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36 Yr Old, RestAlyn Under Eye Hollow - Springfield, MA

Let us start with the pros first of all dr Melissa Johnson was very nice have very sweet and attentive lady , so I went in on my break time to have restaslin done for my undereye hollow, which gave me a tired look. Initially when I went in het assistant brought me in the room , then Dr... READ MORE

My Story - New York, NY

Ten years ago I had a consultation with plastic surgeon for a procedure. While determining if the procedure was a good choice the doctor suggested that I get a filler called Restylane for under my eyes. He said it would help my tired look and fill in the hollow circles under my eyes. While I... READ MORE

Don't tell your patient you don't know what to do and to find someone else - Beverly Hills, CA

The $2200 reflects one syringe of Voluma $900-950 and 2 of Restylane. I went to Dr. Stevens 2/19 of this year for Botox & Restylane injections for my lines & dark circles. I had Restylane once before, about a year ago & it helped. He suggested Voluma for my cheeks since I have a thin face & said... READ MORE

Restylane Ruined My Previously Peaches and Cream Skin - Toronto, ON

Although thousands of people have wonderful results with restylane, which I have witnessed first hand, I voraciously advise that anyone who suffers from allergies/sensitivities (mast cells that sometimes misbehave) or who has preexisting silicone fillers stay well away from any hyaluronic-acid... READ MORE

You Get What You Pay for - Burien, WA

First let me say, I have never written a review before and I have waited about a month to write this to make sure that the Restylane just needed time to settle. I got a great deal on Restylane from Living Social at the WELL MEDICAL ARTS in Burien so I thought I'd give this medical spa a try. I... READ MORE

Hate It..huge Lumps and Very Un-even Massive Swelling.

Oh boy...Where do even begin with this horror story????? So I had Resty done about 2 months was fine just a lil lumpy and un- even in the beginning...then it went down it was looking ok...just ok. so about 2 weeks later I started seeing these 2 pea sized lumps and the middle of my... READ MORE

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