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Under Eye Filler Using Restylane Has Caused Tearthrough Area Stretch Marks After 6 Months

I am Male 33 who works out every 3 times a week in gym . I underwent under eye filler with restylane in december 2016 . Although it did well initially but after 6 months I m seeing Tearthrough has a stretch mark on left eye . The fillers actually moved a bit low under left eye causing... READ MORE

36 Years Old Restylane Lip Injections. Dallas, TX

I recently got Restylane lip injections. I had it done before and loved the results. I have nice shaped full lips. I just wanted to have my creases filled because I use to smoke cigarettes. I look like a completely different person. Plus, I have a bump in the middle of both the top and bottom... READ MORE

Don't get fillers by dr!

Had fillers done by dr and i looked like a chipmunk after. I looked this way for many months and suffered from the way I looked. When i first got the restylane injected i was very swollen with a bump on left side. Called and they did not want to see me for at least a week after. Careless dr. READ MORE

Best ENT in Miami

For years, I had a bump on one side of the bridge of my nose that no ENT or doctor was able to identify or cure. Dr. Murray was the only one who was able to identify it in very little time as a benign tumor. He removed it, leaving no scar. I also go to him to get fillers (restylane) with great,... READ MORE

Restylane for Eye Hollowing... but I Did Have Some Side Effects - Charlotte, NC

I wanted to post about Restylane for eye hollowing. I had this injection done about 2 years or so ago. I went to a medical spa. Everything went fine. I had no swelling or horror stories the day of. However, after a few days or so I noticed that I had a purple looking shadow under my right eye. I... READ MORE

Filler - Beverly Hills, CA

I wanted to apply filler to my nose to fix the slight bump on the bridge of my nose. Pros: -I didn't have to go through a rhinoplasty. -Quick fix, the procedure to under 20 minutes. -Great price. Cons: -Slight bruising, which cleared in a couple of days. -Pan was very minimal and lasted a... READ MORE

If He Makes a Mistake He Does Not Follow Up or Care - Edmonton, AB

Major bruise to left side of tear trough swelled immediately. Hit a vein I'm now told. Bruise healed after 2 weeks at 2 and a half week follow up he pushed the area where there was a slight bump ( also where the former bruise was and turned my eye black again swelled the bump ( still there with... READ MORE

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Using Injectable Filler (Restalyne) Great Result! - San Diego, CA

Dr. John Hillinski and his staff were very friendly and comforting, helping me with any questions or concerns that I had. The procedure took no longer than 15 minutes. Dr. John Hillinski understood what I wanted and got straight to it. He totally made me feel like there was nothing I had to... READ MORE

Restalyne Lump Under Eye - Tear Trough - San Jose, CA

So I am writing this review for people who have experienced Restalyne lumps in the wrong location that don't go away by themselves. I had Restalyne and Perlane injected in several areas (lips, nasolabial folds and tear troughs) 11 months ago and even though I loved the overall effect I... READ MORE

Great New Nose and Lips

I had Restylane in both lips and nose to reduce bump on nose. I'm still thinking about getting a real nosejob nut i'm so scared it will go wrong. READ MORE

Maybe It Takes a Bit of Getting Used To???

Hello-I had Restylane put into my lips yesterday. I was told that the swelling would last a day or two. I look at myself in the mirror, and think, this doesn't look like me. Ladies, maybe you just need a chance to get used to the new you! I could sit here right now and pick my lips apart. ... READ MORE

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