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Goodbye Under Eye Bags

I have always had bags under my eyes since I was a kid. This tends to run in my family. I noticed as the years went on that they became more and more prominent. I became obsessed with getting rid of them.. I take very good care of my skin. I use sunscreen and all kinds of natural oils. I even... READ MORE

Restylane to Cure Tired Appearance, 34 Years - Wellesley, MA

Genetics, low body fat, diet and exercise have all taken a toll on my face. Over the past few years, concerned friends and relatives have been commenting on how tired I look...even when I get a full night's rest. I spent years perfecting my makeup skills, but concealer cannot fill a hollow. And... READ MORE

Decades of Wine and Late Nights Caught Up to Me - Pittsburgh, PA

I had dark circles and bags from a combination of genetics and trying to keep up with a much younger husband. I wanted a very natural change to avoid the office gossip & that is exactly what Dr. Fernau delivered! He contacted the night before I even scheduled my appointment to answer any... READ MORE

So Worth It! - Miami, FL

Finally a treatment that works for My genetic dark circles and very sunk in hollow under eye. Next time I think I'll do even more. I see a very obvious volume in my hollow that after swelling and bruising went away was what needed to be there to get rid of the sunk in hollow. The filler also... READ MORE

Great Results from Dr. Chiu! - Los Angeles, CA

I initially came Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for a consultation regarding my genetic eye bags. I was only 23 at the time, and nothing I did seemed to help - I got enough sleep, exercised, maintained a good diet, and drank lots of water. The stubborn eye bags were hereditary, and it was very... READ MORE

Restylane Helped with my Under Eye Bags! - Friendship Heights, DC

I finally got the courage to get one syringe of restylane placed under my eyes because I was sick of seeing bags in my pictures. I am sensitive to pain and hate needles but this surprisingly wasn't bad at all. I've always had bags under my eyes, as far back as I can remember. I thought they were... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eye Treatment. New Windsor, NY

Due to workload and genetics, I have suffered for years with dark circles and a deep sunk-in look for my eyes. Dr. Fugo recommended a Restylane treatment a couple of years ago, and since then I have been back a couple of times for more. It is amazing how a simple injection treatment can take... READ MORE

Genetic Hollows Under Eyes. Thanks Mom! - Seattle, WA

Dr. Stella has performed a few procedures for me, botox, fillers etc. I go a few places for a few different things but would only return to Dr. Stella for tricky procedures like filler under my eyes. This is a delicate area that can go horribly wrong if the injector is not skilled and my... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old Genetic Eyebags, Deep Tear Troughs - Ocean Springs, MS

I first had Restylane injected about 2-3 years ago with Dr. Hughes. She was my dermatologist before she formed her own practice, and has always been WONDERFUL. I plan to have a blepharoplasty ASAP, but can't afford it right now. I have hooded eyelids, under eye bags, deep tear troughs, and... READ MORE

Exceeded All of my Expectations! -Boston, MA

I have always wanted to do something about my under eye circles. It is genetic and I remember kids commenting when I was younger. It was always something that made me so self conscious. After looking through a bunch of horrible reviews that scared me to not want to get the procedure done, I came... READ MORE

Very Professional Informative, Gentle, Precise - Skokie, IL

I was tired of people telling me I look tired from my genetic under eye grooves, that was the only part of my face that was aging me, the restaylane Dr.Cohen put in was just the right amount to give such a natural youthful look! READ MORE

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