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Restylane Tear Trough Under Eye Hollow Filler

Went great! Minimal swelling and bruising, went away after two to three weeks. Didn't do any of the anti-bruising recommendations pre-treatment. I bruise so easily I didn't think anything would help anyway. Gloria Saiz (cnp at Dr Mayberry's office) must be really talented because I came out... READ MORE

Undereye Hollows Filled with Restylane

2 syringes of Restylane under my eyes. Overall good experience and good Results, I should have done this years ago!! Because I was late and they still squeezed me in, the Nurse numbed me for shorter than was supposed to maybe 10 min, and it was still not very painful. it was only painful when... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eye Bags So Worth It! - Sacramento, CA

I have had bags under my eyes for years but lately it just seems like they were getting worse and impossible to cover with makeup. I read a lot of mixed reviews on here and was very nervous to do it. My Esthetician has glowing reviews on Yelp so I decided to go for it. I am so happy I did it.... READ MORE

Best Doctor - Restylane Injections - New York

Lost volume in cheeks. I went to Dr.K two times to get restylane injections in my cheek area. She gradually built volume in my cheeks which looks great and extremely natural. She is very gentile with the needle and I had very minor redness and brusing for just 2 days, which could easily be... READ MORE

Restaylne Left Bruises That Ruined my Big Event

I feel duped by my restylane. I had my first injections more than 4 weeks ago and my face is STILL showing bruises. I can hide it now with makeup. Two weeks before my daughters wedding I got restaylne because I wanted to look fresh and natural. Worked like a charm to get rid of my... READ MORE

Restalyne is Not What We Hope for

The procedure was not painful not did it make me apprehensive. All I wanted was for these little aging line to fill up and stay looking like normal skin. I was bruised at easch puncture site; tha was ugly and makeup will not cover it up. So no going out for a week or 2. After all had calmed... READ MORE

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