4 months post-op + Restylane

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I Wanted Fuller Lips! - Westchester, NY

I have thin lips which i dont completely hate but arent fond of either. Again, i was very leery about have anything injected in my face or lips, but i wanted bigger lips. Dr. Gordon is very conservative, so i ended up convincing him that i needed more fillers in my lips. i wanted a fuller look.... READ MORE

33 Year Old Looking for a Lift - Westchester, NY

At first, i was quite skeptical on getting anything injected in my face. people kept commenting on how tired i look, or have i gotten any sleep. i don't like wearing much makeup but had to because of the bags under my eyes. i finally decided to give fillers a try and i loved it! when Dr. Gordon... READ MORE

It Works Great for Under Eyes Hollowness - Harrison, NY

I had serious dark circle and eye bag problems since very young age. People always said to me that I looked tired while I was well rested. I came to Dr. Gordon for a consultation about Eyelid surgery. Instead, Dr. Gordon suggested me to try Restylane first. It worked really well! It's been... READ MORE

My Tear Troughs Look Amazing - Spokane, WA

I decided to take a few moments to write a review on my under eye filler treatment because I see many people panicking after filler in their tear troughs. The swelling, bruising and fluid build up in the area really make some people second guess their decision. It's very common to not look... READ MORE

Awesome Results - Marina Del Rey, CA

I am 50 years old and had restylane injections around my eyes and to my cheeks to lift my face. This "liquid facelift " makes me look refreshed and holds at bay having to have eyelid surgery or a facelift for a while longer. I also had a little in the lips which is always fun. Pam, the PA... READ MORE

Face Needing a Little Refresher - Overland Park, KS

At 49, I was feeling like my face was melting! I needed something, but did not want anything drastic. I chose fillers to literally lift my cheeks and fill some creases along the sides of my nose and around my mouth. I also filled my lips just a bit. Never wanting to look fake or overdone, but... READ MORE

Tear Troughs Are the Zombie is Gone! - London, GB

For many years my tear troughs were really getting me down. I went through phases of putting it to the back of my mind but then comments like,"what's going on with your crazy eye bags" and "you eye bags are making you look so aged" and of course the mirror does not lie. I was down about looking... READ MORE

Horrible. The Guy Just Wants Your Money - New York, NY

I had a terrible experience here. The procedure left bruises and marks on my skin. He told me to wait, that the skin would heal naturally and the bruising process was normal. But even after it healed, I was left with these dark signs. It has been four months now and they have not gone away. ... READ MORE

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