lip lines + Restylane

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Grandma's Lip Lines (Awful!) - Colorado Springs, CO

My 50th high school reunion is coming up; I'd recently had skin cancer surgery, with a MOHS Surgeon removing diseased tissue, and Facial Recon (Plastics) Surgeon performed the closure. Since I had to see HIM many times, for debridement of wound, I thought his precision was xlnt, and decided to... READ MORE

Love It! - California

Actually had Perlane(sp) and Restylane on Tuesday. The Perlane was used to plump up the area along the sides of my chin. The plumping cammoflages the fullness that has began to appear from sagging skin. It lessens the appearange of jowls. The Restylane was used for my lip lines, lips, and lines... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Dr, K - New York, NY

To look my best (for my age) and feel good about how I look. I have had Botox and Restylane between the eyes before and had the area touched up by Dr. K. But I was interested in a better look around the lips and chin, a difficult area to achieve a natural look. I had heard that filling the... READ MORE

Upper Lips Treated with Injectables for Fine Lines from Smoking/Looks Great

The doctor  used 8 units of Botox at $10 per unit with a half syringe of Restylane and allowed me to bring back the other half of the Restylane syringe for another treatment 3-4 months later. Smokers lines are gone, and not only do I feel great about the results: I can also afford to keep... READ MORE

Too Much Restylane Around Nose and Lips

I had restylyne around my nose to lips. Now I have big lumps under my lips where the doctor injected too much.This was about 2 years ago and I feel like a freak.Is there any way this can be reversed? READ MORE

Restylane in Nasal Labial Folds and Lips Plus Botox on Forehead

I absolutely love the results. My doctor used 2 syringes for lips and nasal labial folds. I bruise very easily, and did have one small (about the size of a tic-tac candy) bruise under my left bottom lip that took several days to go away. I went back for my two week evaluation and had another... READ MORE

Restylane Lip Area

I am 47 years and pretty young looking but have these ugle lines around my lips. I hate them more than anything and I have never been a smoker but who knew that sipping from a coffee cup lid or using a straw would do this. Anyway I have had Restylane three times now and each time the results... READ MORE

I Was Very Happy with the Results and I Am Ready to Go Back for Round 2.

I had always wanted to fill in the laugh lines because they were deep. I also had some small lines around my mouth. I consulted with a ceritifed plastic surgeon and then scheduled my procedure. They gave me the dental block and said I had to wait 30 minutes before they could get started. We... READ MORE

I am 38 - So Far, So Good - Marin, CA

I am 38 and I wanted restylane to fill the little wrinkles that started to form on my top lip. I was very very nervous and have waited about a year to take the plunge. I must say the experience so far has been far better than I expected. My lip has swelled a little bit and a tiny bit of... READ MORE


I has my parenthesis removed from around my mouth, and I also had some restylane injected under my eyes around my cheekbone area. I was very apprehensive going in, because of some of the negative reviews, but believe me, if you get a good doctor, it is totally worth it. I had also had some... READ MORE

Go to Someone Who is an Experienced Injector!!

I decided that I did not like my marionette lines and downturned mouth decided on Restylane.  I guess the injections were done too superficially because I ended up with a lumpy bumpy face.  Instead of being embarrassed by my wrinkles, I am now embarrassed by my... READ MORE

OK with the Results, Hated the Price

I wanted to do something about the drooping sides of my mouth. The doctor did a great job witht he Restylane on the sides and on my lips. At first it seemed like too much, now 6 weeks later, I feel like the lip plumping has gone away. My husband says he likes the results, and can tell a... READ MORE

Keep an Icebag Handy!

I've been thinking about this for several years, since turning 50. Never thought I would care, but I do. Started with Botox for glabellar followed by Restylane for NL folds with a little extra put in the remaining static frown line,. Looked more refreshed, people commented...nothing blatant,... READ MORE

Not a Good Thing to Do...

I had been getting many laser treatments for redness / rosacea. I also have a very sensitive body to chemicals etc. This day I had both laser and Restalyn/Perlane injections on the same day. I believe my body did not like the injections.. my face would change shape at times and the rosacea was... READ MORE

Loved It but This Time I Was Prepared

I'm in my 50's and have had botox and restylane three times. I'm very lucky as both lasted for almost a year, but the PAIN! It takes suffering for beauty to a whole new level! I also get bruises that last for six weeks! This time I was prepared. I stopped all aspirin, motrin, ibuprofen,... READ MORE

Restylane: Sitcom-worthy DISASTER!

Ok, I didn't understand what I was getting into.  I had one TINY lip line that I hoped could be plumped it.  Instead, I got chimp lips. The restylane was injected into my upper lip from the INSIDE of my lip (big ouch!)  Massive bruising (maybe a reaction too, who knows?) ... READ MORE

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