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Restylane & Hyalase Problems - Eye Bags Swelling, Help??

Had restylane injected undereye to hopefully restore tired eyes, which in fact created huge problems after injector overfilled and badly bruised me, leaving Tyndall effect for 2 months insisting this was normal. Eventually got sick of the sight of the awful eye bags and peoples comments and... READ MORE

Under eye filler - New York, NY

Nice doctor and staff but not pleased with under eye filler results at all, especially considering the great reviews and the cost. It's been 5 months since my treatment and my left under eye still looks lumpy, unnatural, right eye looks fine. I won't be returning. READ MORE

Unfortunate Experience

I've been unlucky with previous eyelid surgeries, that resulted in ectropion, when I first met Dr.Malholtra I was relieved by his bedside manner and thought I was in good hands. (And I read the reviews here thinking that he would be good, but I now know that most were fabricated, just look at... READ MORE

Heavy Under Eye Circles That Have Now Been Taken Care of :) - Dubai, AE

I am so grateful . I can honestly say I had a wonderful experience from start to finish . I would like to thank the whole team at Aesthetics International. They were cheerful friendly and very attentive and caring . A special thank you to Rochelle who went the extra mile and was always so... READ MORE

Restylane - Reston, VA

I had Restylane injections with Dr. Naz last Friday. I bought 2 Mls on a buy one get one deal. Wow! Did I ever walk out of her office pleased! She used the product to add volume to my cheeks, to treat under eye hollowness, and to treat naso and marionette lines. Oh, and she lifted my jawline -... READ MORE

Thank You Key Laser! - Beaverton, OR

(side note: the procedure was Juvederm, not Restalyne. I put Restalyne as the category because they wouldn't let me review Juvederm a second time) After getting lip injections from a doctor who left my top lip over injected and lumpy, I decided to try a dermatologist instead of a facial plastic... READ MORE

43 Year Old Had Injections to Lips and Nasolabial Folds - Looking Lumpy This Time :( - New Jersey

I have had fillers a few times in the past couple of years and LOVED how they took a few years off of my face. I have always been careful and my eyes look young, but my lower face started showing some lines - and being very lean in the last few years didn't help my face at all. Last time I... READ MORE

Excellent doctor/Injector, Medspa Front Service was anything but.

I WALKED OUT IN TEARS. When: Friday, March 29, 2013 Appointment: 12noon I had 2 different experiences here that day. The very end/check out leaving me feeling like piece of trash, walking out the door. I had spent over ten years of my young life in a really abusive relationship... READ MORE

Under Eye Restylane Injections. New York, NY

My experience with Dr. Yang has been fantastic from the minute I got greeted from the patient coordinator to the minute I walked out. Mae Javier, The patient coordinator is the sweetest person you would ever meet. She totally made me feel comfortable. I decided to go with Dr. Yang after... READ MORE

It Feels So Wrong, and Looks Quite Bad - Scandinavia

DONT DO IT. I DID IT. NEVER AGAIN. Got restylane in glabella area for a thin "angry line", at the best practitioner in the area apparently (does courses for the producer etc) but it looks really fake and weird now, I can see unnatural shades and my forehead is slightly bumpy and I feel... READ MORE

Restylane in Lower Eyelids Can It Stain Tissue Under Skin

If you get Restylane injected under the lower Eyelids which has Very Thin Skin.And the Doc hits allot of VEINS with the needle.And now the Restylane mixes with the Blood. Do you get some kind of Staining in the tissues from this issue.I had Restylane put under both Eyes and the Doc hit every... READ MORE

Restylane in my Tear Troughs: the Best Money I Ever Spent on Anything Cosmetic - Birmingham, AL

I just had Restylane injected into my tear troughs. It was an instant fix, and I look much younger. It also corrected a badly administered Evolence treatment done by a different doctor that was still lumpy after over a year. I have no bruising, only small swellings from the needle, and no pain.... READ MORE

Restylane Treatment on my Lips

I wanted a bit more volume in my lips and thought this would be a good way to go about it. but i was thinking should i massage my lips to enable the lumpy feeling to spread.I had a restylane treatment on my lips. I would like to know should I massage my lips to make sure it is spread equally or... READ MORE

Don't Do Restylane

Left me lumpy and swollen for awhile after the swelling diminshed the lumps stayed. Awful waste of money READ MORE

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