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marionette lines + Restylane

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Marionette Lines.

Got tired of looking at my "Howdy Doody" chin. Did not want to look my age of 72. Was a bit nervous about having procedure done on ship. But very glad I did. Boosted up my esteem! It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but will look at more now that I am home in Las Vegas. The reviews... READ MORE

I Feel Like a New Woman! - Los Gatos, CA

I had my first restalyn treatment in Dec, 2011. i bought 1 vial from a living social promo for $295. I was 42 (and 10 months old) and my frown lines were pretty deep. i was so self conscience because they started when I was 40 and nearly 3 years later they were all I saw in photos. The first... READ MORE

Restylane and Perlane - Vancouver, WA

I just recently had this done the first time 3 days ago. The only other filler i have had was Botox and that was 2 months ago. When i went in to the appointment, i was expecting what we had discussed at the consultation appointment, which was Juvederm in the lips and nasolabia lines and... READ MORE

Turned out alright

Hello, Real Self Community! I've been use Real Self reader for about a year as I'm researching different cosmetic procedures. One of the surgeries I really wanted was filler in my tear troughs, smile lines, marionette lines, and lips. It sounds like a lot, but I just wanted a natural, little... READ MORE

47 Year Old Personal Trainer. Tysons, VA

I received Restylane for my Marrionette lines and saw immediate results! So excited and happy! I also received Dysport for 5 areas and am thrilled! I work in a 'young' industry and have to keep the face fresh! I must admit, I did feel a bit light headed from the injections and the Dr was... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Weak Chin - Morristown, NJ

I initially went to Dr. Rafizadeh because I was concerned that the fat on either side of my mouth, that mimicked jowls and created the illusion of marionette lines, was either sagging cheeks or excess buccal fat. He explained that I am too young for my skin to sag and it does not appear to be... READ MORE

Amazing Results - New York, NY

I had Restylane injected in my marionette lines. The procedure took about 15 minutes after the application of numbing cream and was relatively painless. The effect is amazing, definitely worthwhile. Although the effect is subtle it truly makes a difference. It not only takes about 10 years off,... READ MORE

Restylane - Reston, VA

I had Restylane injections with Dr. Naz last Friday. I bought 2 Mls on a buy one get one deal. Wow! Did I ever walk out of her office pleased! She used the product to add volume to my cheeks, to treat under eye hollowness, and to treat naso and marionette lines. Oh, and she lifted my jawline -... READ MORE

35 Years Old. Correction of Marionette & Nasolabial Lines. Southampton, GB

I had been getting fed up with parts of my face which seem to now sag. As I work in entertainment, the pressure to look good is high. I'm about to take the plunge and have juvederm & restylane fillers injected in to my marionette & nasolabial lines. At the same time I will have Botox in my... READ MORE

Restylane and Perlane in Tear Trough and Lower Jaw Line

I previously had Juvederm injected into my marionette lines and had a horrible experience. The injector hit a vein and I had an occlusion. If you know what that is, it isn't pretty. Needless to say, I was nervous and was not going to let anyone but a plastic surgeon inject a filler into my... READ MORE

Very Nice Results Lips and Injections in Nasal Folds and Marionette Lines - Fort Myers, FL

I had lip injections to plump up my lips and the results of my injections are wonderful. I am very very pleased. I like a very subtle look on the lips instead of having "big lips". I never want it to be obvious and Dr Prendiville's gave me to look I wanted. I always get a great deal of... READ MORE

Love Restylane for Under Eyes and Getting Rid of Marionette Lines!!

I went to Dr. Steve Yoelin for the second time to have my under eyes (hollows) done and he used the rest of the syringe to help lift my cheeks and reduce my marionette lines. Once again the results are awesome! I had very little bruising (just a dot under my eye and eyes usually really bruise)... READ MORE

Finally Made my Appointment! - Dallas, TX

I finally made my appt with a very experienced plastic surgeon in my area. I went for the consultation yesterday and told him I want to look less tired. I went in thinking I probably want restylane under my eyes and in the marrionette lines. The doctor pretty much agreed (without me mentioning... READ MORE

Large Hard Bumps and Bluish Marionette Lines, Applied by Qualified Dermatologist - Canada

I had restlylane injections about three months ago and in the last month large hard bumps appeared in lower marionette lines. I have been back to doctor twice and he injected them, but the bumps are still there. Any suggestions. READ MORE

Great Results, Some Lasting Effects - New York

I have been getting Restalyne injections for 'marionette lines' around my nose and mouth for about 3 years now, and the last time I went the doctor put a tiny bit in my upper lip to fill out some fine lines there. I abolutely LOVE the results. I go when they have a '2 for 1'... READ MORE

Restylane/Juvederm Much Improved Under Eye Circles and Marionette Lines from Mouth to Chin - Sherman Oaks, CA

Amazing transformation with small intervention. My eyes don't look tired anymore (procedure recommended by my doctor) hurt less than chin area (which was just ever so mildly painful) The sad/bitter expression around my mouth disappeared by filling in those two lines. I am 72 years old and very... READ MORE

Restylane to the Rescue - New York City

A completely spontaneous decision to get Restylane while at a post-op visit to my plastic surgeon (abdominal surgery). Hated the marionette lines. Ended up having a correction on lower part of my face. No regrets. Surgeon used numbing cream. Minimal discomfort at most. He had a gentle hand... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasio Folds Just Made Me Look Puffy and Drew More Attention to my Marionette Lines - Laguna Niguel, CA

I had restylane in nasial folds and it just makes me look fleshier not more youthful. Juvederm did nothing to make my lips look bigger and botox did not get rid of my between eye furrows, just made my eyelids droop. Very depressed. READ MORE

My 2nd Time, Will Do It Again, and Again, and Again...... - Northern California

Topical numbing gel was applied first. The proceedure did not hurt at all. Had my marrionette lines filled in. First proceedure lasted 5-6 months. I am so happy with the results. I have a little bruising that is coverable with make-up. Love it. READ MORE

Not Sure About Restylane Yet...especially the Price! (Marionette Lines and Fine Lines Around Mouth)

I had it done today, so too soon to tell. I kind of like the result...had marionette and a few fine lines around the mouth done. It looks nicely filled, but I'm concerned about the vein-like bump from the filler, and am in pain so don't want to smooth it, guess I have to though...The injections... READ MORE

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