local anesthesia + Restylane

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Restylane for Tear Ducts. On the fence as to whether it's worth it.

I decided to get Restylane for tear ducts, as I'm sick of people telling me I look tired, even when I'm not. I had this done at the Restylane clinic in Sweden. I'm lucky as Restylane is produced in Sweden, so there is a speciality here. About the treatment, I was expecting it to hurt more. It... READ MORE

Sub-Q Restylane Injections - East Grinstead, GB

Due to a retracted left eye from Parry Romberg syndrome, I have had repeated yearly injections behind my eye to push it forward so it is set to the same level as my right eye, (left eye was 4mm further back) - aside from the physical appearance which I could more or less fix with make up, this... READ MORE

Amazing Results, Painless Procedure. - Madison, WI

Because the tear trough area requires such precise and delicate treatment, I sought the services of an experienced oculoplastic surgeon. Dr. Lucarelli did an amazing job. He used a cannula to inject the Restylane after administering a local anesthetic. There was absolutely no pain! I am... READ MORE

SubQ. Restylane, Very Positive Experience - Therapie, Dublin, Ireland

I have had juvederm and perlane filler before and got SubQ administered in Dublin by a well know cosmetic doctor who appears on TV in Ireland from time to time to discuss cosmetic surgery . Anyway he used a a different type of mechanisim to inject the sub Q. He placed a tiny like tube in then... READ MORE

Loved It, Beautiful, Natural Results

Loved it, the results were beautiful! Side effects minimal. Used it in nasolabial folds. Natural look, results lasted several months, and I really do feel that it does help to generate collegen as I still look younger even after discontinuing for over a year now (due to finances). Highly... READ MORE

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