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Undereye Hollows Filled with Restylane

2 syringes of Restylane under my eyes. Overall good experience and good Results, I should have done this years ago!! Because I was late and they still squeezed me in, the Nurse numbed me for shorter than was supposed to maybe 10 min, and it was still not very painful. it was only painful when... READ MORE

Delighted with Dr. Soni

I turned 50 in November and decided it was time to let go of vain ideals and just grow older naturally and with dignity. On December 1, I decided to change my mind and not do that. I've always had weak eyes that, as I get older, are constantly straining. I also don't sleep as well as I should;... READ MORE

Restylane Before and After (Tear Trough and Botox in Forehead) - Virginia Beach, VA

I got Restalyne in my Tear troughs and Botox done in my forehead , It was absolutely amazing. Everything was worth it. Down time was two weeks, I slept elevated for five days to reduce swelling . Went back for two week visit for additional .5 cc per trough . The procedure was very comfortable... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Tired Eyes. St. Petersburg, FL

I had 1 syringe of Restylane done for my under eye hallows. I am over the moon with the results, I finally look well rested! Dr. Kass performed the injection and took his time to listen to my areas of concern, his staff was so sweet and scheduling the appointment was a breeze. I got the... READ MORE

Expert in his field, wonderful office, wonderful staff

Dr Mabrie is an expert in his field, and it shows in his work! I received injections around my chin (to make it appear less receded) and he did an absolutely beautiful job. He has a great eye for a balanced face and can quickly (and mostly painlessly) reshape your face with minimum downtime.... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor

Dr.Gordon is a fantastic Doctor. He corrected my under eye hollows with Restylane within two visits. The first visit I was very nervous however he took his time and answered all of my questions. I left the office with no pain or bruising. Truly amazing results. My second visit he added a... READ MORE

These Trough and Mouth/lip Area Filler - Sarasota, FL

I recently had Restylane injected into my tear troughs, mouth corners, lip lines and upper lip. I had pretty deep hollows under my eyes and wanted a few of the lines around my mouth softened and the corners of my mouth lifted. Because I needed more than one vial, I opted to have a little... READ MORE

Fillers to Balance out my Face! Pepper Pike, OH

I decided to get some Restylane filler work done in my lips and the corners under my mouth, and although it's a subtle change I couldn't be happier with how much better I feel and look. It adds that perfect touch to balance out my features nicely! I intend to keep it up- very little downtime for... READ MORE

Tear Trough Treatment - London, GB

I consider myself a very pretty girl but unfortunately I have got deep eye hollows (no bags) under my eyes which makes me look tired and ugly especially when I am not wearing make up I went to see various doctors around Harley Street but I just wasn’t sure. I felt they were experienced n... READ MORE

Restylane Tear Trough - New York, NY

From time to time one has the privilege of having a medical provider of clearly superior caliber. I had that experience since 2015 when I became a patient of Dr. Judith Hellman MD. It is my pleasure to write this review of support on behalf of Dr. Judith Hellman MD and her staff members, who... READ MORE

Eye Filler - New York

I was extremely hesitant to get filler in my tear troughs, even though I am a physician and inject filler in my practice! I was familiar with Dr. Schwarcz's work so I decided to call on him for my first filler experience- and I am so happy I chose him! He was very conservative and created a... READ MORE

Can't Live Without! - Scottsdale, AZ

Restlyane has allowed me to put off more invasive procedures for the last few years. So lucky to be aging in a time when such products are available. If anyone is not happy with their injectables, I recommend switching providers. It is all about the talent of the injector. Minimal pain, almost... READ MORE

Very Pleased with Upper Eyelid Restylane Injection - Beverly Hills, CA

They don't tell you when you book the appointment that there's a good four days of downtime. The day after, I didn't step out of my place. The third day, I conducted business but two guys I know asked what happened to my left eye. Would do it again for sure, but will plan better for... READ MORE

Excellent Results with Restylane for Dark Circles

I have deep,dark circles under my eyes and have used undereye cover cream for more years than I'd like to count. One day, I realized the cover cream wasn't working. I would apply and reapply several times a day to no avail. Received Restylane injections under my eyes and was amazed!... READ MORE

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