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Full Face of Fillers

I came to dr Andrews after seeing MANY surgeons throughout Houston and some out of town. I was looking for someone I could trust to do my fillers long term. Many professionals left me bruised, uneven, or just didn't give me the look I really wanted. I came to see dr Andrews with a very open mind... READ MORE

Lips, Filler, Kybella, Restalyne

The Institute of Plastic Surgery ROCKS!!! Samantha has an incredible birds eye and amazing abilitY to see what you need. She took my already good lips and made them amazing and nailed it! She is a perfectionist and super detail oriented and I am so so sooooo happy with my results!! Not only... READ MORE

Restylane for Boxcar and Rolling Acne Scars

A little back story... I have been dealing with acne scars for about a decade. I saw 4 different doctors (two plastic surgeons and 2 dermatologists) One of the plastic surgeons suggested microneedling. I did 3 sessions with no improvement. Then I bough the derminator which is an at home... READ MORE

Goodbye Under Eye Bags

I have always had bags under my eyes since I was a kid. This tends to run in my family. I noticed as the years went on that they became more and more prominent. I became obsessed with getting rid of them.. I take very good care of my skin. I use sunscreen and all kinds of natural oils. I even... READ MORE

Want to Look Like the Greatest 60 Year Old! Not 50, 40! - Memphis, TN

Dr. Patricia Eby is an artist! She is patient, friendly, extremely skilled, uber smart, most important....she does what is in the best interest for you! A great painting is achieved by the artist, not the paint or brush. Research your doctor! Dr. Eby is top notch and I will be be a patient for... READ MORE

Restylane Lip Fillers..... - Miami, FL

Dr. Victoria performed sculptra on folds, dysport on forehead and restylane on lips. Extremely pleased..... Meticulous injector with minimal paint. I travel one hour south. Highly recommend for subtle results and no "done up" duck lips. Het staff is wonderful and extremely accommodating... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Perlane, Restylane, Drysport - New Orleans, LA

I got Drysport in forehead and between eyebrows, Perlane in my cheeks, Restylane for my tear troughs and Restylane in my lips. Dr. Velargo is very nice and helpful and easy to talk to about your concerns and the staff is also great! You can tell he cares about what he does and takes the time to... READ MORE

For Temporary Lip Injections, Restylane Works the Best. - New York

In 2008 I got my first lip injections with Jeuvaderm $600. I was not happy with the outcome and still had to wear lipliner. 2009 and 2010 I got jeuvaderm injections again, by a different doctor. The results were better, but not what I wanted. Then I finally got restylane and loved it! Anyone... READ MORE

Excellent Experience with Dr. Anne White in Winston-Salem for Botox and Restylane Lip Augmentation

I was scared at first to have injections. My lips have always been thin and I just wanted them to be a little fuller. The office was beautiful and modern, but not intimidating. The staff was friendly and welcoming and well-informed. They answered all of my questions. Icouldn't be more thrilled... READ MORE

62 Looking Saggy

Looking in the mirror I feel like I'm looking "old" Dr Marciano, is careful, and an excellent injector which is very important when getting fillers such as botox and juvederm etc. I totally trust her skills, judgement, and will consider doing additional procedures such as Ultratherapy and blood... READ MORE

My Deep Forehead Wrinkles!

I did not realise the ageing effects of my life in the sun until I hit my late 40's. Suddenly, my face was so weathered and lined. My forehead wrinkles were so deep the actually became like 'rolls' between each one. A friend offered me a free consultation with Skintech (Dandenong, Australia),... READ MORE

Love my Lips with Dr. Freund!

Dr. Freund really gave me the lips of my dreams. I had always wanted the "curved up" lip look, and he was able to look at a picture and give me exactly what I wanted. My lips are slightly swollen right now, but once it goes down completely, I'm confident he nailed exactly what I was looking for.... READ MORE

Restylane in Lips

Once again an amazing experience with Dr. Miller and his lovely staff. I had a lip augmentation with Restylne and not only was it painless but they look fabulous! Dr. Miller has done several cosmetic surgery procedures on me in the past and has continued to do fillers and botox for me. I always... READ MORE

Filler and Botox - Voorhees, NJ

Dr. V. is always so impressive with his bedside manner and professionalism. His accomplishments in Third World countries are so impressive. Beryl is always accommodating and willing to provide special offers . Megan is very warm and friendly. I travel over 50 miles so that I can be treated... READ MORE

50 Ish Female Needing a Little Refreshing! - Concord, MA

I travel the world for a living, and low and behold the best doctor was right here in my own back yard! Dr. Doherty is simply amazing. His skilled techniques are perfection! I had Botox and fillers done. My before and after pictures are the testimonial of his exceptional work. I look like I've... READ MORE

True Professional & A Lovely Lady Inside & Out - Houston, TX

I've seen Dr. K several times for filler correction (poor job done by another doctor), and for a few photo facial sessions. Dr. K is always kind, professional, honest and genuine. She takes a conservative approach with fillers and will do what is best long-term for her patient. Beautiful... READ MORE

Restalayne/ Dysport Injections - Austin, TX

I've been going to Dr. A for about 8 years now. I'm always happy with his filler work and his placement of botox/ dysport. He does outstanding natural lips and seems to subscribe to the more ' natural' look, which is preferred. If you have questions or need a touch-up after injections, his... READ MORE

63 Year Old Female - Ottawa, ON

I am been going to Dr Laughlin for over 20 years...she began with laser treatment on my port wine birthmark and I continued with resurfacing, Viva, Photofacial, fillers She is my go to person for Skin care and skin care products!! She is thorough, kind and very accurate with describing what one... READ MORE

First Time Using Filler- Restylane, Juvederm and Botox - Dallas, TX

At 60, I began to notice that my skin was not responding well to my usual skin care regime. I've always been a strong believer in taking care of my skin, using cleansers, hydrators, exfoliators and protective agents but up until now, I've been afraid to do anything that would alter my God given... READ MORE

43 Restalyne. Cannula Procedure for Tear Troughs - Scottsdale, AZ

I had Restalyne injected into my tear troughs. It was painless. The cannula left no bruising and very little swelling. It was completely painless. This ws s a very well researched endeavor. I had a previous consult try to convince me to use a cocktail of fillers. I am glad I balked. I wish I... READ MORE

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