depression + Restylane

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Bad Filler - Fairfax, VA

I can't speak to Dr. Bitar's surgical work. However, his Restylane injections have left me not only disappointed but facing an uncertain future of how to correct it. He first gave me an injection in tear trough area about a year ago; it went fine. A year later, I went back for a minor "touch... READ MORE

Filler Under Eyes Area and Cheek. Edison, NJ

I was looking for something to fill the hollow under my eyes and a little depression I had on my upper cheek. I had fillers done 9 days ago and still look worst than before. I believe my right side was more injected than left side , and the depression in my cheek is showing more than ever. I... READ MORE

One of the lovliest creatures I have ever met

Dr. Pastorek is the kindest, most thoughtful, most ethical, and most compassionate doctor of any kind that I have ever seen (ever). He is a true artist and a real gentleman. I finally found him after undergoing two previous and sub-optimal rhinoplasties, the first with a surgeon in NJ and the... READ MORE

Hollowness under eyes

Excellent and thorough consultation, by looking together at the screen and analyzing 3D pictures, Dr Soni explained how to fix depression under eyes. He applied Restylane under eyes and jowls, didn't feel a thing, and I love the results. Already got my appt. to start Picosure treatment to treat... READ MORE

63 Yr Old with Smile Line Depressions - Paramus, NJ

Dr Baxt is very thorough and explains all procedures being performed. She answered my numerous questions before, during and after the procedure. Dr Baxt made me feel comfortable and didn't rush me out of the office! The staff are professional and welcoming. I love that everyone is educated on... READ MORE

Pitted acne scaring

I have deep scaring on my checks from years of acne. It makes my face look uneven and tired. My acne is now gone and so my dermatologist wanted to inject me with Restylane to help pump up the depressions. I read some reviews online that suggested icing the area for 20 or so minutes before going... READ MORE

40 Ish Male Tear Trough Treatment -London

I was concerend with depressions around the bottom of my eyes which made me look tired. I had tried various creams and they didn't work. i was introduced to Costas who carefully loked at the areas and recommended a course of treatment. It worked very well. The treatment itself is not worse then... READ MORE

Restylane Reabsorbs Too Quickly for Genetic Cheek Depressions

I've been getting Restylane injected since I was 25 years of age (now 32) around the mouth and in my upper cheeks to fill symmetrical genetic cheek depressions.I know its longevity depends on many factors, but I feel different doc injection techniques are the reason behind the same treatment... READ MORE

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