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22 Y.o. Restylane Under Eyes for Bags/dark Circles

I've dealt with dark circles and bags under my eyes for my entire life. No amount of concealer or highlighter could correct the shadows under my eyes from the bags, and they were my biggest insecurity. I do not have any hollowness (like many who try fillers under the eyes do). After trying tons... READ MORE

Restylane for Boxcar and Rolling Acne Scars

A little back story... I have been dealing with acne scars for about a decade. I saw 4 different doctors (two plastic surgeons and 2 dermatologists) One of the plastic surgeons suggested microneedling. I did 3 sessions with no improvement. Then I bough the derminator which is an at home... READ MORE

Restylane and Botox - Missoula, MT

It is always difficult to find a new Plastic Surgeon to trust when moving to a new town. I am so pleased I found Dr. Marshall. The office staff is professional and friendly and Dr. Marshall's nurse is great. As for my Botox injections, the results were perfect, not plastic or overdone. Dr.... READ MORE

Dr. Barrera is a 5-Star MD Who Treats You Like a 5-Star Patient - San Antonio, TX

If you are interested in Botox/Dysport or dermal fillers and are able to get to San Antonio, please do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Barrera. If you find yourself thinking he might be overqualified for simple cosmetic injections (I was, at first), don't be. Every time I have gone in, he and his... READ MORE

Very Happy with Restylane Above Lip - Paradise Valley, AZ

I had done Belatero in January and had tremendous bruising and results that only lasted 4 months. Dr. Van Dyke recommended Restylane instead, as she felt the effects would be better and longer lasting. 2 weeks prior, I stopped Advil, fish oils, and alcohol; one week out I took doses of Arnica... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eye Area - Wellesley, MA

I've had under eye bags for many years and decided to go see Dr Kapadia because he specializes in the eye area and has a lot of experience. I decided to do restylane injections under my eye area and the results are amazing. I can't believe how much the bags have improved, they are hardly... READ MORE

Corrective Procedure to Undo Under Eyes Fat Graft Mistake by a Former Cosmetic Surgeon. Palo Alto, CA

I had the good fortune to meet Dr Jill and her wonderful staff Danielle and everyone else about a year ago. After a horrible experience with another cosmetic surgeon who actually ended up significantly degrading my appearance. Dr Jill has been able to begin a restoration and corrective process... READ MORE

chin and under eye cheek bone filler - Westlake Village, CA

I wanted to improve my profile my bone structure is more recited than i would like, I chose Dr. Tansavatdi because I had botox done prior to this procedure and was very comfortable, confident and trusted her with my face essentially. Dr Tansavatdi's staff could not have been sweeter to me they... READ MORE

Will Do Again! -Wilmington NC

I am 50 year old female and decided it was time to get the creases from nose to mouth taken care of. Initial appointment was made in Wilmington NC at Wilmington Plastic Surgery- I was NOT happy with the consult and did not agree with their assessment. They wanted to put Radiesse in my cheek pads... READ MORE

Restylane to Upper and Lower Eyelids -New York, NY

I am in my mid 30's and underwent an ill advised upper and lower blepharoplasty. I almost felt talked into the upper. I regret the decision every day. i had beautiful almond shaped eyes, yes some minor bags, but it was much better than what I was transformed into. Once the swelling went away, I... READ MORE

Restalyne Lump Under Eye - Tear Trough - San Jose, CA

So I am writing this review for people who have experienced Restalyne lumps in the wrong location that don't go away by themselves. I had Restalyne and Perlane injected in several areas (lips, nasolabial folds and tear troughs) 11 months ago and even though I loved the overall effect I... READ MORE

Restylane Hurt Like Hell

I had Restylane injected into the laugh lines around my mouth and my upper and lower lips.  The restylane injection was extremely painful (so painful that I would not do it again).  I could see results for a couple of days but can't see any improvement now.  I think... READ MORE

Better Than I Expected - Downey, CA

At 43 - I was starting to see a little too much of - not my mother ... but my GRANDMOTHER in me and decided I had to do something about it. 1st appt. with the Skin Dr. and did the Botox thing ... not only did that improve the wrinkles in my forehead - but also lifted my eyes. Since... READ MORE

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