3 weeks post-op + Restylane

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48 Year Old Mother of 5 Tired of Looking Tired - Voorhees, NJ

I have always had hereditary bags under my eyes that have only gotten worse with age. I had tried lots of creams that did nothing but lighten my wallet! My dermatologist suggested tear trough filler. I wanted someone who specialized in eyes, which is what lead me to Dr. Marc Cohen. I scheduled a... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mom Who Wanted Kissable, Sexy Lips As a Pick Me Up. Got Exactly What I Wanted! - New York

I had a wonderful experience getting filler in my lips with Dr. Michelle Henry. She was so lovely and took the time to explain everything to me before we started. She decided 1 syringe of Restylane would give me the results I was looking for. She proceeded to inject my upper lip first and... READ MORE

Needed Restylane Under Eyes and Voluma in Temples Around Eyes for More Rested Look! - Naples, FL

Dr. Stanley Gulin is a talented doctor. He is the best of the best of Plastic Surgeons in Naples & Ft. Myers area. I look rested now since he injected Restylane and Voluma around my eyes and temple areas. He took the time to explain the procedures. I felt very confident in him!! I can't say... READ MORE

Marionette Lines.

Got tired of looking at my "Howdy Doody" chin. Did not want to look my age of 72. Was a bit nervous about having procedure done on ship. But very glad I did. Boosted up my esteem! It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but will look at more now that I am home in Las Vegas. The reviews... READ MORE

No More Tired Mommy Face Thanks to Dr. Antunes's Expertise! - Atlanta, GA

Came in to see Dr. Antunes for help on my sudden tireded looking face after weight loss and mommyhood. After throughly discussing my options decided Restalyne under my eyes was the way to go. Best decision ever!! Got my fresh face back and now I always look well rested! Dr. Marcelo Antunes is... READ MORE

Not Sure if Fillers Are Her Thing - Mountlake Terrace, WA

Karny is impressive, smart and charismatic. I am sure she is a fantastic urologist. However, I don't think fillers (lip and smile lines) should be her thing. My lips were filled but turned out very uneven. It felt like hard pebbles were on one side, and nothing on the other. It wasn't smooth and... READ MORE

Restylane & Botox - Austin, TX

It's been two weeks since I had Restylane and Botox injections with Dr. Paul and I absolutely love my results! He knows what he's doing, he genuinely cares about your concerns and addresses them. I felt comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I will absolutely be coming back again in a... READ MORE

Filler in Tear Trough with Photo Facial - Toronto, ON

Experienced swelling on cheeks with almost no bruising. Swelling had resolved around 2 weeks and I was very happy with the results. All of a sudden 3 weeks after the procedure my cheeks swelled and it has not dissipated regardless of sleeping elevated. Unfortunately my Dr has been on vacation... READ MORE

They Do Faces, INDEED! - Lake Mary, FL

My experience at Primera was nothing short of fantastic. I had filler in my lips with Gary, the PA. He was great! Very kind, thorough, gentle, and informative through the whole process. I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment because my lips look amazing! I now have the perfect pucker. I... READ MORE

Thank You Key Laser! - Beaverton, OR

(side note: the procedure was Juvederm, not Restalyne. I put Restalyne as the category because they wouldn't let me review Juvederm a second time) After getting lip injections from a doctor who left my top lip over injected and lumpy, I decided to try a dermatologist instead of a facial plastic... READ MORE

Wanted Fuller Lips

So i had been interested in getting my lips done, due to the whole kylie jenner hype lol.. But also bcuz i wanted that full pouty look... I seriously loved the way the looked after i got them done, wasnt painful i got only 1 syringe and my body absorbed it fast, but i still have the fullness, i... READ MORE

43 Restalyne. Cannula Procedure for Tear Troughs - Scottsdale, AZ

I had Restalyne injected into my tear troughs. It was painless. The cannula left no bruising and very little swelling. It was completely painless. This ws s a very well researched endeavor. I had a previous consult try to convince me to use a cocktail of fillers. I am glad I balked. I wish I... READ MORE

i feel so much better - Westchester, NY

The office is completely professional. I immediately felt comfortable. Im not the ordinary patient I had two floor fractures on my left eye that left my under eye very puffy. I thought me as a patient would be a difficult high risk caseā€¦ This doctor is not only handsome, he is educated, p... READ MORE

38 Year Old - Newport Beach, CA

As I am getting older my skin isn't as full as it used to be. Dr. Lee met with me to discuss his recommendations and listened to my desires. My most important request was that I didn't look fake. After hearing my requests he move forward with the procedure. He used Restylane in both my cheek... READ MORE

39 Year Old with Major Under Eye Circles - Beverly Hills, CA

Makes me look younger and much less tired looking. So looking forward to my next touch up with Dr. Nazarian! It was very quick and relatively painless made sure that I didn't feel very much with the procedure! Dr. Nazarian also recommended some face care products which I will start using - have... READ MORE

No More Hollow Eyes! - Milwaukee, WI

I've always had very pale and thin skin, with deep-set eyes and hollowness underneath. Because of this, it was pretty difficult to hide the purple circles under my eyes. No matter how well-rested I was, I still looked tired. At 31, I finally reached the point where makeup just wasn't covering... READ MORE

Restylane for Acne Scars - Hollywood, FL

I had Restylane injections 2 weeks ago to treat acne scarring. I have already had a series of Fractional CO2 laser treatments, with good results (I have already written a separate review for the laser treatments). The PA who performed my laser treatments, who was wonderful in every way, had... READ MORE

34 Year Old Career Woman with Much Needed Facial Rejuvenation!! - Los Angeles, CA

I went to Dr. Karimi worried about how tired and worn out my face had started to look. Having an incredible career definitely has it's pros and cons! I didn't want any intensive surgery and really wanted to avoid any sort of artificial look. I was blown away by how natural and refreshed I... READ MORE

An Expert Injector! - Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Hessler is an amazing injector and truly an expert in this field. She does my filler and Botox, and always spends time answering all my questions thoroughly before injecting. I LOVE the results-very natural and smooth. We do restylane around my mouth, and Botox in between my eyebrows and... READ MORE

65 Years Old and Glowing! - Dearborn, MI

Dr. Michael Carron filled the creased areas between nose and chin and also jowl area. When I went to work on Monday my co-workers said, "you are glowing", you look great. They were very impressed with the results. It is amazing how the fillers took away my laugh line creases and look so... READ MORE

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