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I Finally Did It!

I had been obsessing about my upper lip and laugh line for a long time. I looked in my Seattle Magazine for who Seattle thinks is a top rated Dermatologist in the area. I found my doctor in downtown Seattle and set up my apt. What could it hurt, I knew it would dissolve eventually if I didn't... READ MORE

Very Pleasantly Surprised - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Hsu had been highly recommended to me by a very well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I was told she is one of the best facial surgeons, and I should trust her completely with injections and sculpting. They said she can work wonders, and she did! I wanted a little Botox in my... READ MORE

Late 30's Touch Up - Plano, TX

I had under eye filler completed with Restalyne. I also had my laugh line done. Very little bruising and swelling under the eyes and none with my laugh lines. Im two days post injection and I've been out with minimum make-up. I did ice alot the first day and a few times yesterday. I... READ MORE

Amazing at Subtle, Natural Results with Fillers! New York, NY

Dr. Zimm used fillers to stimulate a chin implant, fix my under eye bags and give me the cheek bones I always wanted (which simultaneously helped eradicate what I perceived as age related laugh lines on my face). He is so thorough, detail oriented and precise - what you want and need if someone... READ MORE

Laugh Lines - Beverly Hills, CA

Pros: I received Restylane filler injections to my laugh lines and instantly they looked 100% better using one syringe. The pain was minimal and I am not in pain 3 hours after the procedure. Friendly receptionist at the front desk. Cons: Doesn't last over a year. There is a possibility of... READ MORE

65 Years Old and Glowing! - Dearborn, MI

Dr. Michael Carron filled the creased areas between nose and chin and also jowl area. When I went to work on Monday my co-workers said, "you are glowing", you look great. They were very impressed with the results. It is amazing how the fillers took away my laugh line creases and look so... READ MORE

Amazing - After 2 Treatments No More Needed!

I had Restylane injected in my laugh lines 2 in November 2005. I was 38 at the time and after looking at pictures from a vacation knew I had to do something! It was mildly painful and stayed red for about a week - I could cover with makeup after two days. But the results were amazing! I... READ MORE

Procedures I Had Done by Dr. Kroll and my Overall Eperience - New York, NY

My last visit to my doctor was for Restylane. My problem areas were forehead under the eye and laugh lines. She has done other work on me before, so like always i was satisfied with the results. Im a male so i dont want to look like i had anything done my appearance was natural looking which is... READ MORE

Restylane and Juvaderm Plus a Little Botox - Boston, MA

I had a great dr in the Boston area that did mine yesterday. She did Restylane under the eye..because she said Juvaderm has the tendency to make the eye look blue underneath. I have minor swelling there...but it looks a lot better than the "hallows" I had before. She then used it on... READ MORE

3 Week Post Re-swelling from Restylane, How is This Possible?

I had my sister in law who is a RN, very experienced, has been working under a Plastic Surgeon for years- injected Restylane in my "laugh lines". (She did if for free) Next day had alot of swelling up to my nose, just under my eyes and upper lip area. Swelling went down in a couple... READ MORE

Restylane for Cheeks

I can say that i am very happy with the results. I am 42 and even though i have good genes, i was sort of suffering ( or i felt like it ) from some fat loss just between my high cheek bones and nose sides. So i had a doctor inject with me with restylane. i will be taking photos each and every... READ MORE

Restylane Worked but is It Worth the Cost???

I had restylane injected into my cheeks and smile lines. I was so excited the first day because all my laugh lines had disappeared! 3 days later they started to return and at that point I realized that there had been swelling at the injection site causing the lines to smooth out. A week later I... READ MORE

I LOVE Restylane (Laugh Lines, Lips, Under Eyes)

I have had restylane injections in my laugh lines, in my lips and also under my eyes and LOVE the results!! I will contiune getting the injections every 6 months. People have told me that I look very refreshed and 10 years younger. I love this product.Although I do recomend that you do research... READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of my laugh lines and plump up my lips a bit. - Restylane Injections - North Carolina

I wanted to get rid of my laugh lines and plump up my lips a bit.I really cannot tell I had anything done. I also have 2 bumps on my lips. It has been 5 weeks. He injected my lips from the outside. I wonder if it should it have been done from the inside. READ MORE

Under my eyes and in my laugh lines - Restylane Injections

I received Restylane injections under my eyes and in my laugh lines. The doctor put too much under my eyes and although it was smooth and gave my cheek bones some lift, it was a bit too swollen under my eyes. She removed some but did a lousy job and it looked like i had 2 track marks under one... READ MORE

Pleased with Results - Lasted Really Long Time

I'm 43 - First time I did restylane was for my laugh lines, and the injections were tolerable until the doctor got lower where he hadn't put the block. Hurt like hell! Had minor swelling, and happy with the results, lasted almost 2 years. Then I got it done again by another (very good) plastic... READ MORE

Lumpy Injections in the Wrong Places - I Look Like a Cat.

I recently had restylane injection to fill out the nasal folds or laugh lines.  I got the work done by a registered nurse and not a plastic surgeon or a doctor.  That was a major mistake.  Instead of filling my laugh lines, the fold became even more noticable and the area to the... READ MORE

Restylane - Good Results but Some Side Effects Later.

PROS - Used it several times to fill out laugh lines and a little on the upper lip which has gotten a bit thin (I'm 45).  Really nice results and lasts a good length of time.  CONS - It travels! Each time I've done it, around 3 months later, I get bumps in different areas of my... READ MORE

I Was Very Happy with the Results and I Am Ready to Go Back for Round 2.

I had always wanted to fill in the laugh lines because they were deep. I also had some small lines around my mouth. I consulted with a ceritifed plastic surgeon and then scheduled my procedure. They gave me the dental block and said I had to wait 30 minutes before they could get started. We... READ MORE


I had a few scars from puppy bites. Two on my cheek & two on my nose. I also had an acne scar on my chin. I got 350 cc's and after filling in the scars I had enough left over to fill in the laugh lines I am sooooo happy~~!! The scars are gone, I look 8 - 10 years younger. The first t READ MORE

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