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23 Yrs Old, Tear Trough Fillers+ Lip Augmentation W/Juvederm - Portland, OR

I always over draw my lips, and have always had very hollow eyes. My cheekbones are high, so the discrepancy between my cheekbone and under eye area was even more exaggerated. I had half a syringe of Restalyne injected into my tear troughs (1/4 syringe under each eye) and a full syringe injected... READ MORE

Lip Injections with Restylane. Winchester, MA

I have had many lip injections. Restylane was the worst. It looked good the first couple of days but then it started to become uneven on the right side of my lip. My Doctor put more in to correct it. It has nothing to do with the doctor; it could be my body quickly metabolizing this filler. It... READ MORE

Restylane Ruined My Previously Peaches and Cream Skin - Toronto, ON

Although thousands of people have wonderful results with restylane, which I have witnessed first hand, I voraciously advise that anyone who suffers from allergies/sensitivities (mast cells that sometimes misbehave) or who has preexisting silicone fillers stay well away from any hyaluronic-acid... READ MORE

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