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Restylane SubQ in the Cheekbone Area - Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I had restylane injections yesterday to fill lines on my upper lip which I have also had done previously (about 10 years ago.) This time I spoke to the doctor about the loss of fullness in my cheeks. She recommended restylane SubQ injections on my cheekbone area to lift the area up. My... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes, in Nasolabial Folds Looks Amazing!

I saw Dr. P for treatment of hollowness under my eyes and loss of volume that made my nasolabial folds look saggy. After reading his many thoughtful responses to user questions here on RealSelf, I decided that he was an experienced and knowledgeable doc, someone I could trust my face with. I... READ MORE

Under Eye Hollows/tear Trough Treated with Fillers

I am 28 and I developed rather severe tear troughs when I started work, they developed over the course of two years. My face has changed since working on the computer all the time!The doctor explained that the problem needed to be treated with a two-phase approach, the first phase was to treat... READ MORE

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