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Restylane at Elase Spa in Lake Mary Caused Permanent Scarring

On May 18th, 2015 I went into Elase Med Spa in Lake Mary to have my Restylane injections. This is a common procedure for me, with no prior reactions or allergies. I had my nasal folds and lips injected by Jessica, who was very sweet, slightly aggressive, but confident. By the end of the night,... READ MORE

Bad Placement Product by Bangkok Plastic Surgeon - Thailand, TH

Avoid MD Clinic at MBK shopping centre Bangkok - attached to Pathunwan Princess Hotel. I had restylane injected under both eyes hoping for a youthful look- the result ( due to poor placement and lack of skills by doctor) has left me with big blue tinge tyndall effect and worse bags than i... READ MORE

Not Good. Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Did not like the results - pooled up. Made my under eyes look worse and caused bags. Doctor became annoyed after repeat visits. I bruised terribly - was left with bluish marks - was given a fade cream and sent on my way. I was vey disappointed. Please understand I did not expect a miracle - but... READ MORE

Restylane Nigtmare! - New York

I wish I didn't get restylane. It ruined my face! I was never warned about the side-effects and never knew that these lumps or bluish tint can take years to completely go away... or never! I'm so scared that this will be permanent! And obviously, these results occur because it wasn't... READ MORE

Lump on Lip After Having Restylane - London, UK

I had Restylane in my top lip a few months ago and i've been left with a lump on one side? it's quite hard and has a blue spot of color to it! I've been massaging it but it hasn't changed in size what can i do? Thanx. READ MORE

A True Artist - San Francisco, CA

I started looking more tired and "older" even when I felt great. My under eye area was sunken and bluish no matter how much concealer I used. After months of research, I decided to try a filler for my tear trough areas. Time and again during my research, Dr. M kept turning up as... READ MORE

Restylane in Lower Eyelids Can It Stain Tissue Under Skin

If you get Restylane injected under the lower Eyelids which has Very Thin Skin.And the Doc hits allot of VEINS with the needle.And now the Restylane mixes with the Blood. Do you get some kind of Staining in the tissues from this issue.I had Restylane put under both Eyes and the Doc hit every... READ MORE

Blue Shadowing and Pain Post Restylane

I have loved the Restylane and Botox treatments for a long time... until this issue. I think this is unusual and I'd like to have an alternative moving forward, if there is one that won't result in this discoloration.I have had Botox injections around my lips for many years and Restylane... READ MORE

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