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Don't recommend eye fillers from Dr. Sani I had a bad results

I had a bad experience with my eye fillers from Dr. Sani. It has been 3weeks and my under eyes are worse then when I can in to see him, I wish I would not have done them with him. I have had it before with another Doctor and it turned out great. I did like Dr. sani Botox so figured I would get... READ MORE

5 Things I wish I'd known about undereye/tear trough filler

This was my first time having any kind of filler or treatment; I've never had botox or anything like it, but my undereye bags were driving me crazy. I spent months researching because I was anxious and I tend to be a perfectionist about haircuts, etc. I knew this was a tough area to treat so I... READ MORE

Trying to Prevent and Maintain, Instead Disaster Happened... - Bethesda, MD

While I am sure the surgical team is amazing (I have sent two friends to Dr. Jabs and he did a great job), I had the absolute worst experience with their nurse and injectables. I was originally added to their mailing list because I was interested in the doctors, so day by day I kept getting... READ MORE

26 Yr Old Female, Bad Experience with Tear Trough Correcter - Toronto, ON

I went to Dr.Plant last spring to correct my deep tear troughs. I have always had dark circles and the deep set lines were becoming more noticeable with age. I decided to start interviewing doctors and booked a consultation with Dr.Plant; I was able to book an appointment quickly. A few days... READ MORE

32 Years-- Restylane dermal filler for Eye Hollows and Dark Cicles - Columbia, MD

I got restylane dermal filler for my under eyes hollow and dark circles. Immidiately after the procedure I was very swollen and the dark circles were darker. When the girl who takes the after pictures came to the room the doctor didn't let her speak to me and no pictures were taken after the... READ MORE

The Worst Dr Ever, Laser & Cosmetic Center Clearwater Florida

I went in for botox, and got talked into getting injected under my eyes, I had No bags, just Hallow, I asked 100 questions and was hesitant , but after being assured it was safe and the Dr had done hundred of this injection under the eyes and never had a issue I finally agreed. After the... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Washington D.C., DC

I had .5 of restylane injected under each eye about 5 days ago but the depressions are still there and they both still look hollow and purple/red underneath which has always been a problem for me. Do you think my doctor didn't put enough filler or do you think I need IPL or another treatment to... READ MORE

I Would Not Trust This Person at All - Chestnut Hill, MA

I asked for restalyn under my eyes and asked what the negatives are. He replied "looking younger." I asked about numbs and lumps and he reassure me that any bumps could be snoothed out. This did not prove to be true. Soon after, crescent shaped moons appeared below my eyes. He assured me they... READ MORE

Not impressed

After years of considering having my tear troughs filled but being nervous to do so. I finally did it. I researched on techniques, watched videos, read outcomes from patients, and reviewed doctors. I've had Botox and dysport many times and prefer dysport. I have doctors inject it and nurses.... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Mother of 3 - Sacramento, CA

I had Restylane under my eyes. Didn't work. After 4 days my eyes look the same. Nobody noticed anything. Now, I'm experience a weird headache on my left eye. I fell weird my left eye. Besides after the procedure, my left eye developed a blood vessel. I don't know if it's related to the treatment... READ MORE

My New Muzzle Face - Albuquerque, NM

I had my nasal labial folds filled. Months prior I had a consult with Felicia and paid for the procedure and was told some of the filler would also be used on my upper cheeks. Dr. T said it couldn't be done with the product. I now look like I am sporting a facial muzzle. When I can afford to... READ MORE

Dr Ramtin Kassir - Bad Experience - Manhattan, NY

Bad outcome, horrible service, overcharged me and had to credit me back after I called. They made my follow up appt in a different state which made no sense. Tried to charge me for the touch up which I was told was included in the original fee. They finally agreed not to charge me but it was a... READ MORE

59 W/a Daughters Wedding. Mechanicsburg, PA

I was hoping to look much younger for my daughter's wedding . I have laugh lines , a sagging chin and wrinkles under my eyes. I am age 59 . Restylane was a complete disappointment . $2400 in debt. I don't look any different than what I did before. Pretty bad when not even your husband... READ MORE

40 Year Old Man - Aging Nasolabial Folds - Montreal, QC

Waste of my money. Misleading information, very unsatisfactory results, poor aftermath service, and a money-driven clinic. After some research on Radiesse on Internet for my aging nasolabial folds I found Dr. Arie Benchetrit’s clinic in Montreal. One of his nurses, who (I was told by the c... READ MORE

Restylane - Very Bad Results - New York, NY

I went to see Dr. Krant to get a filler for my cheeks where I was losing volume. Her office was surprisingly small but clean and Dr. Krant was pleasant. But the injection was terribly painful and more importantly the results were horrible. I ended up with what looked like bad burns on my skin.... READ MORE

Money Wasted - Studio City, CA

Had under eye injections - would not repeat procedure with Restylane. Pros: Quick and easy procedure, relatively painless, bruises & swelling healed within a week Cons: Waste of money - still have small lumps after 3 months - didn't "fill" in the hollows under my eye. Not... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasio Folds Just Made Me Look Puffy and Drew More Attention to my Marionette Lines - Laguna Niguel, CA

I had restylane in nasial folds and it just makes me look fleshier not more youthful. Juvederm did nothing to make my lips look bigger and botox did not get rid of my between eye furrows, just made my eyelids droop. Very depressed. READ MORE

A Complete Failure - California

It did nothing to improve as I was expecting. Doctor didn't care only pocketed the money and dismissed me. READ MORE

Not Worth It - NYC

I had restylane injections in both upper and lower lips last week. I spent $900 for a syringe and another 1/2 ($600 full / $300 half). The first two days they looked very full due to swelling, and I would have been happy if they stayed that way for at least 6 months. Now a week later, they are... READ MORE

Cost to Much Did Not Work - Milwaukee, WI

I recieved restylane i was so disappointed paid all that money and there was no change,some bumpes after they went down nothing. It was a waste. READ MORE

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