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Undereye Hollows Filled with Restylane

2 syringes of Restylane under my eyes. Overall good experience and good Results, I should have done this years ago!! Because I was late and they still squeezed me in, the Nurse numbed me for shorter than was supposed to maybe 10 min, and it was still not very painful. it was only painful when... READ MORE

BBL and Tear Trough Fillers

I am beginner to anything besides microderms at a "spa" and I've never had Botox or filler or gone under the knife for cosmetic reasons. But the reason I am writing a review for Dr. Pearlman and Donna Fay Graziano is because I was scared, nervous and pretty uneducated and I couldn't have asked... READ MORE

Restylane Lip Filler for Subtle Volume and under eyes - London, GB

"I want the kind of volume that people don't notice that they notice, but the notice!" is what I told Rebecca She must have loved me, am I challenging and demanding much?! Well, she took time, care and attention and (in my opinion) certainly delivered. Although I've been getting filler in my... READ MORE

39 Year Old Female Began Using Restylane in 2004 - Rehoboth Beach, DE

I had been receiving Restylane lip injections since 2004 from my favorite cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Asher Carey, in Dover and Lewes, DE. He prefers to use Juvederm now and after trying that once and being less than satisfied (it cost as much but lasted half as long), I chose a new MD for Restylane... READ MORE

Facial Rejunivation Needed (Sans Surgery) - Winston Salem, NC

Dr. Ghandi is a fellowship trained (ASOPRS) Oculoplastic surgeon at Duke Eye Center. He is meticulous in his work as well as communication skills. He injected restylane into my tear troughs and lips with very little pain, after numbing my eyes with a topical and my lips with dental blocks. ... READ MORE

Upper&lower Lip - Mountain View, CA

Today i decided to get my lips plumped up :) I am a Virgin to this But i decided i will try almost anything once. So Why not my lips?! lol. He used 2 needles to numb me,which did not hurt,no lie! Then 5 minutes later 1.0 of Restylane was injected in top of lip(border) top lip and bottom. It was... READ MORE

Not a Good Experience - Atlanta, GA

Had derma filler in my upper lip before my wedding. Before we began, we had agreed that $500 was the cost of the syringe. If all wasn't injected the syringe would be saved for future treatments with a $100 administration charge. During the procedure my lip swelled so large that the treatment was... READ MORE

Easily the best lips in NYC

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Living in a small town in Alabama, I have been fortunate to (need to) be able to travel to several places for comparative experiences with restalyne injections. Dr. Sina is the best I have seen by far. He is thorough in his consult, honest with his... READ MORE

Loved the results that I got when I visited Dr. Martinez-Diaz!

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Martinez-Diaz. I got some fillers in my frown line and my lips. I am very nervous about needles, but this process was surprisingly painless. Dr. Martinez-Diaz was very good about making sure I was properly numbed, and did the injections very... READ MORE

Great Results with Restylane

I'm only 24 years old (23 at the time of the procedure) but unfortunately have genetic dark under eye circles and hollowness. No cream could ever fix these issues so I turned to fillers. Although I had to wait close to an hour to see Lynn it was definitely worth it. She was so sweet and made... READ MORE

did filler cause me sinus issues

I have taken flights my whole life never had any issues. Recently i had been injected with restylane under my eyes/above my cheeks to get rid of the indent and always looking tired. I took 8 flights since I've been injected and have THE worst pain. I am scared to fly now. It's a stabbing pain... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler - Baltimore, MD

This was my first time getting filler of any kind and I trusted Dr. Rottman to do it. He filled my under eye dark circle spots with 3 syringes of restylane. I looked battered the day after but by the 3 Ed day I could probably get seats with make up and going to work. I absolutely LOVE IT! I will... READ MORE

Restylane In Tear Troughs. Plano, TX

After a disappointing tear trough filler experience three weeks earlier by another doctor (a board certified Cosmetic Dermatologist), I decided to bite the bullet, take a half day off work and drive the hour + each way to see Dr. Ho. I got in on a "new patient special" so my Restylane was $425... READ MORE

Restylane Injected to Lips with Amazing Results!! - Saint Petersburg, FL

I saw Dr. Kass last week because I was curious about having filler in my lips. I wanted my lips to look fuller and natural. After my consultation with him we decided restylane was the best option for me. Mary, his very sweet office staff, put lidocaine on me to help numb me since this was my... READ MORE

Dr. Green is a Pro at Restylane - New York

I was feeling a little lack luster so I went to Dr. Green for Restylane. She explained to me that I would see immediate results, and I was not disappointed. I had never really paid attention to the "parentheses"on the sides of my mouth, but when they were gone I was shocked. Dr. Green asked me... READ MORE

Nerve Paralysis After Restylane in Tear Trough - Jacksonville, FL

I received Restylane by a board cert. Derm in my tear trough. I felt immediate numbness and experienced pain for a few days. The numbness never went away so 2 weeks later I went in and she injected Vitrase to reverse the Restylane. It was during this injection that I felt a strange feeling... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eye Treatment - Irvine, CA

I absolutely love my Restylane under eye treatment! I could not be happier, I have been to other offices and did not receive the same kind of experience. Dr. Pilest takes great care of you, he numbs you before and uses a cannula I was so comfortable and did not have any pain. It was so... READ MORE

Dysport Injected Above Lips for Lines - Australia, AU

2 days after injections went to drink a glass of water and couldn't? My top lip was numb and couldn't function as normal. I heard it's common but no way would i do it again. I want to do some fillers for lines so what should i get this time and what should i ask the injector to make sure it... READ MORE

Very Nice Experience at Bowes Dermatology - Miami, FL

I visited Bowes Dermatology with a concern about my skin health and to improve (lift) the corners of my mouth (which was giving me a tired, sad look). The staff was excellent in their customer care skills and the doctor was great. I had a detailed skin examination and was prescribed a nice... READ MORE

My Lips Look Great - Lutherville Timonium, MD

I was 21 when I got my first lip restylane injection. I was pretty satisfied with my natural look just wanted make my upper lip a little fuller. I went to Dr S office (I've heard a good opinion about his botox job from my co-worker) - he took a time and explained me everything about this... READ MORE

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