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Don't recommend eye fillers from Dr. Sani I had a bad results

I had a bad experience with my eye fillers from Dr. Sani. It has been 3weeks and my under eyes are worse then when I can in to see him, I wish I would not have done them with him. I have had it before with another Doctor and it turned out great. I did like Dr. sani Botox so figured I would get... READ MORE

Delighted with Dr. Soni

I turned 50 in November and decided it was time to let go of vain ideals and just grow older naturally and with dignity. On December 1, I decided to change my mind and not do that. I've always had weak eyes that, as I get older, are constantly straining. I also don't sleep as well as I should;... READ MORE

Hollow Eyes....Restylane

I've had hollow eyes for about 10 years and always resented taking photos or found myself piling on tons of concealer to diminish the hollow appearance around my eyes. Lo and behold I found someone who is skilled in this procedure but can reassure that this won't be painful. I had a great... READ MORE

66 Yrs Old Needed Desport for Forehead Wrinkles Eyes and Resalyn for Cheek Bones Lift my Face. Renton, WA

To look younger give my face a lift minimal without surgery. Cons needles bruising Very pleased with results Dr Waterman is very good at what he does and the whole staff checked up on me was a good experience I will be back recommend If you have questions call the staff is more than helpful... READ MORE

Needed Restylane Under Eyes and Voluma in Temples Around Eyes for More Rested Look! - Naples, FL

Dr. Stanley Gulin is a talented doctor. He is the best of the best of Plastic Surgeons in Naples & Ft. Myers area. I look rested now since he injected Restylane and Voluma around my eyes and temple areas. He took the time to explain the procedures. I felt very confident in him!! I can't say... READ MORE

got restylane in my tear troughs and to fill bags

I had deep tear troughs, and humor around the top of my cheekbones from voluma which was done by another dr, I looked skeletal around my eyes in most lighting and couldn't stand looking in the mirror. I finally realized after ten months that the voluma wasn't going to settle and was tired of... READ MORE

Great Experience - Hallandale, FL

Dr. Murray was very professional. He explained my options and took his time explaining everything with details. I was very impressed with his experience. My eyes looked better than what I expected. It was my first time doing this procedure and Dr. Murray was very gentle. I never felt any pain.... READ MORE

Facial Rejunivation Needed (Sans Surgery) - Winston Salem, NC

Dr. Ghandi is a fellowship trained (ASOPRS) Oculoplastic surgeon at Duke Eye Center. He is meticulous in his work as well as communication skills. He injected restylane into my tear troughs and lips with very little pain, after numbing my eyes with a topical and my lips with dental blocks. ... READ MORE

Miracles Do Happen - Wellesley, MA

Dark, tear troughs are an inherited trait in my family. There were nearly complete circles around both my eyes and I was feeling old. I thought "that's it, I knew this day would come, old age has finally set in." I called a few places, they all said Resylane injections near the eye were... READ MORE

Restylane and Perlane - Vancouver, WA

I just recently had this done the first time 3 days ago. The only other filler i have had was Botox and that was 2 months ago. When i went in to the appointment, i was expecting what we had discussed at the consultation appointment, which was Juvederm in the lips and nasolabia lines and... READ MORE

The Worst Dr Ever, Laser & Cosmetic Center Clearwater Florida

I went in for botox, and got talked into getting injected under my eyes, I had No bags, just Hallow, I asked 100 questions and was hesitant , but after being assured it was safe and the Dr had done hundred of this injection under the eyes and never had a issue I finally agreed. After the... READ MORE

Not impressed

After years of considering having my tear troughs filled but being nervous to do so. I finally did it. I researched on techniques, watched videos, read outcomes from patients, and reviewed doctors. I've had Botox and dysport many times and prefer dysport. I have doctors inject it and nurses.... READ MORE

did filler cause me sinus issues

I have taken flights my whole life never had any issues. Recently i had been injected with restylane under my eyes/above my cheeks to get rid of the indent and always looking tired. I took 8 flights since I've been injected and have THE worst pain. I am scared to fly now. It's a stabbing pain... READ MORE

Beautiful Cheek Bones, Forehead, Eyes and Face! - Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a Westside medical spa with a great team and online presence. I had heard about Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center through a mutual friend and did some online research. I saw that Sydney had really great reviews and was highly recommended for anti-aging procedures. I wanted to... READ MORE

Awesome Results - Marina Del Rey, CA

I am 50 years old and had restylane injections around my eyes and to my cheeks to lift my face. This "liquid facelift " makes me look refreshed and holds at bay having to have eyelid surgery or a facelift for a while longer. I also had a little in the lips which is always fun. Pam, the PA... READ MORE

Restylane for Eye Hollowing... but I Did Have Some Side Effects - Charlotte, NC

I wanted to post about Restylane for eye hollowing. I had this injection done about 2 years or so ago. I went to a medical spa. Everything went fine. I had no swelling or horror stories the day of. However, after a few days or so I noticed that I had a purple looking shadow under my right eye. I... READ MORE

Finally Help with Botched Surgery Impacting Eyes and Too High Brows - Beverly Hills, CA

I am writing this in hopes that my experience can possibly help others who have had their brows lifted too high. I actually had a brow and cheek lift which left my face around my eyes, temples, cheeks and forehead looking much different in a negative way. I was sunken in and because the brows... READ MORE

62 Years Old I Worked out in the Sun for my Career - Miami, FL

I had the injections around my lips and eyes. I used to have lines all around my upper lips and around my eyes. When i wore lipstick the lipstick would run into my lines. it looked terrible. When I had my injections the disappearance of the lines lasted about nine months. I was so very happy... READ MORE

Beware - Orlando, FL

Had her put restylane in my tear troughs. Worst experience ever. I left with my eyes swollen half shut and covered in bruises and at least 10 needle marks under each eye. After the bruises and swelling finally went away I saw that I had the Tyndall effect. I had a consult with a very experienced... READ MORE

Sub-Q Restylane Injections - East Grinstead, GB

Due to a retracted left eye from Parry Romberg syndrome, I have had repeated yearly injections behind my eye to push it forward so it is set to the same level as my right eye, (left eye was 4mm further back) - aside from the physical appearance which I could more or less fix with make up, this... READ MORE

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