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Tear Trough Filler to Remove Under Eye Bags with Restylane - Munster, IN

I am sooooo happy i did this treatment!!! I hated the puffy bags under my eyes always making me look old and tired. I had restylane injected into the tear trough to fill in the line that made my eyes look saggy. The procedure was quick and painless!!! The doctor (who was wonderful!) did a... READ MORE

37years Old, Weight Loss, Melted Face!

I havent had the procedure yet but I have a consultation on 10th June with a plastic surgeon for fillers. I can't really afford all what I want filled at the same time so I am starting with the tear troughs which is my main concern, then a month or 2 after would like the nasabial folds corrected... READ MORE

Raman Malhotra 1 Year Follow Up EYE FILLERS - Very Pleased!!!! ***************

In November 2014 I became ill with pernicious anemia causing me to loose a lot of weight, and so I gained dark lines under my eyes. My looks have changed a lot since having the illness, so I have lost a lot of confidence and been very unhappy with how I look. I now appear much older and always... READ MORE

Great Consult. Westchester, NY

Dr. Gordon is personable and knowledgable. I went in for the consult for restalyne injections in the tear trough area. I had many doubts and concerns, which have all dissipated after speaking with him. Originally I was unsure if I wanted to do the procedure, but after the consult I went ahead... READ MORE

Compassionate, Understanding, and Precise

I've seen Dr. Shah over the past two years for a variety of services and I've never been disappointed. I first scheduled two sets of laser hair removal and I was impressed by both the level of compassion and expertise demonstrated by his staff. I later started restylane injections and have... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mother of 5 Tired of Looking Tired - Voorhees, NJ

I have always had hereditary bags under my eyes that have only gotten worse with age. I had tried lots of creams that did nothing but lighten my wallet! My dermatologist suggested tear trough filler. I wanted someone who specialized in eyes, which is what lead me to Dr. Marc Cohen. I scheduled a... READ MORE

Loving It !! - Chicago, IL

I been wanting to get fuller lips for a long time now so I search for Dr. Gregory Weiner (since I was already doing some research for bbl with him). Then scheduled a consultation and Eva was very nice over the phone she answered all my questions and we went ahead and schedule my procedure for... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Restylane for Tear Trough Deformity BEST DECISION EVER!

Hi all, I was born with deep tear troughs (hereditary on my mom's side). People have been asking me if I'm tired my entire life, and I've always been really self conscious about it. Finally I've decided to do something about it. I think the "tired" look is a result of the hollowness under my... READ MORE

Fillers and Rhinoplasty Consultation - Glendale, CA

I went to Dr.Grygoriants for a rhinoplasty consultation. He is amazing! He was incredibly honest and he addressed all of my concerns. He confirmed everything I thought was wrong with my nose. I also decided to get some fillers under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. I love my results! If he... READ MORE

Restylane Shots and Dr. Yang Were the Answer to my Prayers! - New York, NY

I visited Dr. Yang's in the hopes of getting consultation for buccal fat removal. Most surgeons do not show much of their personality or have a lack thereof during consultations. Dr. Yang explained to me that I have a very youthful face and with time after buccal fat removal that I would have a... READ MORE

57 Year Old I Had Blepharoplasty~eyelid Surgury & Fillers , Botox - Fort Myers, FL

3 people I know had gone to Dr. Garramone and was very happy with the results being from NY I didn't think I would find a Dr. down here I made apt for free consult and within a week decided to get the surgery done I can not say enough about Dr. Garramone such a wonderful caring Dr. No wait time... READ MORE

Amazing Results Under my Eyes

For the past few years I noticed I looked perpetually tired ALL the time. My under eyes seemed hollow and always had circles. I decided to look into options available for me and I booked an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Janjua. He was super informative and told me my options. I've had... READ MORE


If you want a doctor who is credentialed, experienced and has excellent interpersonal skills, then Dr. Amadi is the right person. I debated undereye fillers (Restylane) for over a year, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to finally give them a go after searching through many, many c... READ MORE

great experience same great results

Saw Dr. Nadimi for botox and restylane. Dr. Nadimi went through a thorough explanation prior injecting, didn't rush her consult, and results are great. During the consult talking of another treatment (PRP on scalp) she even recommended to wait, and she explained why, which it can be looked as... READ MORE

First class experience

I fully recommend Sabrina and her team at Perfect Eyes Ltd after the fantastic job she did of my under eye bags. When I met with her for the initial consultation, she did not over promise on what she could deliver and was very honest and helpful. She was so honest and careful about pacing my... READ MORE

I comfortably give Dr. Rubinstein my full recommendation.

On June 1st, I finally had a treatment with Restylane. I have wanted to try the injectable for a while, and have done research on the results, so I made the leap. Dr. Rubinstein has a fabulous online reputation and I knew that his office was the right place for me. I have seen other surgeons for... READ MORE

Under eye bag fillers

I had a really great experience with Dr. Kotlus from the consultation to the actual procedure. I had restylne fillers under my eyes. I felt like i had really bad eye bags more so on the right and then left and he thought i would do great with Restylne. I went in for the consulation first bc ive... READ MORE

Beware Who You Choose... Even Plastic Surgeons Mess Things Up - New Zealand, NZ

I decided to get filler for tear trough/mid face. I did ALOT of research, ive had botox done for about 5 years, never an issue, but when I finally decided to look into filler, I carefully looked at my options and chose someone who I thought would be more experienced (as hes a certified plastic... READ MORE

Fantastic Results - Facial Fillers For Reconstruction

I have facial scarring due to car accident and while I've tried to pretend they really do bother me. I got up the courage to have a consultation with Dr. Cohen and I'm so happy that I did. He explained to me that the adhesions were "webbing" and that the use of facial fillers would give more... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation--Just What I Wanted!

I decided to go to Dr. Kass to receive Restylane in my lips. More than anything I wanted to go to a doctor who did the injections himself, rather than using an esthetician or nurse. Two of my friends go to him, and they are always very happy with their results. I was able to get in a few weeks... READ MORE

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