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19 Years Old Wanted Full Lips So Bad. Long Beach, CA

I went in to get lip injections and the doctor said half a syringe of restylane on my top lip would be enough he said my bottom was fine he said I didn't have a very defined upper lip and I lacked lips on the corner of each side so I agreed to half a syringe it was painless I got immediate... READ MORE

Restyline Injected in Lips - Rochester, NY

Always have had positive results from fillers injected to lips. I'm 43 and my lips have thinned a bit so no fish lips, just a nice plump. I've done it with numbing dental injections and without. Definitely go with the numbing. Love the subtle difference and the look it gives. Restyline requires... READ MORE

Very Caring

Dr. Shaddix actually truly cares! He made sure my concerns were not only addressed but actually taken care of. I've never experienced anything like that at a dermatology or plastic surgery office. I'm still in shock by how great he was. Dr. Shaddix offers superior care. My procedure has... READ MORE

40 Year Old Man - Aging Nasolabial Folds - Montreal, QC

Waste of my money. Misleading information, very unsatisfactory results, poor aftermath service, and a money-driven clinic. After some research on Radiesse on Internet for my aging nasolabial folds I found Dr. Arie Benchetrit’s clinic in Montreal. One of his nurses, who (I was told by the c... READ MORE

49 Yrs Old, Nike "Swoop" Aka Lower Lid Undereye Line, Considering Restalyn Filler or Fractional Laser Resurfacing. Stratham, NH

I've been to two doctors: one said I didn't need anything done under the eyes but that I had fine lines at the edge of my eyes and under them which was ellumine fractional laser treatment at the tune of a surprising and "this price is too good to be true" rate of $250.00. I'm suspicious of the... READ MORE

Would do a fat transfer instead

Had 3 syringes and the nurse made sure it was painless with topical cream and locals. I was told the bruising would be nothing and that most people go back to work the same day. That wasn't true for me, I had huge bruises from her "massaging" (extreme force caused the trauma) the... READ MORE

Absolutely Love the Results - Restylane Injected In My Nasolabial Folds - Overland Park, KS

I Had Restylane Injected In My Nasolabial Folds And It Really Made A Difference..No One(Not Even My Daughter) Noticed Anything Obvious But When I Told Them They Said I Did Look Younger! I'm 37 And Most People Think I'm Still In My 20'S. I Love This Stuff And It Lasted A Good 8-9 Months. Will... READ MORE

Have Done It Twice over the Past 7 Years -- LOVE IT!!

In my mid-thirties I had lost a significant amount of weight and although I was left with a healthier, fitter physique I also had deep laugh lines. The restylane completely erased those deep lines and has lasted 3 to 4 years each time. Some of the best spent money (other than joining a gym and... READ MORE

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