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22 Yrs Old, Under-eye Hollows Filled - Pinole, CA

Even as a child I had noticeable under-eye hollows and dark pigmentation. As I got older and lost weight recently, this only worsened. I finally decided to take the plunge and get tear trough fillers! I'm only a few hours post procedure, so I'm unaware of the final outcome, but so far I am very... READ MORE

Beautiful Cheek Bones, Forehead, Eyes and Face! - Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a Westside medical spa with a great team and online presence. I had heard about Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center through a mutual friend and did some online research. I saw that Sydney had really great reviews and was highly recommended for anti-aging procedures. I wanted to... READ MORE

Awesome with Tear Trough Fillers - Washington, DC

I saw Dr. Tanzi for tear trough fillers when I lived in DC, and was never disappointed. Her office is gorgeous and centrally located. She is a true expert at filler in the tear trough error. I went to her at least three times and the outcome was always positive. I highly recommend her for a tear... READ MORE

Restylane Review - Metairie, LA

I have a very large scar on my face from an accident and is very painful. Dr. Black filled in the scar, broke up scar-tissue. My scar is less noticeable which makes me feel much more confident. She also filled in my lips and I'm so pleased with the outcome...she didn't over-do my lips, they... READ MORE

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty. Toronto, ON

After having a broken nose followed by a bad Rhinoplasty surgery I had no interest in having a revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct noticeable imperfections along my nose from a deviated septum. I heard about liquid or non-surgical rhinoplasty and went to Marina for a consultation at the... READ MORE

38 Year Old Male / Tear Trough & Under Eye Hollows - New York, NY

Beyond thrilled! I am a thin 38 year old guy who always had some deep tear troughs, but as I aged the hollows around my eyes became more pronounced and it really started to bother me. I did heavy research on this (its my face) and you should too! He used Restylane on me. After meeting with... READ MORE

Finally Had Restylane After 3 Yrs of Getting my Nerve Up to Do This - Florida

I was SCARED TO DEATH. I researched my cosmetic surgeon for 3 yrs prior to getting this procedure done. I did NOT do the dental block. I had the nurse apply the topical numbing cream which did an excellent job. I am VERY HAPPY with the outcome and I can see I will be hooked on this. As... READ MORE

Results Not Great, Experience Poor

The pain factor was high and the outcomes not the best. I had no adverse outcome/reaction, but the temporary nature of moderate results was not worth the pain. Use Artefill instead. Costs a bit more intially, but results are permanent and more substantial. Not to mention Artefill didn't hurt... READ MORE

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