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A Waste of Money!!!!!! Make me worse than before!!!!!!!!!!

At the first visit, Dr.Ransom injected too much restylane on my tear ditch, made two bumps under my eyes. The bumps were too big so I have to dissolve them with Hyaluronidase, but he dissolved too much restylane. One eye's tear ditch came back to the original status immediately, and the other... READ MORE

Restylane in Lips Caused Bumps on Inside of Lips

Hi everyone , I wanted to get a lip filler since I had a very small top lip . The Dermatologist chose to do just Restylane , not the silk variation, to give more volume to my small top lip. She injected an entire syringe, with a little going into the bottom and majority into the top. I'm pretty... READ MORE

How to get rid of Restylane bumps?

Try to fill small dent in tip. It's 2 yrs & I have skin loss and bumps on nose. Agreed to Have the TIP Injected: Without Prior Knowledge Dr. Injects Me in 4 Areas Around the Nose. It has been 2 years and I'm still try to find out how to get rid of bumps on nose. Permanent damage... READ MORE

Bumps After 3 Years of Restylane Under Eye Area

To anyone thinking about fillers under the eyes, I would really like you to think twice and do your research. I have felt awful for the last 3 years. I did considered dissolving it but another physician advised me to live with the results of Restylane as hyloronidase could dissolve my own fat... READ MORE

Restylane - Reston, VA

I had Restylane injections with Dr. Naz last Friday. I bought 2 Mls on a buy one get one deal. Wow! Did I ever walk out of her office pleased! She used the product to add volume to my cheeks, to treat under eye hollowness, and to treat naso and marionette lines. Oh, and she lifted my jawline -... READ MORE

Restylane Destroyed my Life - Germany, DE

At first sorry for my bad englisch. I hope you will understand me anyway. I am a man, 34 years old and I come from Germany. In 2005 I had an injection with restylane in my nasolabial folds. 3 years later the restylane spread to the direction of my philtrum and it grew some bumps on the left... READ MORE

Horrible Experience with Fillers. - Clear Lake, TX

Bumps almost everywhere fillers were injected and it's been well over one month. Bumps have been consistently appearing over time. Eye troughs look no differently than before fillers except my cheekbones are lined with bumps. Went in a week after injections because I had three bumps on my... READ MORE

Truly Amazing Filler Treatment for Under Eyes and Around the Mouth Pigmentation and Laugh Lines. - London, GB

I've suffered from pretty bad under eye dark circles and pigmentation around my mouth area for several years now. However, having used many different creams, other products, facial treatments and fillers, I have to say I am really impressed with the fillers used by Sabrina Shah-Desai. The... READ MORE

Love Restylane! Nasobifold Lines. - Fall River, MA

I just started getting nasobifold lines this past year but the came on fast overnight. I tried restylane for the first time 2 days ago. Injections did not hurt at all. There was some minor bumps and swelling the first day but swelling has gone down significantly overnight and I am very happy... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty - Worcester, MA

Don't do it! I had restylane injected under my eyes after a successful rhinoplasty. DO NOT DO IT! The doctor who injected me did it too superficially, and after a month I knew the blue I was noticing under my eyes was no longer swelling/bruising but the product itself. You can literally run your... READ MORE

Restalyne Under Eyes - San Diego

I went to this doctor for Botox. I was talked into having resty under eyes cause I was told my face is asymmetric. My health history was not taken, nor was I given aftercare instructions or a follow up appointment. Right away after the injections under my eyes I knew something was wrong. Huge... READ MORE

Nodules After 2nd Restylane Injection Nasolabial Fold

Dear Community, here my experience with hyaloronic fillers: my first injection two years ago with Restylane/Juvederm (400 Euro) had a fantastic result even though the immediate pain after the injection was huge and superficial nodules showed up after some hours for one day. My second... READ MORE

Large Hard Bumps and Bluish Marionette Lines, Applied by Qualified Dermatologist - Canada

I had restlylane injections about three months ago and in the last month large hard bumps appeared in lower marionette lines. I have been back to doctor twice and he injected them, but the bumps are still there. Any suggestions. READ MORE

Need NJ Dr to Go to to Help -Scared of I Had Too Much Injected - Bridgewater, NJ

I had restylane done for the first time thinking it wouldnt be a big deal since ive had cosmoderm years ago, by a different dr, and it work wonderful. This is a nightmare. It hurts and is bumpy and extremely swollen. when i smile, i hardly can and it looks weird and clown like...looks like... READ MORE

Worth It. Definite Improvement

I have a small area on my face with contour issues (bumps and valleys).  The restylane improved it. I also had my lips plumped a little. I love the improvement. Definitely noticeable and makes a nice difference. It was painful even with dental block and numbing cream. Maybe my dr... READ MORE

Hate Restylane

I had restylane injections under my eyes about a year and a half ago. I ended up with a large bump under one eye and a small one under the other which not only looks curious but makes me look tired. My doctor blamed it on swelling. He advised massaging the area to help even out the distribution... READ MORE

Bumps Under Lip

I had lipaugmentation, which did not budge the size of my lips. I got little lumps all underneath my lip, when asked the dermotoligist she said sometimes it does not work, she said the body can eat it up so to speak. i fin that hard to beleave and lumps are still there. Is that true, and also it... READ MORE

Restyline Made Me Look Like a Pig

I had my Restylane done yesterday in my nasolabial wrinkles. Up to now I look like a pig: I have two hard balls under my nose which cause all my face to look swallen. I hoped it was just temporary and would get away but after 36 hours it's still the same, not le least improvement. I am... READ MORE

No Rebate

Looked good for about 1 week lumped and bumped up and gone1!!!thought i really found something!!! not worth the risk unless you have that kind of money to throw away  never got the rebate no refunds do not know what else to say except look for a money back guarantee if it doesnt last more... READ MORE

HATED the Results...overloaded with Tiny WHITE BUMPS!!!

I had restylane injected in my lips six weeks ago. The procedure was fairly painful, but after leaving the doctors office I was happy with my new and improved full pout! It wasn't unitl a couple of days later when I started noticing the downfalls...around day three my lips had pretty much... READ MORE

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