eye hollows + Restylane

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Look Great and Not Fake at 51 - Encinitas, CA

Looking tired and beat..wanted to fix that.. I am using fillers to hold off the aged look. I swore I would never do fillers because I felt that most people that used them looked freakish or unnatural. Well, I finally decided to give it a try and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Houston

Ok I finally did it! I have terrible bags under my eyes and wanted to try restylane to fill out the "rut" She reccomended a full syringe under each eye but i was hesitant and she said lets try half. So we did and I wish I would have gotten a full one but I can go back ( I bought 2... READ MORE

It´s been 3 hours and I think I look better - So Far So Good - Buenos Aires, Argentina

I´ve just came back from my dermatologyst office. It wasn´t painful at all. I had local anesthesia applied into my skin. (I fixed my nasogenian folds, and the circles under my eyes)  I´ve to say, I´m 32 years old, and I didn´t look that bad for start... READ MORE

26 Year Old Med Student Struggling

All I can say is Dr. Cash is amazing. I have had hollow eyes since I remember. I used to think it was from lack of eyes, but they never went away regardless of how much I slept. Dr. Cash was able to give me the natural look I was looking for. I absolutely love her. One of the most down to earth... READ MORE

Restylane - Saint Petersburg, FL

I visited Dr. Kass for my yearly followup/ injection of Restylane for my eye hollows & nasal labial folds. After a brief consultation I informed him that I wanted to have the corners of my mouth upturned so I did not look like I was frowning all the time. He injected both sides of the mouth,... READ MORE

"WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!!" Amazing results! Amazing doctor! -Glendale, CA

For starters I never write reveiws, but this procedure was a big deal to me. Growing up I've always had hollow eyes, but as I got older (mid 20s) they began to become so much worse. I couldn't smile because they would create two huge creases, not to mention the dark shadows and the fat pockets... READ MORE

Under Eye Hollowness - NYC

I had hollowing under one eye from I guess age. It progressively got worse so I decided to meet with Dr. Steinbrech to see if I needed surgery. Im only 30 do he recommended a liquid lift with a filler. He only injected 1 side where I needed the volume. Which I thought was interesting since it... READ MORE

Restylane Injections in Under Eye Hollows -Wellesley, MA

I have had restylane injections to correct under eye hollows once per year for the past two years. I would recommend this procedure for anyone that is unhappy with their under eye appearance but is not yet ready for a blepharoplasty. When researching a procedure such as this, I found it helpful... READ MORE

Hollow Eyelids - New York, NY

As we age we loose fatty tissue especially around and above the Eyelid which make the brow bone more visible. most people dont even know you can fill it up with Restylane and think they need surgery but....stop...  Dr Yang has specialized himself in creating the fullness of your eyelids... READ MORE

Restylane Injections Under Eyes Made my Overall Appearance Worse! - Fayetteville, GA

Pros: - Under eye circle was(slightly) lightened under my left eye. If my doctor had proceeded like I had wished him to, both eyes probably would have lightened. -Hollowed area under left eye looked fuller. Again, if my doctor had proceeded like I had wanted him to, the areas under both eyes... READ MORE

Restylane Done Under Eyes Worth It!

Had it done over a month ago under eyes. I'm 44 and I take after my father's side of the family with the extremely tired looking eyes. I called them my bags but hollows probably described as well. People asked me if I wasn't sleeping or if I was ill or had allergies all the time. Tried every... READ MORE

Restylane and Perlane Rock

I have had Restylane since it first came to the US in late 2003. Started with just my smile lines and upper lip. Over the past 4+ years, I have also had treatments with Restylane under my eyes and Perlane to make me some lovely cheekbones. I have to say, that the Restylane in my smile lines and... READ MORE

Restyelen Injections for Under Eye Troughs

A month ago, I had Restyelen injections under my eyes to fill the hollows. My dr performed the injections immediately after I had breast implants when I was still unconscious and laying down on the bed. After I awoke, I had severe swelling in both eyes, but especially my right eye. Within hours... READ MORE

Not Sure Yet If Restylane Was Worth My $500

My treatment was for a totally different matter but I can still be helpful to those who are thinking about getting this procedure done. I had a depressed area underneath my eye which appeared in june '07. I did my research for a little over one year before I opted for this treatment. I got it... READ MORE

Expensive, but I Would Do It Again

I am happy with the results of having Restylane done, even though it is a rather expensive option. My doctor injected painkiller, I guess "dental blocks" so I felt no pain at all other than the two initial injections of novocain, which were slightly unpleasant. I saw immediate results,... READ MORE

Had the eye hollows filled out 4 days ago. - Great Results - Montreal

Had the eye hollows filled out 4 days ago, I swelled a bit, but next day, no more swelling, but I have a bruise below left eye. Still not gone after 4 days, but lighter. The results are wonderful, my children say I look much younger, and I am extremely pleased with the results. MY eyes look... READ MORE

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