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Restylane in Lips - Rhode Island

I had it injected twice in a year over 5 years ago. I had a rare reaction where collagen continued to rebuild in the are and thus have never needed it again. READ MORE

30 Y/o with Collagen Loss - Love It, Why Did I Wait So Long?

I am a 31yr old female with loss of collagen by the side if my mouth and I have a nasal labial folds. I have been hesitating getting restylane for sometime mainly b/c I was afraid that I would have horrible bruising or swelling. Well I am now one day post treatment after having one syringe... READ MORE

Do not get Restylane or fillers here if you are not MADE OF MONEY

Chelsea Eye & Cosmetics is a complete rip off if you don't live and make a Manhattan salary. I went there for help with my skin. I was recommended fillers instead. The fillers did almost next to nothing, the Restylane effects lasted maybe a few days. They followed up and I told them I was... READ MORE

Restaylne Injections for Fuller Lips. McLean, VA

I have the traditionally thin Northern European lip. I started getting collagen and then Restylne. I go to Dr. Maggasy because I love the way I look after. Dr. Magassy is very gentle and caring. He also gives me a dental block, which a lot of facilities will not do for injections. I have... READ MORE

Restalyne Under the Eyes, and Botox As Well - Beverly Hills, CA

A couple years ago, I had restalyne done by a top eye surgeon who had done waay too much and I hated it.(made my under eyes puffy) After finally having it removed with enzyme- I was miserable with the way my under eyes looked -(don't listen to any plastic surgeon when they tell you that the... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - San Jose, CA

I was unhappy with the dark circles and sagging skin under my eyes. My doctor recommended trying Restylane to fill the hollows. He states that loss of collagen is the reason for the sagging skin. He is a very skilled injector. He only used a small amount and I am due back in the office in 4... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility (Type III) - Lexington, KY

I am a 31 year-old woman with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type III, a connective tissue disorder caused by a genetic collagen defect. I developed deep, severe hollows under my eyes after rapid, extreme weight loss due to illness. (I lost 35% of my body weight,60lbs, becoming severely... READ MORE

Love Restylane, Botox

I have been getting restylane, Collagen (before Restylane came out), and botox injectables for almost 10 years now. Skilled MDs need to perform the injection for it to work well obviously, but I have had great luck with a few different doctors as the ones that I trust. Do your research, and... READ MORE


I had several injections of collagen - after 2-3 months - they were gone. I had restalyne 3 x in my lips and nasb.. folds - anyway - it has been 3 years since my last injection of anything - I still have no "clown" lines and my lips are still very much full -- I recently read that... READ MORE

Loved the Results, Didn't Mind the Experience

Started on restylane first time do eradicate a nasolabial line/pull left by Bell's Palsy. normal at last. had several needles, mainly on affected side, then a few on the other just to be completely even. aLSO can help with sagging and start of jowl. I honestly didn't mind the injections, they're... READ MORE

Restylane - $1,000 for Less Than a Month of Results? No Thanks!

Restylane was a waste of money I didn’t have to waste. It lasted about 3 weeks and then was gone completely. I had tried it a few months before and that lasted a total of a month and a half – a lot less than they say it will last (minimum 3 months). I had Restylane in my lips and the hol... READ MORE

Disappointed with the Results

After contemplating collagen versus Restylane, my doctor recommended Restylane as it is safer. I was so looking forward to having the wrinkles/creases down my chin area to be gone. Well, I don't see any difference.....other than several very visible bumps under the skin and both sides of my... READ MORE

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