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Looking Good - Dallas, TX

Dr Dave did lip and crease filler. I look and feel much better. Cant wait to do more. I plan to get botox next time. One day i will do a total facelift. I had such a great experience with Dr Seiber i plan to fly to San Fransico to his new practice to have more work done. Thank you Dr Dave ... READ MORE

36 Years Old Restylane Lip Injections. Dallas, TX

I recently got Restylane lip injections. I had it done before and loved the results. I have nice shaped full lips. I just wanted to have my creases filled because I use to smoke cigarettes. I look like a completely different person. Plus, I have a bump in the middle of both the top and bottom... READ MORE

FANTASTIC Results with Restylane, Injected by the BEST PS in NYC - New York

I have been getting filler (Juvederm) injected for many years, with varying results, that is until I started going to Dr. Ryan Neinstein about 2 years ago. I have to say I have never looked better! I had Restylane injected to my cheeks yesterday, Dr N injects my cheeks in such a way that it not... READ MORE

72 Year Old Mother, Grandmother and Sales Professional - Laguna Niguel, CA

This was my second visit to Dr. Lorrie. This time she injected Restylane in the creases under my eyes to get rid of the hollowness and soften the lines. The needles were super tiny and the procedure was quick. After doing one eye, I could see the difference from the other. There were tiny... READ MORE

Facial Filler of Creases on the Lower Part of my Face - New Albany, IN

I was very pleased with the result. The doctor filled in creases with filler around my mouth and nose, It gave similar results as if I would have gotten a face lift but with a lot less cost and pain! I loved the results! There was very little discomfort when getting the injections of the... READ MORE

Face Needing a Little Refresher - Overland Park, KS

At 49, I was feeling like my face was melting! I needed something, but did not want anything drastic. I chose fillers to literally lift my cheeks and fill some creases along the sides of my nose and around my mouth. I also filled my lips just a bit. Never wanting to look fake or overdone, but... READ MORE

53 Year-old Male with Deep Creases in His Nasolabial Folds. - East Syracuse, NY

I had some deep creases in my nasolabial folds. Dr. Kim, who I have never been to before, used dermal filler called Restylane to plump up the creases. As far as con, there were none. The pros however are no more deep creases which took 7 to 10 years off my face. I would go back to Dr. Kim for... READ MORE

Age 39, Wanted Fuller Cheeks and Lips - Madison, WI

The Restylane filler made my natural collagen kick in as well. The creases and wrinkles around my mouth are now filled in and my cheeks no longer have a hollow appearance. I also had the leftover filler from my cheeks added to the center of my bottom lip! I can't believe how much better I look.... READ MORE

"WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!!" Amazing results! Amazing doctor! -Glendale, CA

For starters I never write reveiws, but this procedure was a big deal to me. Growing up I've always had hollow eyes, but as I got older (mid 20s) they began to become so much worse. I couldn't smile because they would create two huge creases, not to mention the dark shadows and the fat pockets... READ MORE

65 Years Old and Glowing! - Dearborn, MI

Dr. Michael Carron filled the creased areas between nose and chin and also jowl area. When I went to work on Monday my co-workers said, "you are glowing", you look great. They were very impressed with the results. It is amazing how the fillers took away my laugh line creases and look so... READ MORE

Awful Nasolabial Folds Made Me Look Angry - New York

Saw Dr. Yagoda because was at a party and a friend looked naturally refreshed and younger. I asked her what she did and she told me she saw Dr. Yagoda. I couldn't believe it because it was sooo natural. Nothing was overdone or overplumped. You couldn't see those white shadows at all! So, I... READ MORE

Upper Eye Lid Filler-Restylane - New York, NY

For the past several years, I have noticed that my eyelids were not symmetrical and were looking more tired and "aged". After seeing several co-workers undergo upper eyelid skin removal surgery and after viewing the before/after photos of numerous plastic surgeons, I become very concerned about... READ MORE

Outstanding! - San Diego, CA

Filler used for "tired eyes" and minimal botox for creases. I would recommend the procedure to those who'd like to release tension creasing around eyes and frown lines. READ MORE

Don't Panic the Swelling Will Go Down

I received 4 syringes. I had the crease near my forehead between my eyes and creases around my mouth and my cheek bones done. Everything was fine until day 2 and 3 when my face swelled up so bad (I thought OMG what have I done). I couldn't go out anywhere. However, on day 3 I left for... READ MORE

Nervous About Results

Experience fine, results are pending, had a dental block with is sore now but wasn't too bad. I did not expect the swelling I have. I have a little bruising but that doesn't bother me, but the swelling is bad.I had restylane in my nasal labial folds and a little in my chin crease this morning... READ MORE

Restylane for Uneven Lips & Very Deep Creases Under my Eyes

Immediate results-i guess, I mean u definitely see the swelling ha!I have uneven lips and very deep creases under my eyes and I'm only 21. No concealer can cover it. I've had it since I was 12 or 13.What can I do???? I've tried massaging and putting ice. READ MORE

I LOVE Restylane (Laugh Lines, Lips, Under Eyes)

I have had restylane injections in my laugh lines, in my lips and also under my eyes and LOVE the results!! I will contiune getting the injections every 6 months. People have told me that I look very refreshed and 10 years younger. I love this product.Although I do recomend that you do research... READ MORE

Restylane Lumps in Creases Above Eyebrows - What Went Wrong? What Can I Do?

To fill in creases that were showing above my eyebrows. Procedure performed 3 weeks ago. I now have noticable lumps in my forehead. Massaging the lumps doesn't help it just moves them around. They are very contoured and noticable from all angels. The most disappointing thing is, it didn't... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eye Hollows and Wrinkles

I have big eyes with hollow,darkness,wrinkles under thm. i tried botox but it was really bad coz i cldnt smile well plus it didn't remove wrinkles at all! so other doctor advised me to inject fat under my eyes to get rid of the hollow but i preferred to try restylane.before thought it s a safe... READ MORE

I Look Worse

I had much more wrinkles and indentations under my eyes than I should for my age. The injections did plump the areas, but now I just have giant bags under my eyes. (like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz). READ MORE

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