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48 Needed a Facial Boost! Tired Sunken Eyes

Was very nervous as very reputable doctor wouldn't do the restylane under eyes.. he instead did fillers on temples and lower cheek area! I never even considered my temple but he did a good job and I love it! Went to get my under eyes four days later at dermafx in redondo beach because it was... READ MORE

35 Years Old First Timer. New York, NY

I went to see Heather Rypien at Dr. Steven Pearlman's office on park ave in NYC and it was the best decision ever. I received 2 syringes of Restalyne on cheeks and half cc of Juvaderm in lips. Heather was amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and made me look so natural!! This is my first... READ MORE

Hereditary Deep Hollows and Under Eye Circles - Wellesley, MA

I've always been insecure about the hollows under my eyes starting at a very young age. I have always wanted to do something to fix it for as long as I can remember so when I found out about restylane I knew I had to get it done. I was nervous about having it done but it has been the best thing... READ MORE

36 Yr. Old - Filler for Under Eye Hollows & Dark Circles. Wellesley, MA

I was very nervous about getting filler injections for the first time, but there was no eye cream or concealer that could improve my situation. I sought out Dr. Kapadia because he is an oculoplastic surgeon, got great reviews and offered a free consultation. He was very kind/informative, as... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags - Restylane

I couldn't look in the mirror without staring at my under eye bags. I would fixate on them and my self esteem was not great. Everyone would constantly ask if I was upset or that I look exhausted. I came across realself and through this site messaged with a lovely woman who suggested Dr Yang.... READ MORE

Marionette Lines.

Got tired of looking at my "Howdy Doody" chin. Did not want to look my age of 72. Was a bit nervous about having procedure done on ship. But very glad I did. Boosted up my esteem! It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but will look at more now that I am home in Las Vegas. The reviews... READ MORE

Best Decision Iv Ever Made!

My first time getting under eye restyln fillers was in November 2015. I had just turned 21 years old and even though that is very young to get any kind of filler or Botox it was life changing for me. Iv had terrible dark circles under my eyes since I was a toddler. I started wearing concealer... READ MORE

Great Experience! - Hagerstown, MD

Dr. DiMercurio was very informative and described the process in a way that was comfortable and easy to understand. This was my first time having any fillers so i was very nervous, but I had no reason to be and I love how my lips look! He also gave me advice on other areas of interest and gave... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Circles, and Eye Hollows - Great Neck, NY

After trying every cream on the market, I realized it was time to do something about my horrible eye hollows and dark circles. I was a nervous wreck and after reading horror stories online, it took me a year of contemplating if I really wanted to do it or not to finally go through with it. I... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor!!!!!

I've always had very deep set eyes and as the years rolled on the hollows got worse. After visiting many doctors I made an appointment to see Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai. I was very nervous but she put my anxieties at ease. She told me as I was so hollow I would need 1 syringe of restalyne between... READ MORE

Filler for Under Eye/cheek Area for 47 Year Old Woman - St. Louis, MO

I have been visiting Dr. Ridenour’s office for filler treatments for about a year and a half now. It has been a remarkable change for me! I am a 47-year-old female who was frustrated with the left side of my face, specifically under my eye. It was sagging and gross. I am from a smaller c... READ MORE


My tear troughs had been a point of contention for me every morning for a little more than a year. My first consultation was with a provider who was very dismissive and advised me that there was nothing I could do about it. I gave up for a few months and started researching again and decided to... READ MORE

44 Years Old - Restylane for Eye Hollows - New York

I've been considering filler for about a year to help with my fairly severe under eye hollows. I felt very self-conscious, and I would hide behind my glasses. After doing my research, I chose Dr. Lattman for the procedure, and it was a wonderful experience. I wish I did it sooner! Dr.... READ MORE

32 Year Old Undereye Bags Fixed with Restylane / Restylane Lyft Combo :) - Bridgeport, CT

Dr. Levin is amazing! Her consultations are great and make you feel at ease and comfortable...not easy when someone is going to come at your eyes with a needle! I previously saw Dr. Levin last year and she used Belotero to fill in the gap in my tear trough area to camouflage my under eye bags.... READ MORE

Restylane for Tear Troughs - Pittsburgh, PA

I got restylane in my tear troughs. I was nervous while waiting, but once we started it was like nothing. I thought i would bruise since i usually bruise so easily, but i didn't! I only had some swelling for a day & a half. I ate fresh pineapple the day of and a couple days prior to the... READ MORE

Much Needed Under Eye Filler - Wellesley, MA

I was so unhappy with the hollow look under my eyes but I was nervous about getting under eye filler. I went to see Dr. Kapadia, we discussed the options, the procedure was quick and practically painless and I am so happy with the results! It was worth every penny. I can’t wait to get my c... READ MORE

I Look Like my Younger Self Instead of Someone's Mommy! - New York

I was very nervous and unsure about whether to start fillers and/or botox. I"m 42 and had avoided it while many of my friends had started years ago. I went in for a consultation and was really impressed by Dr. Sung. He's like Doogie Howser and an Encyclopedia in a good way. (I"m guessing... READ MORE

40 and my Eyes Looking Tired 24/7

I was so nervous to get filler but when I hit 40, I had constant bags & lines under my eyes. The treatment was amazing - the results look so natural!! I'm so thrilled and Dr Charles made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. His nursing staff was also so kind and understanding when I was nervous. ... READ MORE

36 Yr Old Female - New York, NY

I decided to get fillers in my lips as it was my first time, I was very nervous and I did not know what to expect, but speaking with Audrey she made me feel so confident in my decision. Once I met Dr. Pearlman, he was so kind and patient answered all my questions and eased my nervousness. I... READ MORE

Wonderful Doctor and Caring Staff!!! Bala Cynwyd, PA

I was nervous to get Restalyne but Dr. Cohen's staff was so calming and welcoming. Dr. Cohen is professional, friendly, and most of all did such an AMAZING job with my filler!!!! I am so thankful to him! He answered all my questions and made me look naturally refreshed. I am so thrilled with... READ MORE

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