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Definitely a Self Esteem Changer - Sacramento, CA

I'm sure I've spent thousands of dollars on eye creams over the years, always hoping the next one would be the one to finally get rid of the bags under my eyes. Obviously they never did--how can any eye cream correct deep hollows and genetic dark circles? Once I accepted the truth, I found out... READ MORE

WOW - I look and feel years younger!!

I am in my upper 40's and for years I have been fighting the aging process. I have tried almost every cream, serum, and gadget that is out there. Believe me when I say nothing really works like it says. But then I meet Dr. Godin. Dr. Godin was wonderful. We discussed my wants and needs for... READ MORE

Amazing Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Phan is an extremely caring and compassionate surgeon. I went in to his practice for a consult for my deep-set forehead lines and other fine wrinkles on my face. I had previously had Botox on multiple occasions from other plastic surgeons. I was never really happy with the results Botox... READ MORE

Wrong Choice

1) Aloof, didn't even bother to say Hi or even ask my name nor introduce himself. 2) No communication during procedure, no warning of pain or discomfort and actually went too deep with the needle and only apologize/realize after I squeal 3) Couldn't care less, just walked off after procedure... READ MORE

My Deep Forehead Wrinkles!

I did not realise the ageing effects of my life in the sun until I hit my late 40's. Suddenly, my face was so weathered and lined. My forehead wrinkles were so deep the actually became like 'rolls' between each one. A friend offered me a free consultation with Skintech (Dandenong, Australia),... READ MORE

Excellent! - Boston, MA

Chronically deep, stubborn eye bags. Cost below includes eye area and botox in forehead. Prices vary depending on combination of treatments you get. READ MORE

Acne Scars - So Far So Good

I have had several types of lasor treatments performed to help acne scars (Fraxel, NLight, Microderm) and nothing has really helped the deeper flat scars.My Dr. suggested fillers and so I purchased a .5 CC vial of Restylane an READ MORE

Restylane for Uneven Lips & Very Deep Creases Under my Eyes

Immediate results-i guess, I mean u definitely see the swelling ha!I have uneven lips and very deep creases under my eyes and I'm only 21. No concealer can cover it. I've had it since I was 12 or 13.What can I do???? I've tried massaging and putting ice. READ MORE

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