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Restylane Injections - Phoenix, AZ

I purchased a groupon for one syringe of restylane for $235 total. Was originally 285 but they had special of 20% off. The business had great reviews and the lady seemed quite knowledgeable and loved her job. Arrived to appt and had to have numbing cream on for 30 min. The injections still stung... READ MORE

Neaman Plastic Surgery Restylane Lip Injections - Salem, OR

I have always wanted fuller lips. Katie at Neaman's Plastic Surgery in Salem Oregon delivered exactly what I wanted! I am very very happy! Katie injected a full syringe. I had the injections performed mid day on a Wednesday and was out doing normal day to day things on Thursday without feeling... READ MORE

Perfecting my Pout - New York, NY

So I have always admired a Jolie pout. I scheduled my appointment for Dr.Pearlman before my 30th birthday in an attempt to re-gain my youthful glow. I really was feeling down about turning 30 and needed to do something for me. I had a nerve block done and I felt little to no pain as he injected.... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect from Restylane Injected Under EyE - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a really bad experience with restylane and I am on the brink of depression, because it made my situation worse. I just want an unbiased opinion far away from my doctor, because he constantly is inconsistent with his replies and is really biased because he just wants to calm me down and... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler - Munster, IN

I have an appointment on October 21st to have my tear troughs filled with restylane. I have hollows directly under the eye and also diagonal lines extending to the cheeks. I am 24 years old and believe this is a hereditary issue. My only concern is that I drink quite a bit of water (2-3 litres... READ MORE

Restylane in Tear Troughs--First Injections EVER! - Plano, TX

OMG Just wanted to share...I was petrified in my doctors office. But I did my research and I went with the restylane in the tear trough. I'll update on the morning are before pics and day of after injections. I had one stringe under each eye. Also had 55 units of botox around... READ MORE

Middle Aged, Stressed, and Looking for a Pick Me Up! - Chicago, IL

I became increasingly self conscious about my eyes. They were really aging me; and I developed hollows & wrinkles. I listen to Doctor Radio on the Sirrius station, and heard a program promoting off label uses for the under eye area. Additionally, I read and researched my doctor and procedure... READ MORE

Restylane Under the Eyes Does the Trick, with Nurse Triste at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery, Carmel IN

I had excess SMAS removed during my facelift and added to the hollows under my eyes in 2013. The preferred method by Dr. Winslow would have been for her to use excess fat from my abdomen. However, I'd had a body lift two months earlier and I did not have any excess fat for her to harvest.... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Tired Eyes. St. Petersburg, FL

I had 1 syringe of Restylane done for my under eye hallows. I am over the moon with the results, I finally look well rested! Dr. Kass performed the injection and took his time to listen to my areas of concern, his staff was so sweet and scheduling the appointment was a breeze. I got the... READ MORE

Restylane Shots and Dr. Yang Were the Answer to my Prayers! - New York, NY

I visited Dr. Yang's in the hopes of getting consultation for buccal fat removal. Most surgeons do not show much of their personality or have a lack thereof during consultations. Dr. Yang explained to me that I have a very youthful face and with time after buccal fat removal that I would have a... READ MORE

The Worst Dr Ever, Laser & Cosmetic Center Clearwater Florida

I went in for botox, and got talked into getting injected under my eyes, I had No bags, just Hallow, I asked 100 questions and was hesitant , but after being assured it was safe and the Dr had done hundred of this injection under the eyes and never had a issue I finally agreed. After the... READ MORE

No Surgery - Rhinoplasty and Lip Enlargement W/ Lots of Novacaine

I wanted a better profile as A previous Dr botched up my nose and shaved me way down. So I went to a brand new doctor years later and had restylane filler on my nose . I had my lips done to and the nurse gave me so much novacaine it was great but only on my lips . When the dr went to fill my... READ MORE

great experience same great results

Saw Dr. Nadimi for botox and restylane. Dr. Nadimi went through a thorough explanation prior injecting, didn't rush her consult, and results are great. During the consult talking of another treatment (PRP on scalp) she even recommended to wait, and she explained why, which it can be looked as... READ MORE

Very Pleasantly Surprised - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Hsu had been highly recommended to me by a very well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I was told she is one of the best facial surgeons, and I should trust her completely with injections and sculpting. They said she can work wonders, and she did! I wanted a little Botox in my... READ MORE

Bad experience. Not recommended.

My results were not good. My eye troughs look worse after the injections by Dr. Gordon. He told me he used Restylane and placed several injections under both eyes during my first visit. The injected areas look like lumps and accentuate the eye troughs. It has been months since the injections... READ MORE

Best doctor in the Bay Area

Dr. Tang is the only doctor I have let put filler into my lips. My first time was back in August, and he did the most amazing job! My lips came out perfectly symmetrical, and fuller looking but still natural. He was very knowledgeable, and very caring due to my being very nervous. I highly... READ MORE

The results are AMAZING!!

I had restylane injections underneath my eyes. I first saw his reviews on realself and sent an email. Yo my surprise he responded within 30 minutes to an hour. He is very accommodating, scheduled my visit around me and at the location was convenient for me. I then got a confirmatory email from... READ MORE

Great Experience - Vista, CA

Dr. Watson is amazing, came in to see him for first time injections, he answered all my questions I had. I am in love with my lip filler. I wanted a natural look and that is exactly what I got! Couldn't be happier! READ MORE

Best Dr. I have ever used. Hands down.

I can't say enough about Dr. Weiner. I drive over an hour and a half to see him and would gladly drive across the country if I had to. Not only am I amazed at his artistry with filler, I can't believe how he manages to inject with almost no bruising! With other doctors, getting my lips done... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Michael Kim - Portland, OR

I went to Dr. Kim for nasal fillers today. I have had two rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgeries done by other surgeons. Although my breathing was much improved I was left with the right side of my nose caved in. It wasn't terribly noticeable, but it definitely bothered me. Dr. Kim was awesome! He... READ MORE

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