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Restylane for Lips - San Antonio, TX

I had juvederm ultra plus about 7 weeks ago, but I only see very little difference. I already had a full lips to begin with, but I do want the Angelina Jolie lips look. Anyhow I decided to try the Restylane filler since they were having the monthly specials at Sonterra Med Spa. It took many... READ MORE

Yowch! Hurts but They Are Lookin Good So Far, Really Swollen

Started off with being asked what kind of look I wanted, what shape, how much I knew about restylane. She also asked if I wanted my philtrum injected at the same time. I have never read about the necessity of it and she pointed out where she'd had hers done and explained how it helps lessen the... READ MORE

Love the Look of my Restylane Lip Augmentation...except for the Bruises

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for a restylane injections to my lips. I have always hated my thin lips and never worn lipstick because I was far too self conscious to draw attention to them! I told the surgeon that I was very concerned about it being obvious that I'd had my lips... READ MORE

Results Far Exceeded Expectations, Experience Only Mildly Discomforting

My lips had always been small for my face, and seemed lacking in volume to boot. In researching how to fix this, the reviews on Restylane were polarized about how much it actually augmented, but promising enough for the cost/downtime that I tried it anyway. Boy I am I glad I did! I was expecting... READ MORE

Restylane, my First Choice

I had my first Restylane injection 2 years ago, and am still a devoted follower. I get my lips and nasal labial folds done once yearly, and not because I need it, but because the product does seem to last longer when it's "topped off" vs. waiting for it to be completely resorbed.... READ MORE

1cc Not Enough! Looked Great at First but Went to Regular Size

Looked great the first couple of days when slightly swollen. Perhaps because I was thinking of supermodel big lips I'm not satisfied. After a few days it felt like the size went down to my normal lip size. Okay, lips are a tiny bit fuller. I'm going to give it another try, I had 1cc so I'm... READ MORE

Dr. Ort is the BOMB!!!!!!!! Lone Tree, CO

I have been going to Dr. Ort for over 5 years. He is the most amazing dermatologist I have ever met. He truly is an artist when it comes to Botox and fillers. He makes sure you are comfortable and pain free during the procedure. He gives me a dental block so I do not feel any pain while he... READ MORE

Scary Dental Block Reaction Prior to Restylane (Third Time) - Massachusetts

I went to the same Doctor for the 3rd time (no prior problems) to have Restylane injected into my upper lip. I received a Dental Block (lidojust as I had before, but this time it was then injected the other side of my face, which was also way painful than usual, though not quite as bad as the... READ MORE

A Self Injector Here...

When I first decided to get Restylane injected into my top lips, I was so excited, I always wanted bigger, sexy lips! A plastic surgeon did it, it cost $600. She used the entire 1 ml syringe. After a week I noticed that one side of my lip was looking less and less full. I went back to her... READ MORE

Love Resty, but Didn't Last Long Enough in Lips! :(

I had very thin lips- especially my upper lip- and desired fuller lips, but really didn't want to end up with a "trout-pout"!I was having a breast augmentation revision done, so asked my surgeon to inject the restylane while I was under. He is great at his job and when I woke up the... READ MORE

Restylane in my Lip

Had juvederm and restylane injections. Had the undereye area corrected with enzyme injections, wondering if I should do the same for the lips? They are not full like they were when I was younger, rather I look like I have a gummy worm injected in my lower lip.Had the undereye area corrected... READ MORE

I LOVE Restylane (Laugh Lines, Lips, Under Eyes)

I have had restylane injections in my laugh lines, in my lips and also under my eyes and LOVE the results!! I will contiune getting the injections every 6 months. People have told me that I look very refreshed and 10 years younger. I love this product.Although I do recomend that you do research... READ MORE

Lip Drooping/Uneven Lip from Restylane

I had Restylane for the first time with a very conservative and trusted doctor under whose care I have been for several years. I had an initial and follow up restylane treatment to plump up my lips.After some minor swelling subsided, I did not have the desired increase in volume (we used it... READ MORE

Restalyne Injections Around Lips

I had Restylane injections around my lips yesterday (7-14-09) and am concerned about some bluish looking areas. They don't really look like bruises, but I hope they will go away.Do you have some insight into this weird problem, and what to do about it? Thank you in advance for your expertise in... READ MORE

Lip Bumps

I got restylane in my upper lip and it is really bumpy and uneven. There is also more in one side than the other. I am thinking about getting hyaluronidase particularly in the side that has more in order to even out the appearance but I am afraid that it will take a while to work and even longer... READ MORE

Lip Fix

It was very painful. I did it to smooth out my top lip. I cant really make to much judgment yet as its only been 24hrs.I had Restylane injected in my lips yesterday I have lots of swelling i was told the majority of this would reduce over night but it hasn't. What can I do? I'm becoming very... READ MORE

Finally Got Restylane

I wanted to fill out my upper lip a little, so i went with the half syringe of restylane. The dr. initially did not know if it was going to be enough for my upper lip, but it turned out there was still a tiny bit left over in that little half syringe after he was done with my upper lip. He did... READ MORE

I did it initially for my smile lines - Restylane - California, CA

I think this a great product for the lips only, and or small chicken pox scars. I did it initially for my smile lines which was a waste of money, because I just ended up looking like a chipmunk! READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of my laugh lines and plump up my lips a bit. - Restylane Injections - North Carolina

I wanted to get rid of my laugh lines and plump up my lips a bit.I really cannot tell I had anything done. I also have 2 bumps on my lips. It has been 5 weeks. He injected my lips from the outside. I wonder if it should it have been done from the inside. READ MORE

Bumps Under Lip

I had lipaugmentation, which did not budge the size of my lips. I got little lumps all underneath my lip, when asked the dermotoligist she said sometimes it does not work, she said the body can eat it up so to speak. i fin that hard to beleave and lumps are still there. Is that true, and also it... READ MORE

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