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Highly Recommend! - New York

I turned 30 this year and had been noticing that every time I looked in the mirror all I could see was my frown lines. I wanted to get rid of the droopy dog look, and freshen up my face and my confidence. READ MORE

25 Years Old, Botox (Restylane) all over forehead and on frown line - Dallas, TX

Complimentary Botox from my ps Dr. Liland from getting specific implants, but it usually cost $450 for syringe. Super excited to try out Botox, this is my first time getting it and it wasn't painful at all! I don't have any wrinkles on my forehead but obviously wanted to try it out and prevent... READ MORE

Completely Transformative Restylane Treatment from Dr. Rottman. Baltimore, MD

As a senior, over time my wrinkles and aging lines have become increasingly prominent. A friend told me of the Restylane product and Dr. Rottman & I decided on a consult. After a thorough discussion with the Doctor, I went ahead. Needless to say, I'm amazed by the results. My formerly ... READ MORE

Sunken Under Eyes - Sad Looking Face - One Very Unhappy Lady. Harrison, NY

I went to see Dr. James Gordon to discuss having a lower eye lift because i was so unhappy with the dark sunken pockets under my eyes which made my whole face look as if it was dropping. Dr. Gordon suggested Restylane & a bit of Botox instead, which was less invasive & less expensive than a... READ MORE

65 Years Old, Injectables - Newtown, PA

I have been seeing Dr. B for a few months. I have to say, in all honesty, that he KNOWS what he is doing as far as injections (restylane, botox, juvederm). I have had other Drs. inject me, but they never really got it like Dr. B. He reshaped my crooked lips, and injected me with botox &... READ MORE

Corrected Botched Fillers from Another Clinic - London, GB

I visited Sabrina because I needed to fix a problem from some botched juvederm injections at a different clinic a year previously. The filler had migrated and formed a large unsightly lump underneath my eye, and I wanted to try to fix this problem, as well as having filler injected properly. I... READ MORE

Lip Enhancement and Diminish Frown Lines, with Restylane Fillers. Toronto, ON

As I turned 60 yrs old, I noticed that my smile started to droop and give me a very sad look. I have always been known for my big smile, and friends began asking me if I was alright, as I was looking sad. Well, I went to see Dr. Ali, and in one visit, he eliminated my drooping smile and frown... READ MORE

Great Results. Still Look Like Me! - Gilbert, AZ

I had filler done by Dr. Bomer. First of all, the results were great. I did have swelling, but the doctor and coordinator went over that with me, so I was aware. The results. My brows were lifted, my frown gone! Believe me, that made a huge difference. My lips were fuller and perfect :-)! My... READ MORE

43 Year Old Not Wanting to Look Tired - New York

Dr. Parhiscar is great. I have been going to him twice a year for facial fillers (Botox and Restylane) for a few years now. I trust Dr. Parhiscar completely with my face. Knowing my preference for having a natural look, he only suggests what he believes would help give a positive and natural... READ MORE

35 Years Old. Correction of Marionette & Nasolabial Lines. Southampton, GB

I had been getting fed up with parts of my face which seem to now sag. As I work in entertainment, the pressure to look good is high. I'm about to take the plunge and have juvederm & restylane fillers injected in to my marionette & nasolabial lines. At the same time I will have Botox in my... READ MORE

Lumpy and the Surgeeon Did Not Address Areas Poperly - Santa Rosa, CA

I went in to specifically to address frown lines and tiny lines around my upper lip. Upper lip is better,though you have to get used to the small lumps under your skin, though not visible to any one else.The frown lines, no noticeable results.One side does not have any application and the... READ MORE

Incredibly Pleased with Results - Langhorne, PA

It has been 2 months since I had the Restylane and Botox treatments. I can't begin to say how happy I am with the results. I had Restylane injections (3 syringes) in wrinkle folds as well as a small amount of Botox in the area between my eyes for frown lines. I couldn't be more pleased with... READ MORE

Restalyne for Frown Lines Correction - Houston, TX

I had restalyne for frown lines correction. i had botox several months back but the wrinkles were too long standing to flatten the frown area. my doc told me we can use a filler and then i can get botox in a few weeks if i like the correction. the botox will make the filler last a lot longer she... READ MORE

No More Wrinkles! - Fairhope, AL

To improve my overall appearance. I had a permanent dent or furrow on my forehead between my eyes.  It looked like I was always frowning. I went to Dr. H and she suggested using a filler (Restylane) to get rid of the dent and also using Botox to prevent any other wrinkles from... READ MORE

My Experiences with Restylane

I've tried Restylane several times for various areas of my face: around the eyes, vertical frown lines from nostrils to lips, on my chin for ( ) lines. Each time the amount of down time far exceeded what the doctor said it would be. The first time, I thought it was because I did it combined... READ MORE

Love Restalyne!

I have had a series of Restalyne injections, the most recent was in early 2008. I am happy to report that the effects on me are quite long lasting. The wrinkles around my naso-labial (sp?) folds have stayed gone. (I have had 3 treatments to the area.) I also asked the doctor to treat my... READ MORE

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