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Dr. Ort is the BOMB!!!!!!!! Lone Tree, CO

I have been going to Dr. Ort for over 5 years. He is the most amazing dermatologist I have ever met. He truly is an artist when it comes to Botox and fillers. He makes sure you are comfortable and pain free during the procedure. He gives me a dental block so I do not feel any pain while he... READ MORE

Dr Ramtin Kassir - Bad Experience - Manhattan, NY

Bad outcome, horrible service, overcharged me and had to credit me back after I called. They made my follow up appt in a different state which made no sense. Tried to charge me for the touch up which I was told was included in the original fee. They finally agreed not to charge me but it was a... READ MORE

Early 20's Restylane for Lips - Coral Gables, FL

Unfortunately i don't have a before picture because i kind of did this on a whim. My upper lip was bigger than my bottom lip. Since i have a long prominent jaw I felt that i would look better if my bottom lip was filled in. I was sooooo nervous, i've never had injections before. I was scared I... READ MORE

Would NOT Recommend for Lines Around Lips - Florida

Spent $3200 in Restylane in a year for lines around my lips. The Restylane only lasted 3 months so had to keep going back to the Dr to get more. This works out very expensive and is not guaranteed. I contacted the company and they do not guarantee Restylane for lips, they only... READ MORE

What They Don't Tell You...

Restylane was my anniversary gift! I was so excited and so was my husband. I found a reputable cosmetic doctor, highly far, so good. For whatever reason, the numbing shots did not work. I elected to go ahead anyway. Some of the shots were excruciating. But the results... READ MORE

Cost to Much Did Not Work - Milwaukee, WI

I recieved restylane i was so disappointed paid all that money and there was no change,some bumpes after they went down nothing. It was a waste. READ MORE

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