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Full Face of Fillers

I came to dr Andrews after seeing MANY surgeons throughout Houston and some out of town. I was looking for someone I could trust to do my fillers long term. Many professionals left me bruised, uneven, or just didn't give me the look I really wanted. I came to see dr Andrews with a very open mind... READ MORE

23 Yrs Old, Tear Trough Fillers+ Lip Augmentation W/Juvederm - Portland, OR

I always over draw my lips, and have always had very hollow eyes. My cheekbones are high, so the discrepancy between my cheekbone and under eye area was even more exaggerated. I had half a syringe of Restalyne injected into my tear troughs (1/4 syringe under each eye) and a full syringe injected... READ MORE

66 Yrs Old Needed Desport for Forehead Wrinkles Eyes and Resalyn for Cheek Bones Lift my Face. Renton, WA

To look younger give my face a lift minimal without surgery. Cons needles bruising Very pleased with results Dr Waterman is very good at what he does and the whole staff checked up on me was a good experience I will be back recommend If you have questions call the staff is more than helpful... READ MORE

got restylane in my tear troughs and to fill bags

I had deep tear troughs, and humor around the top of my cheekbones from voluma which was done by another dr, I looked skeletal around my eyes in most lighting and couldn't stand looking in the mirror. I finally realized after ten months that the voluma wasn't going to settle and was tired of... READ MORE

I Cannot Get over How Bad This Looks-- Even After a "Correction" - Washington, DC

I have always had dark circles under my eyes leading people to ask me if I wasn't feeling well or if I was tired. About a year ago I finally decided to give the Restylane injections a try to smooth out the under eye hollows. The first injection lead to a lot of bruising which eventually cleared... READ MORE

No More Under Eye Dark Circles - Voorhees, NJ

I had dark circles under my eyes that were making me look tired. I'd had filler done twice in the past by another doctor. The first time it was one vial for each eye which left the area so puffy it felt like I was looking over my cheekbones to see anything. The second time, a year later, it was... READ MORE

50 Years Old/undereye Hollows, Cheekbones, a Few Lines/some Botox - Atlanta, GA

I went to my dermatologist for filler to give myself a refresher. She injected Restylane under my eyes and on my high cheekbones. I saw my facial skin pull up higher and look firmer. I looked much younger. She did some small injections of a few lines around my mouth. I had this done twice. ... READ MORE

Beautiful Cheek Bones, Forehead, Eyes and Face! - Los Angeles, CA

I was looking for a Westside medical spa with a great team and online presence. I had heard about Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center through a mutual friend and did some online research. I saw that Sydney had really great reviews and was highly recommended for anti-aging procedures. I wanted to... READ MORE

Amazing at Subtle, Natural Results with Fillers! New York, NY

Dr. Zimm used fillers to stimulate a chin implant, fix my under eye bags and give me the cheek bones I always wanted (which simultaneously helped eradicate what I perceived as age related laugh lines on my face). He is so thorough, detail oriented and precise - what you want and need if someone... READ MORE

chin and under eye cheek bone filler - Westlake Village, CA

I wanted to improve my profile my bone structure is more recited than i would like, I chose Dr. Tansavatdi because I had botox done prior to this procedure and was very comfortable, confident and trusted her with my face essentially. Dr Tansavatdi's staff could not have been sweeter to me they... READ MORE

Filler in Lips & Cheekbone Area - Beverly Hills, CA

Sheila was very friendly, down-to-earth, and knowledgable. She spent a lot of time with me and I never felt rushed. She definitely has an artist's eye and knows what procedures / target areas will best enhance your natural beauty within a given budget. My results turned out great. Highly... READ MORE

Horrible Experience with Fillers. - Clear Lake, TX

Bumps almost everywhere fillers were injected and it's been well over one month. Bumps have been consistently appearing over time. Eye troughs look no differently than before fillers except my cheekbones are lined with bumps. Went in a week after injections because I had three bumps on my... READ MORE

First Time Restylane User and Now I'm Addicted!! - New Orleans, LA

I've always hated the bags under my eyes. I've tried almost every cream out there and nothing ever worked. I came to Dr Velargo and Dr Hendrick because they were so high recommended and their results were so natural. They injected my tear troughs and enhanced my cheekbones and lips. It looks so... READ MORE

Dr. Kojian Was Amazing! - Aptos, CA

I have been wanting to do something about my eyes for quite a while and finally I found out that creams were not working for me. Finally I set up a consultation at a local medical spa in Aptos called Laser Hair and Skin Solutions with Karen. She sent my picture to the doctor and he agreed that... READ MORE

Filler for my Cheekbones and Under Eyes - Beverly Hills, CA

I NEVER write reviews. This is a MUST! Dr. Massry and his staff are BEYOND fantastic. Dr. Massry is an artist and very very focused on details. I can't believe what he was able to achieve for me. I've done TONS of research before this and he is by far 1000% above what I've seen out there! HONEST!! READ MORE

Best Doctor Ever! - Los Altos, CA

I saw Dr. Lay for a consultation, not knowing what to do exactly. I knew I had lost some weight due to an illness and my face just looked so "tired" and slightly "droopy". Dr. Lay was able to assess what would be best for me. Instead of "shooting" my face where I thought he would (lines,... READ MORE

Love my Eyes - Mount Vernon, WA

I had it injected around eyes and the corners of my mouth.It didn't take away the shadows under eye completely but gave me my cheekbones back! They make the hollows under my eyes a lot less.I made sure I had a doc who knew not to inject under the skin but under the muscle. Otherwise it can look... READ MORE

Don't Panic the Swelling Will Go Down

I received 4 syringes. I had the crease near my forehead between my eyes and creases around my mouth and my cheek bones done. Everything was fine until day 2 and 3 when my face swelled up so bad (I thought OMG what have I done). I couldn't go out anywhere. However, on day 3 I left for... READ MORE

Amazing Under Eyes and Cheekbones! - Beverly Hills

Dr. injected restylane to fill the hollows under my eyes where i had lost volume. I also asked for filler in my cheekbones to replace some lost volume and add a modelesque look as well. READ MORE

Restylane Injections for Malar Bags, Worried About Effects of Hyaluronidase - London, UK

I had a small amount of restylane injected a week ago in my cheek area to try to correct genetic malar bags and 'flat face' but it has altered my face shape which I hate and I am desperate for hyaluronidase to correct it. However I am terrified that it causes damage to the natural... READ MORE

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