! Very compassionate, attentive and professional perfectionist! He helped me to bring my confidence back after severe stress and weight loss. I can't wait to go back in couple of months for more treatments. He is very conservative and takes is slowly to achieve... READ MORE

Very pleased

1st time getting work done here . I had filler put in under the eyes.. and i must say it was a very easy going experience. Dr Diwan was extremely professional and accurate with my procedure. Love the outcome! READ MORE

Out of this world amazing!!!

I truly love Dr. Chiu I trust and value his opinion and know he always has my best interest in mind. He is highly knowledgeable and listens to all my concerns. I realized that I cannot put into words the level of professional empathetic care that I have received from him. His staff is amazing... READ MORE

Beautiful Cheek Bones, Forehead, Eyes and Face! - Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a Westside medical spa with a great team and online presence. I had heard about Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center through a mutual friend and did some online research. I saw that Sydney had really great reviews and was highly recommended for anti-aging procedures. I wanted to... READ MORE

Awesome with Tear Trough Fillers - Washington, DC

I saw Dr. Tanzi for tear trough fillers when I lived in DC, and was never disappointed. Her office is gorgeous and centrally located. She is a true expert at filler in the tear trough error. I went to her at least three times and the outcome was always positive. I highly recommend her for a tear... READ MORE

Restylane Review - Metairie, LA

I have a very large scar on my face from an accident and is very painful. Dr. Black filled in the scar, broke up scar-tissue. My scar is less noticeable which makes me feel much more confident. She also filled in my lips and I'm so pleased with the outcome...she didn't over-do my lips, they... READ MORE

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty. Toronto, ON

After having a broken nose followed by a bad Rhinoplasty surgery I had no interest in having a revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct noticeable imperfections along my nose from a deviated septum. I heard about liquid or non-surgical rhinoplasty and went to Marina for a consultation at the... READ MORE

38 Year Old Male / Tear Trough & Under Eye Hollows - New York, NY

Beyond thrilled! I am a thin 38 year old guy who always had some deep tear troughs, but as I aged the hollows around my eyes became more pronounced and it really started to bother me. I did heavy research on this (its my face) and you should too! He used Restylane on me. After meeting with... READ MORE

Finally Had Restylane After 3 Yrs of Getting my Nerve Up to Do This - Florida

I was SCARED TO DEATH. I researched my cosmetic surgeon for 3 yrs prior to getting this procedure done. I did NOT do the dental block. I had the nurse apply the topical numbing cream which did an excellent job. I am VERY HAPPY with the outcome and I can see I will be hooked on this. As... READ MORE

Results Not Great, Experience Poor

The pain factor was high and the outcomes not the best. I had no adverse outcome/reaction, but the temporary nature of moderate results was not worth the pain. Use Artefill instead. Costs a bit more intially, but results are permanent and more substantial. Not to mention Artefill didn't hurt... READ MORE

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