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Mini-lip Injections - Mission City, BC

Was always wanting some fuller lips. Thanks to my mama's genetics, I was born with cute little bird lips. I saw Dr. Campbell of Mission Skin and Laser in Mission, British Columbia. We went with a 1/2 syringe for my first time, so I wasn't overwhelmed LOL. Some very slight inconsistencies but... READ MORE

I Wanted Fuller Lips! - Westchester, NY

I have thin lips which i dont completely hate but arent fond of either. Again, i was very leery about have anything injected in my face or lips, but i wanted bigger lips. Dr. Gordon is very conservative, so i ended up convincing him that i needed more fillers in my lips. i wanted a fuller look.... READ MORE

Loving It !! - Chicago, IL

I been wanting to get fuller lips for a long time now so I search for Dr. Gregory Weiner (since I was already doing some research for bbl with him). Then scheduled a consultation and Eva was very nice over the phone she answered all my questions and we went ahead and schedule my procedure for... READ MORE

Results After One Week of Restylane in my Lips - Las Vegas, NV

I love the shape of my lips but they are thin. I was very affraid of the "duck" look some people get with fillers so I did a lot of research before I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I scheduled with Dr. Rueckl - got the appointment for the next day. He was very friendly and informative,... READ MORE

Emervel Lips (Restylane) - Fuller Lips Instantly! - Baulkham Hills, AU

Love, love, love my new and fuller lips! No bruising, minimal swelling – end result - over the moon happy. I've finally realised why I've hated having my photo taken…it was my smile, the way my lips made me appear a little mean and harsh. Since having the filler, I can’t stop smiling and havin... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 4 Boys, and Needed a Quick Fix

Ive had Restylane injections in my cheeks and around my mouth. I was told it could only last 3-6 months and maybe up to a year. I go once a year to have this done and love it. It makes my face fuller, and it helps me not look so tired all the time. I will continue to have this done. It makes me... READ MORE

Restylane Joy - Dearborn, MI

I saw Dr. Carron on May 23, 2016. I wanted my cheeks a little fuller and I hated my jowls. I was worried that he would say the only way to fix my jowls would be with surgery. But he did not. I received Restylane and could not be HAPPIER!! I love the way it looks now. NO more jowls! Cheeks... READ MORE

Fuller Lips. Houston, TX

Esta kronberg in Houston tx off of Beechnut is an AMZING doctor, being a nurse myself I'm pretty judge mental. She took her time and made sure I was comfortable. Also she is a minimalist which I like. I have small lips to begin with, we opted for restalyne, only a 1/2 a syringe. Loving the... READ MORE

Age 39, Wanted Fuller Cheeks and Lips - Madison, WI

The Restylane filler made my natural collagen kick in as well. The creases and wrinkles around my mouth are now filled in and my cheeks no longer have a hollow appearance. I also had the leftover filler from my cheeks added to the center of my bottom lip! I can't believe how much better I look.... READ MORE

Restylane Injected to Lips with Amazing Results!! - Saint Petersburg, FL

I saw Dr. Kass last week because I was curious about having filler in my lips. I wanted my lips to look fuller and natural. After my consultation with him we decided restylane was the best option for me. Mary, his very sweet office staff, put lidocaine on me to help numb me since this was my... READ MORE

Great Results. Still Look Like Me! - Gilbert, AZ

I had filler done by Dr. Bomer. First of all, the results were great. I did have swelling, but the doctor and coordinator went over that with me, so I was aware. The results. My brows were lifted, my frown gone! Believe me, that made a huge difference. My lips were fuller and perfect :-)! My... READ MORE

26 Years Old Full Face Restylane - Dubai, AE

I don't have any problem with my face but the skin doctor recommend me inject restylane for youthful look , she use only one injection for my whole face she said I don't need more, first day : I notice fuller face like Im just wake after long sleep second day : bruise , and when I touch my... READ MORE

Really Wanted Fuller Lips - Manchester, UK

I have always wanted fuller lips and when the girl opposite me had hers done it looked brilliant so I decided to be brave and have a lip filler consultation. I was very nervous as I am very delicate and also have very sensitive skin but after a good chat and looking through the list of FAQs I... READ MORE

Restylane Helps Makes Your Lips Fuller and Younger Looking

Fill-in lines around my mouth and help with appearance of my lips (fuller, younger) READ MORE

Restylane Gave Me Great Lips - Las Vegas, NV

My lips are now fuller and kissable. At least thats what my boyfriend says. I got restylane done a few months ago, since i had barely there lips. The procedure was simple, quick and easy. The doctor used an ice pack on my lips before the injection so i was pretty numb, still it did prick a... READ MORE

Loved the Results, Worth Every Penny, Was Numbed Before Procedure, No Pain at All

I have wanted fuller lips for a long time now, i'm 49 and lost my youthful looking lips.I finnaly got the courage and set up an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. I came on this site and read a lot of discouraging comments, which scared me but I had the procedure, and it was... READ MORE

I Can't Live Without my Restylane!

I have injections in my upper lip to make it fuller and poutier. It works great. Hurts like hell when they're doing it even with the numbing cream. But the effect is great. I also have a little injected at the corners of my mouth where there's a little sagging. One half cc plumps... READ MORE

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