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R-Lift Restylane Procedure

I received this innovative new treatment from Dr Jain at his Riverbanks Clinic in Harpenden in September. It was developed by Dr Jain and i can truly say I was thrilled to bits with the results. He injected Restylane into various different points in my face via a canula. Unlike traditional... READ MORE

Middle Aged, Stressed, and Looking for a Pick Me Up! - Chicago, IL

I became increasingly self conscious about my eyes. They were really aging me; and I developed hollows & wrinkles. I listen to Doctor Radio on the Sirrius station, and heard a program promoting off label uses for the under eye area. Additionally, I read and researched my doctor and procedure... READ MORE

Look Great and Not Fake at 51 - Encinitas, CA

Looking tired and beat..wanted to fix that.. I am using fillers to hold off the aged look. I swore I would never do fillers because I felt that most people that used them looked freakish or unnatural. Well, I finally decided to give it a try and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of... READ MORE

Aging Woman Early 60's

I have been going. To Dr Casas for many years now. Her care and commitment to her patients is unsurpassed. The same is true for her office staff. One of the things I love about her is that she never overdoes anything. When she does a procedure you look like the "real you" I don't know many... READ MORE

My Deep Forehead Wrinkles!

I did not realise the ageing effects of my life in the sun until I hit my late 40's. Suddenly, my face was so weathered and lined. My forehead wrinkles were so deep the actually became like 'rolls' between each one. A friend offered me a free consultation with Skintech (Dandenong, Australia),... READ MORE

32 Year Old with Upcoming Wedding - Toledo, OH

I made an initial appointment for a chemical peel and some facials leading up to my wedding. Along with some Obagi products I took home, my skin was looking really good. But, my nasal labiol folds still looked really harsh on my face and were really aging me. I realized they were what really... READ MORE

Aging with Grace (And Filler!) Newtown Square, PA

I had my second visit to Dr. Subbio's office today and I am as pleased today as I was the first time! I love the way the filler looks and will definitely go back for other treatments. Dr. Subbio is excellent with the injectables. He listens to your concerns and makes recommendations focused on... READ MORE

Completely Transformative Restylane Treatment from Dr. Rottman. Baltimore, MD

As a senior, over time my wrinkles and aging lines have become increasingly prominent. A friend told me of the Restylane product and Dr. Rottman & I decided on a consult. After a thorough discussion with the Doctor, I went ahead. Needless to say, I'm amazed by the results. My formerly ... READ MORE

Great Dr! - Narberth, PA

I went to see Dr. Farber for filler in the vertical lip lines of my mouth. I had this done before by another Dr. and was not happy with the results. Dr Farber did a great job and I am so happy I decided to go to him. He is also so nice and honest with what he can and cannot do. I was very... READ MORE

Stop Aging, Botox and Restylane - Colleyville, TX

I am a 45 year old women who didn't like the signs of aging. My face was losing a lot of fat and I had many wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. Once I went to Dr. Smith, I saw a much younger self! I had Botox injected on my forehead and around my eyes and had Restylane injected around my lips... READ MORE

53 Year Old Physical Therapist and Runner - Houston, TX

As a physical therapist I thought I knew everything regarding the aging process on the body as well as the face....As a runner I had lost a lot of fat and plumpness around my eyes and cheeks. I was educated by Dr. Andrews that not only do we loose facial fat, skin elasticity and become wrinkled... READ MORE

40 Year Old Man - Aging Nasolabial Folds - Montreal, QC

Waste of my money. Misleading information, very unsatisfactory results, poor aftermath service, and a money-driven clinic. After some research on Radiesse on Internet for my aging nasolabial folds I found Dr. Arie Benchetrit’s clinic in Montreal. One of his nurses, who (I was told by the c... READ MORE

Great Experience For Facial Fillers - New York, NY

I did this because my face was looking hollow and I did not feel good about how I was aging. He technique was amazing. I look younger and more refreshed. READ MORE

Very Professional Informative, Gentle, Precise - Skokie, IL

I was tired of people telling me I look tired from my genetic under eye grooves, that was the only part of my face that was aging me, the restaylane Dr.Cohen put in was just the right amount to give such a natural youthful look! READ MORE

Restylane "Russian Roulette" - Italy

I am 50 and have started to see ageing in my face, so i decided to investigate fillers for wrinkles. I did some research and Restylane seemed the "safest" option the publicity stating its a naturally found substance in the body. All I can say is that my parents generation was told... READ MORE

Edema from Restylane 2 Years Later!! - Morristown, NJ

I had orbital Restylane injections 2 years ago for hollowness in my eye area.My eyes were getting horribly swollen for the past 6 months, I thought it was aging but it became apparent it was edema. I could actually see the fluid through my skin. They also got weepy to the point I had to have... READ MORE

Fill In Marionette Lines

I have marionette lines that seems to deepen with age. Recent photos did not look very good. It bothered me.I have a special occasion coming up. I decided to give it a shot. I think she overfilled the area. READ MORE

Absolutely Worked for Me

At 49 my face is really beginning to show signs of aging. The lines from my nose to my mouth, and even below my mouth were really bugging me. I made an appointment to see a recommended plastic surgeon for Restylane. He spent about 10 minutes evaluating my face and then said he thought I was... READ MORE

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