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Tyndall Effect from Restylane Injected Under EyE - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a really bad experience with restylane and I am on the brink of depression, because it made my situation worse. I just want an unbiased opinion far away from my doctor, because he constantly is inconsistent with his replies and is really biased because he just wants to calm me down and... READ MORE

Hollow Eyes - Towson, MD

Over the past few months my eyes have drastically gotten more hollow. I've tried eye teams, I get the recommended amount of sleep and I drink only water (apart from coffee/tea). I had went to see Dr. Rottman and his team to see what my options were. Brooke recommended the restylane. I got one... READ MORE


If you want a doctor who is credentialed, experienced and has excellent interpersonal skills, then Dr. Amadi is the right person. I debated undereye fillers (Restylane) for over a year, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to finally give them a go after searching through many, many c... READ MORE

I Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else - Chicago, IL

Dr. Casas is the BEST! She takes the time to discuss options with you and you leave feeling like a new, improved version of yourself. I routinely get Botox and Restalyne and look 10 years younger without looking like I have had anything done. The atmosphere at the office is friendly and... READ MORE

Beware Who You Choose... Even Plastic Surgeons Mess Things Up - New Zealand, NZ

I decided to get filler for tear trough/mid face. I did ALOT of research, ive had botox done for about 5 years, never an issue, but when I finally decided to look into filler, I carefully looked at my options and chose someone who I thought would be more experienced (as hes a certified plastic... READ MORE

52 year old female patient of Dr. Vivian Fraga (Chevy Chase, Maryland)

I have had multiple cosmetic procedures with Dr. Vivian Fraga in many different occasions. I can't express enough how extremely happy and satisfied I am with her. She goes above and beyond to provide you with an exceptional result, being it botox, derma fillers or a laser facial treatment. She... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience

Dr.Groff is clearly at the top of his profession. He is patient and encouraging with questions, never making one feel rushed. He also gives you different options looking foward to my under eye fillers . READ MORE

Great experience - honest, knowledgeable, and patient

I went in for a consultation about the bags under my eyes which bother me when I see myself smiling in pictures. I learned that unfortunately my particular case did not have an easy/complete solution, but Dr Kotlus was thorough in his explanations as to why. He offered up realistic estimates of... READ MORE

Very professional - Great experience!

Very professional from beginning to end of appointment. Explained in depth to me the procedures and options available, gave opinions, listened to me, no pressure. Very pleasant experience. After listening to Dr. Bassiri's opinions, I decided what fillers I wanted and where they were to be... READ MORE

Such compassion and skill !

I saw Dr.Bhrany initially for a consultation to discuss my options for improving the look of my under eye area. Right from the start he made me feel so comfortable and took the the time to answer all my questions. We decided together that filler and Botox would improve this area. He made sure I... READ MORE

5 Stars for Doctor Shermak !!!!!!

Doctor Michele Shermak is a surgical artist and your face is her canvass!!! She thoroughly discusses your desires and reviews options to take! I received facial injections, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! Doctor Shermak gives careful post care instructions and creams! She is... READ MORE

Best Injections by the Best Ladies - Los Angeles, CA

Go to Charmaine or Sydney for their knowledge and experience. They treat the client personally, never overdo, nor upsell. They are both very confident, and knowledgeable about all the options and current techniques. They're excellent at what they do. Sydney is a pro at lips and eyes - both... READ MORE

No More Tired Mommy Face Thanks to Dr. Antunes's Expertise! - Atlanta, GA

Came in to see Dr. Antunes for help on my sudden tireded looking face after weight loss and mommyhood. After throughly discussing my options decided Restalyne under my eyes was the way to go. Best decision ever!! Got my fresh face back and now I always look well rested! Dr. Marcelo Antunes is... READ MORE

Really Lovely Doctor and Nurse - London, GB

Dr Olver is a very softly spoken woman, who explained very clearly about my options to fill out my eye hollows and upper cheeks. She also kept me informed of the process while carrying out the procedure. Will definitely recommend her, Estrella and the receptionist Jenny for their warm, friendly... READ MORE

Fantastic Choice for Undereye Filler

I went to see Dr Amadi for hollowness under my eyes that were quite concerning to me. He took a good look at my eyes and facial structure and gave me a couple of options- the pros and the cons for both. I was impressed by his relaxed demeanor and his approach to what he thought I should do. ... READ MORE

Bad Experience - Nashville, TN

Dr. Gold injected filler in my tear troughs and created a huge lump. I thought he would inject something to remove it but instead he pressed on my eye socket so hard I thought my eye was going to pop out. This created an ugly vein that is still there 3 years later. He's quite rough on the... READ MORE

Dr. Barrera is a 5-Star MD Who Treats You Like a 5-Star Patient - San Antonio, TX

If you are interested in Botox/Dysport or dermal fillers and are able to get to San Antonio, please do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Barrera. If you find yourself thinking he might be overqualified for simple cosmetic injections (I was, at first), don't be. Every time I have gone in, he and his... READ MORE

Tired of looking exhausted!

As a 43-year-old mother of two, I had been plagued with under eye bags since childhood and was tired of being told I looked exhausted. I'm very apprehensive about surgery so I was impressed with Dr. Flora Levin's patience in explaining my options. We decided that Restylane injections into the... READ MORE

Bumps After 3 Years of Restylane Under Eye Area

To anyone thinking about fillers under the eyes, I would really like you to think twice and do your research. I have felt awful for the last 3 years. I did considered dissolving it but another physician advised me to live with the results of Restylane as hyloronidase could dissolve my own fat... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Weak Chin - Morristown, NJ

I initially went to Dr. Rafizadeh because I was concerned that the fat on either side of my mouth, that mimicked jowls and created the illusion of marionette lines, was either sagging cheeks or excess buccal fat. He explained that I am too young for my skin to sag and it does not appear to be... READ MORE

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