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duck lips + Restylane

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Restalyne for Dry, Cracked, Thin Lips - Melbourne, AU

So for most of my vain life I have constantly sought out improvement on my looks, however age had precluded me from ever acting on these tendencies by way of actual plastic surgery. I had researched for quite some time and decided to get my lips done. My lips were not thin, yet not... READ MORE

Sexy Asian Lips - New York, NY

I'm Asian, 20 years old. Inherited my mom's thin lips. Was searching for the right doctor to pump up my lips. Luckily I found Dr Gordon, he used Restylane on me. It looks very natural. Thank goodness. I don't want to look like Daisy Duck. I am more than happy with my results. Now I got my sister... READ MORE

Great Results, Some Lasting Effects - New York

I have been getting Restalyne injections for 'marionette lines' around my nose and mouth for about 3 years now, and the last time I went the doctor put a tiny bit in my upper lip to fill out some fine lines there. I abolutely LOVE the results. I go when they have a '2 for 1'... READ MORE

Restylane...Not Really What I Expected..

I got my first injection of Restylane 2 days ago...My doctor was very gentle with me and he gave me a dental block so I almost didn't feel anything..He injected me a complete syringe into the upper lip. I only felt a small pinch on the right side which was less frozen. When I got home...OMG !!... READ MORE


Please take note of how carefully your doctor examines all aspects of your face before injecting you. Mine didn't look at my smile, didn't look at my profile and didn't take into account the rest of my features. Rather, he just started injecting me willy nilly. The results are bad. My... READ MORE

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