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Bad Filler - Fairfax, VA

I can't speak to Dr. Bitar's surgical work. However, his Restylane injections have left me not only disappointed but facing an uncertain future of how to correct it. He first gave me an injection in tear trough area about a year ago; it went fine. A year later, I went back for a minor "touch... READ MORE

18 Year Old with Restylane in Chin, Nose, and Under Eyes - Toronto, ON

I was very keen on getting a nose job and a chin implant this past summer due to my "butt" chin (really wasn't that bad, I just have a dimple in the middle) and my nose being asymmetrical and appearing bigger on one side. After going to two plastic surgeons, I decided to go with the second one,... READ MORE

Tear Trough Wow - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had deep ridges that extended from my inner eye to my cheek. Unfortunately they are hereditary and asymmetrical. I put off my appointment a couple times because I was scared of the recovery with bruises and swelling. However, i had hardly any. I was a fanatic with several doses of arnica per... READ MORE

Went For It - San Francisco, CA

Wow, looking at my pics is a bit of a bummer. I spent too much money and although *I* see the difference, not a single person has commented. Aside from my sister, who saw me when I was swollen two days afterward, and said "What did you do to your face?!" I think I had an unrealistic... READ MORE

- Louisville, KY

I just wanted my lips evened out but he just randomly injected me without asking what I wanted, and when I mentioned disliking the asymmetry he said that is just normal and to get over it essentially. He injected huge balls into my lip and didn't really massage it out and I was in too much pain... READ MORE

Restylane Destroyed my Life - Germany, DE

At first sorry for my bad englisch. I hope you will understand me anyway. I am a man, 34 years old and I come from Germany. In 2005 I had an injection with restylane in my nasolabial folds. 3 years later the restylane spread to the direction of my philtrum and it grew some bumps on the left... READ MORE

37 Years Old with Fat Loss in Cheek Area, Thin Lips, Nasal Asymmetry - Chevy Chase, MD

Dr. Naderi is clearly a very skilled injector and did a fantastic job giving me the rounder cheeks and fuller lips I had been hoping for. My face looks amazing 1-week post-injection, and the results are subtle (which is what I wanted) but beautiful. He has a very gently touch -- even the lip... READ MORE

35 Y.o., Great Results with Restylane upper eye/lower eye/cheeks (But Don't Let Just Anyone Inject You) - London, GB

I've always had a deficient midface, but when I hit my late twenties, things really started to decline rapidly. By my 30s, I was desperate to improve things. After lots of research, I decided to try fillers. There were a couple problem areas I specifically wanted to address--my (lack of )... READ MORE

Pleased with Results - Gatwick, GB

I went in for upper eyelid filler and I was very pleased with the results. Mr. Malhotra was professional and listened to all my concerns. Even when mentioning the assymetires he did it in a kind and professional manner mentioning that I had a natural look. I was happy he understood that I wanted... READ MORE

Under Eye Hollowness - NYC

I had hollowing under one eye from I guess age. It progressively got worse so I decided to meet with Dr. Steinbrech to see if I needed surgery. Im only 30 do he recommended a liquid lift with a filler. He only injected 1 side where I needed the volume. Which I thought was interesting since it... READ MORE

Highly Recommended! - Wellesley, MA

I had asymmetrical upper eyelid creases before visiting Dr. Kapadia. I am very happy to say that the two creases are nearly identical after the procedure. He said that my case was one of the most difficult that he had ever seen, which makes the results even more impressive. I highly recommend... READ MORE

Restylane Lip Augmentation, Second Attempt -Chicago, IL

Attempting to correct upper lip asymmetry: After a bad first experience with Juvederm at another office, I was wary to try again. After hearing many great things about Michelle Whitehall, I decided to take the plunge. We talked about what I wanted and what would be best for me. She recommended a... READ MORE

Restylane to Upper and Lower Eyelids -New York, NY

I am in my mid 30's and underwent an ill advised upper and lower blepharoplasty. I almost felt talked into the upper. I regret the decision every day. i had beautiful almond shaped eyes, yes some minor bags, but it was much better than what I was transformed into. Once the swelling went away, I... READ MORE

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