blood vessels + Restylane

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At Your Own Risk...- Charlotte, NC

I had restylane injected into my "11" marks by a well respected and extremely qualified doctor in Charlotte. He is also part of the teaching college and sits on the board...he is definetly no slouch. I had this done once before my wedding and the results were wonderful. I decided to keep up with... READ MORE

Restylane Gone Wrong, Hyaluronidase Correction Got Worse! - Vancouver, BC

Thru browsing I found these site too late. I just had botox to address a deep skin fold in between my eye brows. My face is heavily scarred by acne thru the years but it is now clean and break out free but scarred. The only thing that I just wanted is to ge rid of this deep folds in my forehead... READ MORE

Progressive Swelling, Pain After Restylane-Memphis, TN

I had botox and restylane treatments Oct. 27; it is Nov. 1 now. Each day that has passed, I have had more bruising and more pain in the tear trough where the restylane was injected. There is red swelling at one injection area. But now the area directly below my lid resembles a classic black eye,... READ MORE

Restylane Injection in Tear Trough Caused Blood Pocket

For the past 2 years I used Juvederm to fill the tear troughs. This was done by the same RN in a Plastic Surgeon's ofc and I didn't have any problems. This time she hit a blood vessel because the bruising started within hours, even though I applied ice immediately and for the first 24 hours... READ MORE

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