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Stop Aging, Botox and Restylane - Colleyville, TX

I am a 45 year old women who didn't like the signs of aging. My face was losing a lot of fat and I had many wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. Once I went to Dr. Smith, I saw a much younger self! I had Botox injected on my forehead and around my eyes and had Restylane injected around my lips... READ MORE

37 Years Old with Fat Loss in Cheek Area, Thin Lips, Nasal Asymmetry - Chevy Chase, MD

Dr. Naderi is clearly a very skilled injector and did a fantastic job giving me the rounder cheeks and fuller lips I had been hoping for. My face looks amazing 1-week post-injection, and the results are subtle (which is what I wanted) but beautiful. He has a very gently touch -- even the lip... READ MORE

53 Year Old Physical Therapist and Runner - Houston, TX

As a physical therapist I thought I knew everything regarding the aging process on the body as well as the face....As a runner I had lost a lot of fat and plumpness around my eyes and cheeks. I was educated by Dr. Andrews that not only do we loose facial fat, skin elasticity and become wrinkled... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Filler, 34 Year Old Asian Female - New York, NY

I started losing volume in my eyelids around the time I began Latisse 5 years ago. I have since been informed that Latisse may induce localized fat loss and have stopped using it. I've had good experiences with injectables before and did not want to go through an invasive procedure to correct... READ MORE

Hollow Eyelids - New York, NY

As we age we loose fatty tissue especially around and above the Eyelid which make the brow bone more visible. most people dont even know you can fill it up with Restylane and think they need surgery but....stop...  Dr Yang has specialized himself in creating the fullness of your eyelids... READ MORE

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