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Trying to Prevent and Maintain, Instead Disaster Happened... - Bethesda, MD

While I am sure the surgical team is amazing (I have sent two friends to Dr. Jabs and he did a great job), I had the absolute worst experience with their nurse and injectables. I was originally added to their mailing list because I was interested in the doctors, so day by day I kept getting... READ MORE

22 Y.o. Restylane Under Eyes for Bags/dark Circles

I've dealt with dark circles and bags under my eyes for my entire life. No amount of concealer or highlighter could correct the shadows under my eyes from the bags, and they were my biggest insecurity. I do not have any hollowness (like many who try fillers under the eyes do). After trying tons... READ MORE

42 Yr Old First Under Eye Filler Treatment with Restylane by April Harrison at Suzanne Bruce & Assoc. - Katy, TX

This was my first undereye filler treatment ever. I had been through a couple stressful years including a divorce, death of a close friend and co-worker, and a dear pet in addition to almost losing my job, having to sell my home and the trials of dating in mid-life. I have always had dark... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler with Raman Malhotra Were Amazing! London, GB

I had tear trough fillers with Mr Malhotra before my wedding in 2008, the results were amazing & lasted 2 years before it really needed a 2nd treatment. It was painless & I had very little bruising, other than the normal slight swelling for a day or so. However I decided to a recommended... READ MORE

Beware Who You Choose... Even Plastic Surgeons Mess Things Up - New Zealand, NZ

I decided to get filler for tear trough/mid face. I did ALOT of research, ive had botox done for about 5 years, never an issue, but when I finally decided to look into filler, I carefully looked at my options and chose someone who I thought would be more experienced (as hes a certified plastic... READ MORE

Restylane for Upper Eyelids Hollowness Doc Recommendation in LA. Los Angeles, CA

Hello! As I'm getting older, I notice more hollowness around my eye sockets. I'm looking into getting restylane injection done to my upper eyelids to address the hollowness. Could someone who had this done recommend a good doctor in LA? I also want to know how long the result could last in... READ MORE

20 Years Old. Loss of Volume in Cheeks. Matawan, NJ

Always have been insecure about the loss of volume in my cheeks. They look amazing now!! I'm so happy with my purchase. Normally a full vine is around $800 and they have specials constantly so I got it for $390. It's great for young people like me who don't have thousands to throw around but... READ MORE

Almost 42 and Looking Like Myself Again - Saint Louis, MO

Freaking awesome! I went in for tear trough filler because I felt like I looked old and haggard and constantly exhausted. I could cover it halfway decently with makeup - but I felt like it aged me a lot. I thought it was going to be $625 ish, but that would be for just one syringe, which I... READ MORE

Dr Ramtin Kassir - Bad Experience - Manhattan, NY

Bad outcome, horrible service, overcharged me and had to credit me back after I called. They made my follow up appt in a different state which made no sense. Tried to charge me for the touch up which I was told was included in the original fee. They finally agreed not to charge me but it was a... READ MORE

I Am a 47 Year Old Professional Who Needed a Little Help with Gravity. Denver, CO

Dr. Picerno has the ability to know exactly what you need, I had a face lift years ago and see her once a year for maintenance. The staff at Faces First are friendly and professional. I was told I look rested. Instead of .... Did you get something done? I use many of their facial products... READ MORE

Sunken Under Eyes - Sad Looking Face - One Very Unhappy Lady. Harrison, NY

I went to see Dr. James Gordon to discuss having a lower eye lift because i was so unhappy with the dark sunken pockets under my eyes which made my whole face look as if it was dropping. Dr. Gordon suggested Restylane & a bit of Botox instead, which was less invasive & less expensive than a... READ MORE

59 W/a Daughters Wedding. Mechanicsburg, PA

I was hoping to look much younger for my daughter's wedding . I have laugh lines , a sagging chin and wrinkles under my eyes. I am age 59 . Restylane was a complete disappointment . $2400 in debt. I don't look any different than what I did before. Pretty bad when not even your husband... READ MORE

By Age 51, I Became Discouraged with the Lines in my Face. Lakeland, FL

I made an appointment with Dr. Patel to see what my options were. He recommended fillers. I was skeptical about a filler being sufficient as opposed to a mini face lift. I had the procedure with the fillers and I am quite pleased with the results. The procedure was very tolerable. Very minimal... READ MORE

Restylane In Tear Troughs. Plano, TX

After a disappointing tear trough filler experience three weeks earlier by another doctor (a board certified Cosmetic Dermatologist), I decided to bite the bullet, take a half day off work and drive the hour + each way to see Dr. Ho. I got in on a "new patient special" so my Restylane was $425... READ MORE

Aging Gracefully with a Little Help

Judy Sander at AesthetiCare Medspa is awesome. She listens to what you want and you get exactly that! Nothing dramatic for me, just a little help that makes people say you look great, but they don't suspect you got some help. She has also done some peels for sensitive skin for me. I would... READ MORE

Restylane to Upper Eyelid/brow Area and Scar Laser Treatment. Coral Gables, FL

I LOVE Dr. Martin! He's injected fillers around my eyes as well as laser-treated a pre-existing scar on my upper eyelid. I am so glad that I found him because he's given me the results that I had been looking for but thought would never be able to get (I consulted with plenty of other surgeons... READ MORE

Do Not Go to This Doctor

I went to this Doctor for Fraxel, and he and his assistant said I really needed fillers so I spent $1500 (more than the $450 I originally signed up for). Long story short, he put fillers under my eyes that made my eyes puff up and after a few weeks, I went back to get it fixed. He then took too... READ MORE

49 Yrs Old, Nike "Swoop" Aka Lower Lid Undereye Line, Considering Restalyn Filler or Fractional Laser Resurfacing. Stratham, NH

I've been to two doctors: one said I didn't need anything done under the eyes but that I had fine lines at the edge of my eyes and under them which was ellumine fractional laser treatment at the tune of a surprising and "this price is too good to be true" rate of $250.00. I'm suspicious of the... READ MORE

Top In His Field - Beverly Hills, CA

I started to get very noticable hollowness under my eyes at 23, which lead to dark circles. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking that I was way too young for this. It made me look tired, old and unattractive. At 27, I decided I wanted to try something...anything! After extensive... READ MORE

Dermal Filler for Tear Trough - Boston, MA

Overall I had a great outcome and would recommend for this non invasive procedure. I was hesitant at first because of the possibility of 2 weeks of bruising and swelling. However, I was one of the fortunate ones that did not get any bruising and had just the slightest swelling that no one... READ MORE

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