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3 days post-op + Restylane

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Restylane for Cheeks and Lips - Wilmette, IL

Eva was so fantastic and my experience with Images med spa has been top notch! The place is nice and clean and modern, the staff is friendly and accommodating. But OMG. I could have hugged and kissed Eva! She was thorough and thoughtful with my assessment. Pointed out the areas that she... READ MORE

1 Syringe of Restylane - Addison, TX

I purchased a Groupon for Dr. Robert Abbate in Dallas. Skeptical- I saw the reviews and I believed it was worth a shot. From the beginning it was an easy process. Super friendly and personable doctor- he had his own numbing cream that he created the formula for. I've gotten Juvederm 5 months... READ MORE

Under Eye Hollows, 36 Years Old - Houston, TX

No amount of sleep and clean living could protect me from the familial under eye hollows. After years of frustration, layering on make up and angling my head just-so in every picture, I had had enough and opted for fillers. Dr. Funk injected 1 syringe of Restylane ( 1/2 under each eye) and I am... READ MORE

Restylane in Tear Troughs - Savannah, GA

I've always been told "you look tired" and I agreed. When I heard of filler to help with the troughs, I decided to try it. The technique my MD used was a blunt tipped catheter inserted in the apple of the cheek and threaded up to reach the under eye area then "fanned" the tip around as he... READ MORE

Fillers Making Face Proportional - Columbia, SC

Dr. Wasserman did my nose and most recently a combo of restylane and juvaderm. His eye for beauty is why I only go to him. I have a very bad overbite that he was able to mask with lip and chin fillers. I'm so happy with the results. I also have very deep and dark circles he filled with restylane... READ MORE

Disappointed with Results of Restylane in Lips - Ohio

My upper lip has been very thin so I decided to get lip injections through a doctor my mother goes to very often. He was very nice and made me very comfortable. The procedure was quick, I was done in about 10 minutes. The doctor had me ice my lips before beginning and through out the procedure,... READ MORE

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty - Manhattan, NY

I've had fillers done in South Korea, and after having them done there I wanted to find a place in the States that were able to do some similar procedure. I researched and found one in NYC, Dr. Kwak, who had very happy patients. I've been to Dr. Kwak twice, and happy and satisfied both times!... READ MORE

Wonderful Dr. - New York, NY

I am so happy I found Dr. Kotlus. He is really helping me after I was unhappy with the results of past cosmetic surgery procedures (done elsewhere). I had a blepharoplasty procedure that changed my appearance too much and a fat transfer that left my cheeks looking too big as compared to the... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Looking to Freshen Things Up - Harrison, NY

Went in to see Dr. Gordon to discuss a filler that will help brighten up my under eye area. Dr. Gordon took a look and suggested using restyle in my cheeks to plump them up. I hadn't even noticed how flat they were until he filled the area...all I can say is wow! I could immediately see a... READ MORE

24 Y/o First Time Lip Fillers - New York

My first time getting lip fillers and I have to say I am very happy I went to Pearlman Aesthetics. I had a pleasant experience from checking in to the actual procedure that only took 15 minutes. I love the way my lips came out, natural but enhanced, I will definitely be going back for more In... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old Genetic Eyebags, Deep Tear Troughs - Ocean Springs, MS

I first had Restylane injected about 2-3 years ago with Dr. Hughes. She was my dermatologist before she formed her own practice, and has always been WONDERFUL. I plan to have a blepharoplasty ASAP, but can't afford it right now. I have hooded eyelids, under eye bags, deep tear troughs, and... READ MORE

Meticulous Dr - New York, NY

I first went to Dr Swift almost a year ago through a Groupon or Living Social promotion (can't remember) for Botox. I was very pleased with the time he spent with me explaining the procedure, meticulously applying the Botox and was totally happy with the results. I have tried different Drs since... READ MORE

Naso Labial Restylane Filler Seems to Have Gone Wrong

I had a Restylane injection 3 days ago in both my left and right naso labial folds. The last time I had this procedure done was 12 months ago. The left side that was injected seems fine now, however since having the right side done the same day it looks like a thin gel worm under my skin.I... READ MORE

Love IT !

I just had my top lip injected 3 days ago! As soon as I got into the car I could not stop looking into the mirror! I only had my top lip I had 1 1/2 syringe. They saved the rest for me to go back next week to fill in if I want more. I have had so many comments I just love it. It did hurt... READ MORE

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