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Restylane for Boxcar and Rolling Acne Scars

A little back story... I have been dealing with acne scars for about a decade. I saw 4 different doctors (two plastic surgeons and 2 dermatologists) One of the plastic surgeons suggested microneedling. I did 3 sessions with no improvement. Then I bough the derminator which is an at home... READ MORE

Restylane Acne Scar Treatment

I had Restylane injected to help correct an acne scar on my face last week. Dr. Schaffner is absolutely amazing, he made me feel extremely comfortable during the pocedure and I am very pleased with the results. His consultations are free and his staff is warm and welcoming. After the procedure,... READ MORE

35 Year Old Woman with Acne Scars and Under Eye Bags with Happy Results - Portland, OR

I’m a 35 year old mother of twin 1 year olds. I have always been insecure of my under eyes and acne scars. My scars started in my teens and have progressively worsened if I spent any time off birth control and my under eyes have made me look as tired as I felt in the first year of my girls a... READ MORE

Restylane for Acne Scars - Hollywood, FL

I had Restylane injections 2 weeks ago to treat acne scarring. I have already had a series of Fractional CO2 laser treatments, with good results (I have already written a separate review for the laser treatments). The PA who performed my laser treatments, who was wonderful in every way, had... READ MORE

Pitted acne scaring

I have deep scaring on my checks from years of acne. It makes my face look uneven and tired. My acne is now gone and so my dermatologist wanted to inject me with Restylane to help pump up the depressions. I read some reviews online that suggested icing the area for 20 or so minutes before going... READ MORE

Restylane for Parenthesis, Acne Scars and Fold on Upper Lip - New York

Dr. K is very professional and listens to you in a way that conveys genuine interest in understanding your concern. I used Restylane to treat parenthesis (nasolabial folds) a funny upper lip fold and acne scars. I am very happy with my immediate results and can only wish I had done it sooner. Dr... READ MORE

Acne Scars - So Far So Good

I have had several types of lasor treatments performed to help acne scars (Fraxel, NLight, Microderm) and nothing has really helped the deeper flat scars.My Dr. suggested fillers and so I purchased a .5 CC vial of Restylane an READ MORE

My Chin Looks Like a War Zone!

I had restylane done eight days ago. I had several small wrinkles in my chin. I asked the doctor to inject them. I used to have acne scars that had faded several years ago. The restylane has made my chin look horrible. I more have these huge lumps all over my chin. The wrinkles did not go... READ MORE


I had a few scars from puppy bites. Two on my cheek & two on my nose. I also had an acne scar on my chin. I got 350 cc's and after filling in the scars I had enough left over to fill in the laugh lines I am sooooo happy~~!! The scars are gone, I look 8 - 10 years younger. The first t READ MORE

Still Not Sure, Not Much Bang for the Buck

I had a small amount put into two pronounced wrinkle/acne scar lines below my mouth about 2 weeks ago and I think I like it BUT- I have many deep acne marks that are now pronounced due to age (I'm 55) a bit and I'm not so sure this stuff "held". I am allergic to all kinds of stuff so I asked for... READ MORE


I had restylane injected into acne scars on my face. Oh my god! One of the happiest days of my life. That may sound silly, but after walking around with awful scars and *hating* my appearance, I was just thrilled with the results. Results lasted about 6 months. Can't wait to do it again!!! ... READ MORE

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